Gretchen L. Kelly, Author

All the Stuff… 5 (In Which I Love All Of You)

I love you guys. Seriously. Every one of you. Sometimes you are lucky enough to feel so much support. So much love. So many people trying to lift you up. Last week I felt all of that. Last Monday marked 15 years since my brother had died from Cancer. It was a day I dreaded. […]

Feminist Friday: #Twitterpurge, Women, and Internet Culture

I had not heard of #twitterpurge until reading Diana’s post. This is just another example of the problems we still face in our society regarding women’s bodies, misogyny and cyber bullying. Please feel free to join in the discussion over at Part Time Monster.

#YesAllWomen and Feminist Friday: Conversations Matter

Diana at Part Time Monster just summed up, more eloquently and effectively than I ever could, why this movement and this conversation matters. I’m re-blogging this here, but click over to Part Time Monster and leave a comment and join in the discussion. Our #Feminist Friday discussions have no time limit and generally last all […]

My Greatest Sorrow is My Greatest Joy

Wendy and I were close friends in High School. Best friends. We shared everything, we went through so much together. We lost touch during the college years and have reconnected recently. This past year her life was turned upside down in ways none of us could imagine. This is her story…