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Your Third Party Vote Scares Me

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Third Party voters. You’re everywhere. You’re young, you’re old. You’re Independents, or you’re disillusioned Democrats and Republicans. There’s a lot of you this time around.

And it scares the hell out of me.

You might think I’m being dramatic. Or experiencing some longest election year ever hysteria.

But right now there is a racist, bigoted, nationalistic, white supremacist baiting, federal reserve illiterate, foreign and  domestic policy ignorant, dangerous narcissist applying for the job of the most powerful person in the world.

And your protest vote could very well be the reason he gets the job.

I get it. You’re fed up. Frustrated. And you’re going to walk into that voting booth in November and vote your conscience.

But I don’t know if we can afford your conscience.

Your moral vote, your election day purity, your clean conscious, they are all luxuries we can’t afford in this election year. Not when Donald Trump is running neck and neck with Clinton in the polls. Not when polls that include Third Party candidates show him taking a lead over Clinton. Not when your protest vote could result in the most dangerous presidency in the history of the United States.

All of you together can disrupt this election. All of you together could have us staring slack jawed with a death grip on our pocket Constitutions while we watch our worst nightmare get sworn in.

So this is a plea to you, a plea for reason.

Because I know you’re reasonable. You know your world history. You know that equal parts Mussolini/Hitler/Joseph McCarthy in an Armani suit would be a disaster for our country. You don’t really want him to win. But you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think your Third Party vote could be the reason there’ll be a six foot tall Trump painting hanging in the Lincoln bedroom.

Whether you admit it or not, your protest vote is relying on the herd immunity.

Herd immunity: The majority of a population is immunized, creating a barrier of protection for the vulnerable and immunosuppressed. 

The disease is Trump. The vaccination is your vote. The vulnerable? Black Americans, Mexican Americans, Mexican immigrants, children of Mexican immigrants, Jewish Americans, Women, LGBT, Muslim Americans, and any other minority population within our country. One could argue that eventually the vulnerability trickles up to everyone, the disease eventually will infect anyone and everyone in our country.

So this election is about more than what makes you feel good in the five minutes you spend in the election booth.

It is about someone who is unpredictable and easily riled who has no business holding the key to the nuclear football.

It is about someone who lacks the judgement to make a decision about whether or not to launch a nuclear weapon. A decision that once put in action is irreversible. A decision that can’t be walked back.

And some of you are taking a risk on Donald Trump being that person. 

This is about someone who has been deemed so dangerous and unfit for office that over 50 Republican Former National Security Officials have signed a letter stating that Trump “lacks the character, values and experience” to be president and “would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.” and “would be the most reckless president in American history.”

This is unprecedented. Never have more people agreed that a presidential candidate poses a serious danger on so many different levels. Long time republicans, conservatives, people who’ve dedicated their careers and lives to the GOP are fleeing. And they are being very clear about why.

His words create unease among allies and enemies, they embolden racists and they create propaganda for terrorists.

A short list of who wants to see Trump in the White House?


Vladimir Putin.

The KKK.

The Alt Right.

Are you scared yet? 


This is about a candidate who has tweeted and retweeted racist words and ideas and memes.

Who is regularly throwing out a bone or a “wink wink” to the increasingly prominent White Supremacist crowd. A candidate who hired the proud, self proclaimed leader of the Alt-Right  to be his campaign CEO. In between rabid musings about the “white genocide” they are gleefully retweeting Trump. They show up at his rallies. They call him “their candidate.” This is about a candidate who not only encourages the Alt Right, but emboldens them.

This is about a man has actually recommended doing things that were done in Nazi Germany. Creating a database of Muslims. Banning an entire religious group from entering our country. Demonizing Mexican immigrants. Threatening the press. Threatening enemies. Building a wall. This is about a man who is openly promoting Xenophobia, Racism and anti semitism. Sound familiar?

Unless you want our country to look like a Trump rally… unless you want Confederate flags being flown by angry men screaming at black people and Jewish people and gay people… unless you want your grocery store or your kid’s little league game to become a venue for expressing pent up racist rage, you need to think twice before you press that Third Party button. The things happening at Trump rallies? They’re happening everywhere. They are becoming the new normal.

So, yes, your Third Party vote scares me.

It is at best a risk. At worst a destruction of everything we hold dear and true about our country.

Your vote is dangerous.

