Gretchen L. Kelly, Author

I’m An Imposter.

“When you wake, levitate Ideas pouring out. Then you set out to make  something great, But nothing comes out. Are you quick on your feet? It’s time to dig deep.” This is it. The part I hate. The part where the words won’t come. The part where the thoughts keep poking me, hot daggers of […]

How Music Saved My Writer Soul

I think I must have always been a writer. I think it’s something you’re born with. Part of you that is lying in wait. Patiently, quietly, waiting. Eventually, it awakens, stretching it’s arms and looking around, bleary eyed… blinking in confusion before the realization settles in… I am home. I was in the third grade. Her […]

Sex, Art & Rock and Roll

Have you ever been excited about something, only to be let down? You feel energy firing up your senses and you give yourself over to the moment. But then the moment feels… dull. Boring. Lackluster. You’re left wanting. It can be a detached lover or a singer on the stage just going through the motions. […]

Heart On Fire… Happy Birthday Samara

No one tells you that blogging will become about more than just writing. It may start off as a way to find your voice, share your thoughts and exercise the writing muscle. But it becomes so much more. You start meeting other writers. People who care about the same issues you care about. People who […]

To All My Friends: I’m Sorry.

I used to be a good friend. I was the friend you could call if you needed to vent. I was the friend who would drive for hours in the car smoking cigarettes and listening to music while you mended your broken heart. I was the friend who would stay up all night laughing and […]

The Seduction

You simply must meet her. Paige is mystifying. Infuriating. Bewildering. She’s also the protagonist in Mandi Castle’s debut novel, Dear Stephanie. You’ll want to resist her allure. You’ll want to hate her. But be warned, your resistance is futile. Prepare to be seduced. How often have you looked at someone in envy. Someone who seems to […]

Can’t We All Be Keith Richards?

  “I can’t get no satisfaction Cause I try, and I try, and I try…” -The Rolling Stones, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction Raise your hands if you’ve ever felt like quitting. Ever felt like you were a fraud. Like maybe you were good… once. But whatever it was is gone. A fluke. If you’ve […]

Warning: May Offend

Hello lovelies. Today I’m over at my other home, The Sisterwives. On Monday Briton, aka Punk Rock Papa, wrote a hilarious post about inappropriate humor. Today, it’s my turn. I’m not the funniest person in the room, never will be. But I’m a real good side kick. I can run with your jokes and play […]

The Book Hangover: Order Of Seven

You know how you’re reading a book and the characters become real and you feel like you know them? And you get sucked into the story and time seems to stand still while you’re reading? And you find yourself choked up and holding back tears… and then your palms are sweating with nervous anticipation as […]

How Marriage Has Taught Me To Pick A Fight

I met him in our college Spanish class. After admiring him from afar for the better part of a year, we fell into a heated relationship. I was crazy about him.  Our relationship was tumultuous. Until it wasn’t. Eventually the passion was gone. We were living together, making a home and making plans. Three years […]