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Playing On Repeat: Heavy English Will Restore Your Faith

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“I feel nothing, And what I’m touching always turns on me,

But I still catch myself falling behind,

Cause I don’t feel like love I need to get back to me,

I need you near, but I don’t feel like love”

-Heavy English, Feel Like Love

Sometimes those of us who are fans of rock get a little discouraged with all the Katy Perry’s and Kesha’s of the world infiltrating our ears and polluting our brains. Last year was a pretty good year for rock, but sometimes a new band comes along that restores your faith in the future of rock music. Right now, that band is Heavy English. There are three reasons why you should be as excited as I am that they are working on their debut album, hopefully releasing it soon….

This cover of Led Zeppelin’s Since I’ve Been Loving You. I stumbled across this on the internet last week and I watched it almost paralyzed with awe. It’s rare that someone covers Zeppelin and gets it right. Heavy English do more than just get it right. They take ownership. They do it justice. They kill it. The guitar, the vocals… it’s badass.


This new song, Feel Like Love.  Teeming with heartache and desire and passion. The chorus drops into a slow, bluesy groove. The song peaks when the guitar rips into your soul and the vocals wail with intense pleading. Heavy English have the sultry rock thing mastered.


And finally, this. One of my favorite songs from last year and the first song I profiled in Playing On Repeat. I still keep this one in heavy rotation, it’s nearly perfect. It’s soulful. It rocks. It is layered with beats, sounds and vocals that all come together to create something that your ears will crave. Oh yeah, and if their first two songs are any indication, they are pretty good with the words too.


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