It is the bloodshot eyed, stale cigarette perfumed gambler laying down his last chip.

It is the Prada bag you’re drooling over but your credit card is maxed out and you haven’t paid this month’s rent. We can’t afford it.

That vote that you’re throwing against the wall is the petulant toddler who insists on ice cream when staring at a plate of broccoli and green beans.

Your Third Party vote isn’t a protest. It isn’t a bold statement of rebelliousness. For most, that Third Party vote is a last minute hook up under the blinding bar lights at 2am. You don’t really know what you’re getting but you’re getting some.

We need all the adults in the room to show up and do whatever needs to be done to keep Trump in his self congratulatory, phallic tower and out of the White House.

Your Third Party vote is dangerous because it is relying on herd immunity. You’re having your feel good moment while you’re pressing a button next to a name you’ve only known for a few months. You’re relying on everyone else to get the job done and keep the mad man from having his finger on the button.

Herd immunity works. Until it doesn’t. And when it stops, when there is a breach, one tiny cough, it can be disastrous.

Your protest vote is the feverish stranger wandering into the I.C.U. when their shots aren’t up to date. You’ll walk out and you’ll go home and you’ll watch your HGTV and you’ll take some aspirin and you’ll go to sleep, but you exposed the vulnerable to your illness.

It’s not a badge of honor to risk the stability and livelihood of the country and quite possibly the world, all because your conscious is feeling some heat.

And sometimes voting your conscious means doing the hard thing. It means looking at the reality you’re dealing with no matter how much you don’t like it, and working within that reality.

Morality is only really moral when it’s dealing in truth.

It means possessing enough self awareness to consider your station in life, your privilege and how your vote could affect those who are more vulnerable.

I know you’re mad and you’re frustrated. Sometimes I want to burn it all to the ground and start over too. But we can’t. That’s what separates us from the sociopaths. We work with what we’ve got. We operate in reality. We think about things beyond our own angry impulses.

Start your revolution. Build it. Work. Sacrifice.

But don’t tip over the table because you didn’t like the food you were offered.

Don’t saunter, whistling, through the I.C.U. while your skin is beaded in a viral sweat.

Don’t rely on everyone else to do the non-glamorous task of the practical, safe vote.

Don’t engage in the false equivalency of the “two evils.”

Don’t tell me your conscience can’t take it. Your conscience will be fine. Your conscience surely has bigger fish to fry. But if your protest vote, along with all the other impotent Third Party votes ends in the myriad of dangerous scenarios that experts of all parties and all stripes are warning of? I fear your conscience may suffer a crippling blow.

If you ever wondered what you would do had you been a German citizen voting in the 1930’s… If you ever wondered if you’d have the presence of mind to recognize a virulent danger when it’s looming over you… If you ever wondered if you could stare at racism and fascism seeking power and shrug in apathy or stand up and fight?

Now’s your time to find out. Don’t let the herd down.





98 Responses

  1. I’m a lifelong Democrat who can count on one finger the number of times I’ve voted for a Republican in a major election. That was George Deukmejian for Governor of California way back in the 80’s. Since then I’ve voted entirely for Dems and I’ve had to hold my nose quite a few times when doing so. Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry. I didn’t vote for President in 2000 because I could stand Al Gore He did something during the primary against Bill Bradley that so offended me to my core that I was never going to vote for him. So, I didn’t. I sat that Presidential election out. Voted for every other office and ballot measure, but not for President.

    The last two Presidential elections have been a breath of fresh air for me. I got to vote for somebody not just because he was the Democrat but because I wanted to vote for him. For his positions. For who he was. For the leadership and maturity he brought to the table that I found so lacking anywhere else. I would vote for Obama every four years for the rest of my life if I could.

    But I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. She disqualified herself from this office with her actions over the last 15 years. Not the alleged lies (if lies are the standard for voting for a politician, there would be no politician to vote for). Not Benghazi or any of the other ginned up controversies. Not for the email “controversy” (virtually every single high level government official and elected official uses personal email for official business). No, it’s not for any of that. It’s for two reasons. First, on foreign policy, she is no better than, and possibly worse than, the Republicans. Second, her and her husband taking $150 million from special interests for speeches over the past 15 years — not for donations to their foundation, not for campaign contributions, but for money in their pocket — is so repulsive to me that I will never vote for her. The Clintons had a choice when he left office. If they wanted to continue a life in politics, they needed to keep it clean and accept some limits on their personal activities. But they didn’t do that. They wanted their cake and to be able to eat it to. Well, I say, go forth and eat it, but you won’t get my vote.

