I Had No Idea What I Was Getting Into When I Got Married

I thought I wasn’t the marrying type. The relationship type? Yes. But marriage is so… permanent. Long. Endless. Boring.        I used to lay on the floor for hours, headphones on, music turned up. I would daydream and imagine my future. I pictured a life of work combined with creativity. With love that […]

How Marriage Has Taught Me To Pick A Fight

I met him in our college Spanish class. After admiring him from afar for the better part of a year, we fell into a heated relationship. I was crazy about him.  Our relationship was tumultuous. Until it wasn’t. Eventually the passion was gone. We were living together, making a home and making plans. Three years […]

A Life Unplanned

“Then we’d go running on faith, All of our dreams would come true, And our world will be right When love comes over me and you” -Eric Clapton, Running On Faith If I could sum up the way I live my life, I would say that I wing it. I feel my way. I kind […]