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Playing On Repeat: Black Lips

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photo- press, NME magazine
photo- press, NME magazine

“My eyes start to bleeding, from the southern smoke.  And ain’t nobody leaving, cause the shards will split your throat…”

-Black Lips, Boys In The Wood

This one’s a slow burner.  It brings to mind a swampy hot summer night swilling some brown liquid with some bad influence-types.  A slow southern drawl. A bluesy swaying drum beat.  A sloppy, slightly off-key chorus.  A slick, smooth horn riff peeking behind the drunken sing along.  The result is pretty bad-ass.

Atlanta rock/ “flower punk” band Black Lips is releasing their new album, “Underneath the Rainbow” on March 18.  They teamed up with fellow garage rock veteran Pat Carney (drummer, The Black Keys) who produced several tracks on the album.  Fifteen years on the scene, world tours that include a recent tour of the Middle East (along with accompanying documentary), crazy on-stage antics, fleeing India for fear of arrest….  sounds like these guys are the breath of fresh air the world of rock could really use right now.

p.s.-this song is begging to be part of the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack….

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