    And here’s the deal. You reach some false conclusions. That every vote will matter in this effort. That’s not true. If I lived in a battleground state, I would seriously re-consider my position for many of the same reasons you mention. I would likely hold my nose and vote for her because keeping that madman out of office is that important. But I live in an incredibly blue state, the biggest, bluest state there is these days. If it gets to the point where my vote matters in this State than she has lost so much of the rest of the country there is no chance she will win.

    The interesting thing is how the major parties have brought us to this point. The Republicans nominated the one candidate who wasn’t, for the most part, a sure thing against Hillary Clinton. And the Democrats nominated the one candidate who wasn’t, for the most part, a sure thing against Donald Trump. The parties have given us the two worst choices they possibly could have.

    I agree with you about the false equivalency of the “two evils.” I see this regularly on the right wing blogs I read. All of these commenters who acknowledge the wackiness that is Trump but that they will vote for him anyway because he is the “lesser of two evils.” To which I reply that the lesser of two evils is still evil. I don’t necessarily think Hillary Clinton is evil, but for me, in a couple of basic and fundamental ways she is simply not qualified to serve as President.

    I have the right to say “no” and vote my conscience without criticism or attack. I respect your right to vote for Clinton and I don’t question my friends, family and co-workers who are doing so. But I won’t be on that list.

      1. Sorry, but that is a completely false conclusion to draw. Maybe you didn’t read what I wrote. If my vote really matters in November in the state I live in Hillary Clinton will have lost so much of the rest of the country that she will have lost the country. National polls and national results mean nothing. What matters is how they do in each state. If Hillary loses California, she has lost the nation. Your perspective is what causes so much damage in this country. We have choices, many more than the zero sum, black or white choices you believe are the only ones that exist.

        1. I know what you’re saying. And I sympathize with your view. I do! But if Hillary does not win in an overwhelming majority, across all demographic lines, then Trump’s minions are going to feel vindicated. It will in essence be a win for what I’ve come to think of as the dark side.

          1. There are moments when I consider voting for her as the strongest anti-Trump vote possible. Trump is the most disgusting and scary candidate to run for higher office in my adult life. That he has got this far is terrifying indeed.

            But the reality for me is that I want to cast a vote against both of them. I really am just so disgusted with the idea that these two individuals are the best the major parties could give us.

            I plan on voting for Gary Johnson. He’s not an ideal candidate for me (I don’t like that he’s a pothead) and like most true libertarians, he seems a little bit naive and disinterested in some important things, but on some major issues I agree with him. And he doesn’t have the baggage of the two major candidates.

          2. I like his veep choice. But I worked as a math consultant in several New Mexico schools during Gary’s governorship. They were almost as poorly run as Detroit’s or Newark’s. Very little support from the state. The teachers were not a fan of his. I just fear a Trump presidency with every fiber of my being. Hillary, while not perfect, will not endanger our freedoms.

          3. Yes, there is a bit of myth-making going on by the Johnson true-believers. I have no doubt that his time as Governor was nowhere near as positive as described now. While I’ve never been to New Mexico, I read enough to know that it has a lot of poverty and a lot of problems that he apparently didn’t do much to address.

          4. Hillary already has said she will make religions change their stances on key issues. She is already planning to enfring on our religious freedoms. How is that not endangering our freedoms?

          5. I’d love to see you pull up an actual quote and source for that, but there’s no way you can because that’s bullshit. What have you been smoking? Play-Dope?

        2. I do respect your right to not vote for Hillary. Many have voiced similar thoughts. My question is would you consider putting your country before your own personal convictions just this once as a Trump presidency for the next 4 yrs scares the living daylight of many of us. The Clintons are a power couple and are reported to have made some millions but on the other hand they have been in public service for over 50+ yrs together. Hillary comes highly recommended by the Obamas and Bidens. I too would vote for this ticket over and over again for all the reasons you have cited . All I have to go, is her record and their trust and support . BTW, i wish it was Biden or Bernie on the ticket.

          1. Because of where I live if Clinton needs my vote to win my state she will have lost so much of the rest of the country that she would have no chance at the Presidency. That said, yes, if I lived in a battleground state like Ohio or Florida I would likely vote for her.

