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My Greatest Sorrow is My Greatest Joy

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Wendy and I were close friends in High School. Best friends. We shared everything, we went through so much together. We lost touch during the college years and have reconnected recently. This past year her life was turned upside down in ways none of us could imagine. This is her story…

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  1. Gretchen, I just can’t bring myself to read her post today. I just saw the post Matt from Must Be This Tall To Ride wrote about it…and it is too much. Her daughter is the same age as mine. I can’t go there tonight, which seems so selfish and unfair because your friend has no choice but to go there. Every night. Please know she is in my prayers, and likely the prayers of every parent who knows of her story and is too afraid to even imagine themselves there. Love, prayers, peace, and hugs.

    1. I completely understand. And it’s not selfish at all, it is because you’re sensitive and caring that it affects you. Matt’s post was beautiful and a wonderful tribute to The Ferguson family. I will pass your thoughts and prayers on to my friend. Take care…

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