Gretchen L. Kelly, Author

Playing On Repeat: The Kooks

“You say you want it but you can’t get in, You’ve got yourself a bad habit” -The Kooks, Bad Habit It’s time to bring music back to tha blog! For unexplained and unexamined reasons, I haven’t posted about one of my favorite things on the planet in a while. Anyways, let’s get to it! The […]

Playing On Repeat: The Black Keys Get Deep on Turn Blue

 “Every now and then I see your face from way back when and I explode, Friends no longer egg me on, they bullshit serenade me like it’s gold, how then we’re told. I’m praying for some laughter, maybe joy forever after ’til I die, I’m hungry for a change, I got my fill of other’s […]

Step To This: High Ball Stepper

Well, thank you sir. Thank you for not disappointing. Thank you for changing things up, but still retaining that you-ness that is so… you. High Ball Stepper starts off with a high pitched chorus, followed by a short piano interlude. Then comes the bass, signature Jack White staccato guitar and drum rhythm. I dare you […]

Playing On Repeat: The Genius That Is Jack White

“How you gonna stop yourself, When your man stops ringing your bell You’re right between heaven and hell  And you’re gonna need the good Lord to help you.” -The Raconteurs, Top Yourself gen-ius (jeen– yuh s): noun, plural  Creating music that is original. That rocks. That pushes the boundaries of what came before. Ever-evolving: Musically, […]

The Sublime Partnership of Broken Bells

“She found herself in a world full of men Watching them slowly destroy all her plans ‘Cause all the love she won’t allow Herself to even dream about Well both of us are older now, and it won’t be long The early morning siren Is growing louder now ‘Cause waking up is hard enough when […]

Playing On Repeat: Back Against the Wall

Pull back the curtains and took a look into your eyes, my tongue has now become a platform for your lies -Cage the Elephant, Back Against the Wall I am posting all the lyrics for this one. Because there is no singling out of the best line. It is all pretty genius. And if you […]

Playing On Repeat: Heavy English Will Restore Your Faith

“I feel nothing, And what I’m touching always turns on me, But I still catch myself falling behind, Cause I don’t feel like love I need to get back to me, I need you near, but I don’t feel like love” -Heavy English, Feel Like Love Sometimes those of us who are fans of rock […]

Valentine’s Day Mix Tape: Something For Everyone, Because I Heart You

“Cause there’s a this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat…” -Arctic Monkeys, Do I Wanna Know I used to love making mixed tapes. I would make them for myself and for my friends. The ultimate was when a guy would make one for me, that […]

The Black Keys. Live. That is all.

“I was a movin’ man in my younger days, But I’ve grown out of my ramblin’ ways. I left that road so far behind, now I know, oh babe, I got mine” -The Black Keys, I Got Mine About 4 years ago my husband and I had tickets to go see Kings of Leon with […]

Playing On Repeat: Black Lips

“My eyes start to bleeding, from the southern smoke.  And ain’t nobody leaving, cause the shards will split your throat…” -Black Lips, Boys In The Wood This one’s a slow burner.  It brings to mind a swampy hot summer night swilling some brown liquid with some bad influence-types.  A slow southern drawl. A bluesy swaying […]