    1. Good counterpoint. I am in the same boat where I feel both candidates are deplorable, but for different reasons.

      To cast a vote for the other just because you despise one more is in my mind intellectually corrupt (I could not think of a better term on the fly).

      I too am looking at 3rd party options but I am sensing that no matter what, this election we all lose.

    2. I get what you’re saying, regarding being in a blue state. I have very strong objections to Johnson. I don’t think he’s “evil” or any kind of typical political slur. I only use those words for true evil (and I think Trump absolutely qualifies)

      I think many of Johnson’s policy ideas are dangerous for education, for our food and drug safety.

      His stance on no federal funding for medical research is one that hits me personally and gets my blood boiling. Orphan and rare diseases desperately need gov’t research. Drug companies do not invest much money in research for rare diseases because the profit return is small compared to the cost of research. By the way, pediatric cancers fall under rare diseases.

      His stance on vetoing any gun control bills is appalling. (C’mon. No one is trying to take away anyone’s guns. Just some common sense gun control)

      And his lack of knowledge or concern on foreign policy is not conducive to running the most powerful nation in the world. I honestly wish they would have let him debate last night. I’ve watched plenty of interviews with him and I think it would have illustrated that he is not equipped to be POTUS.

      To me, all of those issues are much more concerning than the Clintons getting paid for speaking engagements. Especially when you consider the things Hillary has done:

      Instrumental in securing aid for 9/11 responders as Senator.
      Was leading the charge on caring for and recognizing the health risks of the 9/11 first responders when others were dismissing it (as Senator)
      Led the charge on the Lily Ledbetter Pay Equality Act.

      Her speech in China about women’s rights (as First Lady)
      Children’s Health Insurance Program which she initiated and authored as First Lady which is still seen as a hallmark legislation that has improved the lives of poor and disabled children in our country who previously had no medical care.

      The Pediatric Research Equity Act which she helped write as Senator, which requires drug companies to study dosages and side effects of drugs on children.

      Her work as the most travelled SOS. In EVERY country she visited she met with women’s right’s leaders and was instrumental in helping further their causes. Sometimes the act of meeting with Clinton was enough to save the lives of these women because they lived in countries where fighting for women’s rights was so dangerous and a high profile meeting with the US Sec of State gave them protection.

      So, you see, I’m ok with making some money off of speaking engagements. The good she’s done makes that seem inconsequential to me. And all the others running for POTUS can’t touch her.

      *sorry, you’re the lucky one who gets my super long reply because yours is the first comment I’ve responded to*

      1. I’m starting to move away from Johnson now too. For many of the reasons you cite. Which only means I have no idea what I’m going to do on Election Day. Either not vote or hold my nose and cast the strongest anti-Trump vote possible by voting for Clinton. Which will really annoy me. Or I may write you in. Can I do that?

        1. Haha! NO thanks! I don’t understand why anyone would want the job of President. Doesn’t it seem like the scariest worst most stressful job ever? Plus, I don’t want to have a full head of gray hair in four years 😉

    3. I also will NOT vote for hillary,,,,,i am a woman in my mid 50’s worked my way up from dirt poor ,,,also worked in what once was a predominately male job…i was one of the first woman truckdrivers out there and believe me DONALD TRUMP has nothing on the majority of the male human …..especially in a male dominated work force,,,,is The Donald an overbearing buffoon ,,well yeah,,,but he does love this country he is NOT a career politician and the quotes about women were mostly said during his very public feud with Rosy Odonald….not aimed at women in general,,,,,as for ms universe ,,she signed a contract when she went into competition and she broke it…..the way he spoke to her was no worse than some trainers on the “biggest loser” ….do i condone that ,,,no,but it was no worse than some of our more popular magazines showing stick thin women on their cover and trying to convince women this the “norm”…so yes ,Mr Trump will be getting MY vote ,,,,

      1. Because one is considered “deplorable” or worse by the media and especially the Democratic and Republican establishment career politician; I suspect the polls do not accurately show the support for Trump. If the Democrats don’t win, it is because they did not field an acceptable alternative. I think Joe Biden could win even as a write-in candidate.

