Dear Men, This Is Why We’re Tired

Emotional labor is unseen. It’s the energy women spend managing other’s feelings and emotions, making people comfortable, or living up to society’s expectations…

My Silent Scream

I’ve been screaming for most of my life. Ever since innocence was taken from me at a tender age. I’ve been screaming, but you haven’t heard me. This scream has been trapped behind a polite smile. This scream has been buried in the haze of blurry memories and life moving forward. It’s been lying in […]

Your Silence Is Deafening: An Open Letter To the Target Boycotters

I hear you. You’re angry. I get it, I’m angry too. I’m not talking to the people who are angry at Target because their Pro Transgender bathroom policy flies in the face of their cherry picked moral compass. I’m not under any obligation  to respect their beliefs.  I’m talking to you… the people who have no issue […]

It’s Time For School Dress Codes To Grow Up

School is fraught with all kinds of issues. Standardized tests to pass, social and behavioral issues to navigate. Bullying. And clothes. Don’t forget the clothes. Apparently clothes are a big danger to our children. Specifically our boys. Well, not just clothes. But the girls who wear them. Their bodies and the clothes that they put […]

America, This Is Your Rape Culture

“Me and a gun and a man On my back But I haven’t seen Barbados So I must get out of this Yes I wore a slinky red thing Does that mean I should spread For you, your friends your father, Mr. Ed” -Tori Amos, Me and A Gun My daughter had this funny thing […]

Yet Another Response to “FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

This blog post  by a mom of teen boys has stirred something in a lot of people.  Some people are praising the message of modesty while others see disturbing ideals lurking beneath a mother’s warning.  I see a little of both sides and have my own thoughts on this mother’s tactics. I understand her plea […]