This Is Not A Political Post

My first political debate took place in the back of the school bus in First Grade. My friend and I had started arguing about the upcoming election. We were going at it pretty hard over Reagan v Carter. We were spitting out words and throwing around phrases we had heard but didn’t really understand. But […]

Are You Angry Yet?

“Pardon me while I burst in to flames…” -Incubus, Pardon Me I’m growing weary. As I sit here in the safety and comfort of privilege, I’m weary. It makes me sick. My stomach turns as I turn on the news. I feel the tears of anger well up as I watch events unfold. I feel […]

“The Talk” That Proves Racism Is Alive

  “The police in New York City They chased a boy right through the park And in a case of mistaken identity The put a bullet through his heart Heart breakers with your forty four, I wanna tear your world apart” -The Rolling Stones, Heartbreaker Do you worry about what others think of you? I […]