      2. I was one of the first wave of female truckers as well. And it taught me to stand up to bullies … JUST LIKE TRUMP.

    4. just like some women. You can’t just state your issue. You go on and on and on ,who cares what you think,I don’t. You seem to be a liberal Demo. Suck up to Hillary. Who knows you might even hate men, I don’t. GO TRUMP

      1. If I could figure what you’re saying, I’d respond to it. But clearly you have a reading comprehension problem. I’m not voting for Hillary. I don’t support her. Try again.

    5. One thing I didn’t see addressed was Supreme Court and Federal Coirt picks. I can’t even IMAGINE how radically right the Federal Judiciary could become under a Trump presidency coupled with the current Republican Senate. After doing a quick review of SC decisions over just the past 10 years I’ve come to the conclusion that the makeup of the Court directly affected my life dozens of times during that period. Decisions made by Congress and President during that same time? I was affected by a bare handfu, and that was being generousl. Your third party principles could seriously EFF UP MY LIFE. Yours, too, but at least YOU’D deserve it. Be the bigger person and get over yourself for the good of all, third-party-goers!!

  2. Thank you for this. Obviously you won’t reach everyone who needs to be reached on this issue, and I do recall my resentment when, in 2000, I’d tell people I was voting for Nader and they’d read me the Riot Act. It’s my vote and I get to use it in any way I want. But I learned that year that there’s much more at stake than my personal pride and conscience. Even though my Nader vote was a safe one (California, as Mark points out above), in retrospect I felt at least partly responsible for the national disaster that followed. I helped give voice to the movement that encouraged people in not-so-safe states to vote their conscience.

    I’ve been through a lot of presidential elections, and I’ve never seen anything like this. We still have a chance to prevent a calamity, and third-party votes or abstentions in this context are too risky.

    1. Yes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during this insane election year, it’s that nothing is predictable and the craziest things can and likely will happen. This is absolutely unlike any other year. And while I was not a Third Party voter in any past election I never felt strongly against other people voting Third Party. This year? I just don’t think it’s worth the risk. I’ve seen so many people say “my state is blue, it won’t matter.” And California is probably safely blue. But I don’t feel like we can count on anything being “normal” this year and I’m quite frankly petrified that Trump will win.

  3. Your one party vote scares me. A “third party vote” presumes there is a choice between two parties and voting Green or whatever is, right or wrong, a third alternative.

    We’ve been duped for decades into believing there is a substantial difference between republicans and democrats, while in essence they represent the same class, albeit with different strategies of how to rape us: one with vaseline, the other without. Bicker and banter notwithstanding.

    Between the two leading candidates of the one party there’s a world of difference. Trump is a buffoon, an opportunist, a flip-flopper without a backbone like no other. He spouts whatever buzz word will get him most attention, be it taxes on the wealthy, drug policies, or his stance on war… then he flips when the wind blows the other direction. On the completely opposite end of the spectrum is Clinton. She doesn’t just talk tough, like Trump does, about invading other countries or about regime change. She voted for it and actively participated as a senator and as secretary of state (think Iraq, Libya, Syria, Honduras). So the substantive difference is, one is a spineless windbag, the other has blood on her hands.

    I don’t have an argument against party platforms or against individual candidate’s promises. For me it’s a matter of actions, not words. Furthermore, I look at politics from a holistic approach. Take for example the war on women AND the war on minorities. One of the largest negative effects on women’s rights, in particular minority women, was former President Clinton’s effective killing of welfare through his Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. I could write a book on just the welfare part, on how it was a racist policy at heart, and an affront to working people. Yes, the republican party’s platform is abhorrent but so is, in the big picture, the democratic party’s actions. Of course most of us “progressives” know that the biggest recipients of welfare are not the poor or minority poor as republicans like to note, but big corporations. To compound the issue, at the same time Clinton signed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. Do you remember that? It devastated minority communities, created vast fortunes for the prison-building industry, broke up families, and effectively created and promoted Crime University by defunding inmate education programs. Sadly, there are many more examples.

    You bring up Nazi Germany. The same profiteers that in essence ruled Germany when Hitler came to power are the same ones who were there before, and remain after. Hitler was convenient for them at the time as Merkel is to them now. The puppet they place to take credit or blame for their actions is the choice you and the vast majority think you have.

    When it comes down to it, measured in actions, not words, the Republicrats and Demoblicans are one and the same. They are two faces representing the same class who will stop at nothing to maintain profit, whether it be xenophobia, war, regime change, or the poisoning of our environment.


