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Warning: May Offend

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Hello lovelies. Today I’m over at my other home, The Sisterwives. On Monday Briton, aka Punk Rock Papa, wrote a hilarious post about inappropriate humor. Today, it’s my turn. I’m not the funniest person in the room, never will be. But I’m a real good side kick. I can run with your jokes and play off of them and I can laugh until I’m wheezing like the Marlboro man.

Join me, will you? Come read all about my neurotic tendencies and my love for dark humor and my fear of cursing. It may offend you. If so, well… I’m sorry. Wait, no I’m not. Well, kind of. Oh, hell, just go read it. (I love you guys, srsly.)

I’m Offended That You’re Offended…. (warning: may offend)

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  1. I appreciate the value of the f-bomb. So does Cimmy, and Princess Otaku (my daughter). They’re both “stuck” on the series Homestuck… f-bombs ga-lore in that one. We have to reel it in somewhat for my son, who with his autism doesn’t wield f-bombs carefully yet. No, actually, I think he understands it more than I’ll give him credit for… he used the word precisely as it’s used- a “fuck you” with plenty of stress, frustration, etc. I guess he’s just not as articulate about his understanding as his sister is.

    Plus we all laugh at fart jokes. Pretty much always.

    Cimmy & I will never be proper parents. We do our best, though.

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