    1. I have to say Carlos, I really appreciate your comment. And I agree with a lot of what you said. I will point out that Hillary has changed her stance on the Violent Crime act and is advocating for eliminating private corporate run prisons in the states, thus getting rid of them altogether. It’s wise to remember that the political world we lived in 25 years ago is very different from the political world we live in now. People (re:white people) are much more aware of the institutional racism and the real world effects of these policies in our minority communities.

      And yes, the same profiteers may exist in Germany post WWII, but let’s not dismiss the devastation that Hitler brought. The fact that Trump is bringing the Alt Right/White Supremacists along with him on this ride is not just disturbing, it’s down right scary and indicative of where he could take our country. I know many of my minority friends (especially blogging friends who are vocal on social media) are seeing a huge increase in racist comments and threats directed towards them in the past year. This is no coincidence. Very real, scary threats.

      And I get your disillusionment with the two parties. But that is not going to be changed in a presidential election every four years. Alternative candidates need to get voted into offices down ballot. And when they get enough in Congress, vote to eliminate the Electoral College.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment Carlos.

    2. Are you enjoying the reign of Trump? Do you like all of the Generals in his Cabinet? Do you look forward to his Tweets each morning?

  4. While I can agree that a third party candidate could influence the overall traditional dual party candidates competition, I’m pretty sure we don’t have much to worry about… if Hillary keeps up the pressure and takes care not to lower herself to Trump’s rhetoric level. What makes me so wise and sure about that? Just my interpretation of having lived a lot of years.

    You might find my own blog post from a couple weeks back, one explanation.
    “Why Trump Won’t Win The Election And Why I’m Glad He Tried”

  5. Incredibly well written. Unfortunately you are singing to the choir. Those of us who are terrified of a Trump presidency will vote with fear in mind, even though we find fault with Clinton. I, for one, will vote thinking about my fears and angst about the GOP candidate.

    1. Thank you Terry. Yes, I’m probably preaching to the choir. My hope was to convince undecideds or Third Party voters. This post ran on Scary Mommy and apparently got shared around some Gary Johnson supporter groups and they enjoyed thrashing me. I engaged in some lively debates, but my hope is maybe some people thought about what I was trying to say in this post? Fingers crossed for November 8 and putting this long national nightmare to rest.

  6. UGH. I don’t want Clinton in either, but the idea of a Trump presidency is just horrific.

    Such an awful situation.

    And hey, the rest of the world’s pretty scared of a Trump presidency too. (Well, except Russia and perhaps South Korea, and that’s perhaps more terrifying)

    1. I hate that you dislike Clinton so much. I think the smear machine has been going after her for so long that it’s just commonly accepted that she’s bad. Sigh… I literally have been losing sleep over the thought of Trump winning. He’s already “normalized” white supremacy in our country. And on kind of a selfish level, my son will be turning 18 during the next presidential term. I’m scared to death of Trump inciting or starting war and the US having to institute a draft. He’s unstable and has already said things that indicate a desire to go to war. I will NOT send my son off to a Trump war. (these are real fears me and some of my friends talk about. And it sounds crazy and paranoid, but I genuinely fear it!)

  7. I’m surprised at how many people are terrified of a Trump Presidency. I would think this would be more terrifying – President Obama announced that he wants to let a lot more refugees into the US starting in October. So he announced the US will accept 110,000 refugees in the coming year.

    Of course many of you belong to the Democratic Party and the Republican Party establishment, or the media–all of which are like this post so anti Trump. As bad as he is, I can’t understand why anyone would even think he has even a remote chance of winning.

    But my judgment may be impaired, since I belong to the Cocktail Party. I understand according to a recent poll, we are larger than either the Democratic or Republican Party. Of course, I was having a few cocktails at the time, so I’m not sure of the poll’s statistical validity.

    1. I know I’m delayed in responding to comments here, but the polls are tightening. And he absolutely could win. And I’m not afraid of the Syrian refugees, most of whom are women and children and have to go through a rigorous two year vetting process. No. I’m afraid of white supremacy being normalized by our racist potential POTUS and his lack of knowledge on foreign affairs (and domestic) and his unstable temperament that close to the nuclear button. (the links in my article above corroborate the things I’m saying here. I’m not making this stuff up or being dramatic)

    1. I mean, obviously you’re one of those conspiracy theorists who are slurping up everything the Alt Right/Brietbart is writing or tweeting. I’m not voting for HRC because she has a vagina any more than you’re voting for him because he has a dick. Oh, wait…

  8. Hi Gretchen,

    It’s not really between Trump / Clinton – Republicans / Democrats…it’s between the bought and paid for two party system and the people who are willing to break the system. Speaking of Nazis, on any given day thousands of jews would be marched into the ovens by a few dozen Germans. Not once did the jews turn and rush the wildly outnumbered Germans…not once.

    Your same arguments can be used to get people who are voting for Hillary to see the light and vote 3rd party to defeat Trump…because it sure as hell doesn’t look like she will do it. Turn and rush the fucking guards. If you want to talk tough and defeat Trump…here’s the answer.

    When Trump gets in …all the horrible shit you’re worried about might happen. This country will be ruined (it’s already in ruin) Trump will be us hitting bottom – time to shape up…it took the Germans 4 or 5 decades to do it, I’ll bet we can do it in 3.


    1. I’m a little speechless at the victim blaming of the Jews in the concentration camps. At first, I thought you were trying to make a very common Third Party voting argument, but starting off with the Jews marching into the ovens analogy is making it impossible for me to respond.

      And… and… you final statement… really? Sure. Let’s just let our country hit rock bottom. What the hell, right? I mean, it’s only human lives at stake and our entire financial system and world stability and keeping our fragile, tenuous world peace intact.

      Eh. Fuck it. Let’s just let it all burn to the ground and start over.


      Tryin’ to figure out if you’re serious or a troll.

      1. Hi Gretchen,

        I saw an interview years ago with an old guy who survived the camp…he was broken up about how nobody thought to turn on the guards. So no, not victim blaming, just pointing to the mindset where people think they don’t have any choice, but to comply.

        It was pretty late when I saw your post and I should have just went to bed…I’m kinda abbreviated and goofy around midnight. You can be as cranky as you want with my perspectives…I’m not really trying to be right here or control, just offer some devil’s advocate stuff (I probably should have said so from the beginning).

        America has been in decline for decades BTW…freaking out about someone like Trump getting in is way too little, way too late in my opinion. But the prospect of Trump / Clinton is finally bleak enough, that I see it as an opportunity for some real shifts to happen among people. The way the electoral college works is an obstacle, until there is enough sea change to mandate change. Someone like Trump would trigger another election in a parliamentary system where 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th parties would bring a non-confidence vote to force an election. It’s this delicate balance that brings cooperation between parties rather than what we have now which is pretty much slash and burn (non) negotiating. So I see Trump as an agent in shifting the way America (doesn’t) work…which is going to be drastic in the short term, but yes let’s hit bottom. Things might be slightly less shitty with Clinton…but the bottom is still coming – maybe just a little slower.


        1. I see… sorry for jumping all over you. The analogy threw me off and honestly, I’ve dealt with a few Neo Nazi types on Twitter during this election so I jumped to that conclusion.

          Yes, I get playing devil’s advocate. I thought (for most of this past year) that Trump was a good thing. That he would unite the Democrats and Republicans and Independents because we would all recognize the danger he poses. I thought it would help us to all understand that we all ultimately want the same thing, we just have different ideas about what it will take for our country to get there. I felt that way up until he got the nomination and then his poll numbers barely dipped before they started to rise. And now I’m just petrified.

          I disagree that things would be only slightly less shitty with Clinton. I think with Clinton we’ll get a lot more of what we’ve had with Obama and quite possibly a little more progressive (which to me is a good thing.)

          With Trump? We’re already seeing an increase in the racial hatred, people are being more bold with it, more Nazi flags, etc. That’s not a coincidence. And the thought of him starting a war with Iran over a slight or being manipulated by Putin (look at how easily Clinton played him and messed with his mind during the debate) really scares me. I have a son that will be turning 18 in two years. I worry about him and all of the other kids that might have to fight some crazy asinine Trump war. And I worry about the minority populations in our country being attacked (or labelled or deported) And I worry that he will stack the Supreme Court with extreme judges who will make abortion illegal. I worry about my friends who’ve had to have late term D&C’s for medical reasons and that they could be denied access to medical intervention because of an extreme anti-choice court. The woman he’s brought on to his campaign from the Susan B Anthony Foundation? She (and her organization) doesn’t even believe that birth control is ethical. Any one of these things is way more important to me than correcting the two party system. These are things that are literally a matter of life and death, not for a few, not for a hundred, but for thousands… hell, millions. These are huge stakes.

  9. Making a stand by voting third party on the President does not work. History shows this. If people are discontent vote down the ticket for third party but for President vote and vote either or only.

  10. This was a painfully moronic read, if I’m honest.

    Here’s a riposte:

    Your willingness to support a proven liar, hypocrite, incompetent, and utter enemy of accountability in her pursuit of our highest office nauseates me. The Hildebeast is horrid, proven again and again to be so, and-like her horndog husband-seems determined to have NO accountability for any of her gaffes. I cannot conceive how lefties can support a vicious, horrid, failure of humanity that will vote for wars (then distance herself), supported and defended DoMA (then changed her stance when she sought her own power), and has been taking a defense of utter incompetence as her excuses for horribly botching Libya, email security, and more.

    Understand me, I truly despise both “main” parties and their drooling fan clubs at this time. We are not represented, as people, at all by the horror shows we’ve been electing…but people like yourself work against getting a new voice into the mix, just happily selling the populace out to the corporations and their prostituted bobble-heads time and time again. I cannot fathom how this is better than getting another voice into the mix, particularly one who was a popular and successful two-term governor that also had succeeded in business.

    Your willingness to perpetuate treason against the citizens of the United States scares me. I hope that you are brutally disappointed in November.

    1. Well, you’re quite the charmer, aren’t you? You know how to really appeal to people right off the bat.

      I’m going to take a quick break from giggling and snorting in laughter at your comment to just clue you in on one little *tiny* detail you seem to be unaware of. The Electoral College. It’s the system we have at the moment and I don’t think that’s going to change before you cast your precious/angry vote on November 8. (for anyone else reading, I apologize for the snark, but this comment deserves no less) You want to change the Electoral College? Let your itchy little fingers do a quick search on Google and you’ll see that it has to be voted out by Congress. Which means *you* need to get to work electing alternative candidates down ballot. Now, I know this isn’t as sexy or glamorous as pissing all over a presidential election every four years, and I know it’s a lot of work and that’s not nearly as fun as leaving angry comments with silly little words like “Hildabeast” and tossing in words like “horn dog,” but that’s just the way it is. I know, it’s Not fair! And It Sucks! *cue door slam*

      Also, while you’re on the computer leaving angry comments (as I’m sure you are most of the time) look up the definition of treason. The more you know…

  11. This was anything but a “painfully moronic read,” Gretchen. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to go on someone’s blog with such hateful, misguided bile in the comments.
    I also can’t understand why people can’t see the absolutes in this election. We have, on the one hand, a typically self-serving, perhaps corrupt (most of it unproven, though the detractors all parrot the same lines against her) supporter of the wealthy power-elite (in other words, just another politician), but someone who at least has experience with dealing with real-world issues. On the other hand, we have Trump, a “person” who has the mental and emotional intelligence of a drunk 2-year old who’s been told he can’t have, not only his toys, but everyone else’s also. Strictly by itself, the scene where he publicly mimicked the reporter with a physically disability, should have been a disqualifier for him being thought of seriously. The fact, that he wondered several times why we didn’t use nukes, should terrify even the most virulent Clinton-haters. I’d rather have a PCP-smoking chimpanzee in charge of the nukes than Trump.
    And the fantasy that a third-party candidate will ever win the U.S. Presidency under current 2-party conditions? Just a fantasy, a dangerous one that will bleed support from the one person who can beat Trump.
    Rock on, Gretchen!

    1. Thank you! There are so many isolated things that should have disqualified Trump. The list, if we were to make one, would be astounding! And I would much rather the tripping chimp in the White House than Trump too!

  12. Seriously? Don’t pin this back on me. You stupid Democrats should have picked a Democrat I could have supported. I wouldve voted for Bernie in a heartbeat. Don’t blame my 3rd party vote on my choice. As far as I am concerned it is the Democrats fault for not putting someone I could vote for on the ballot.

  13. Mr. Trump!
    I’m sorry but I cannot speak to you saying Dear Mr Trump, because this word isn’t for you. I would like to know how your wife and your daughter feel about your sexist and macho attitude as well your bad behavior toward women. But I think that you don’t care to know they may feel. Your attitude toward women concerns them directly. You are that some poor guy who deserves no consideration and your supporters will have to realize they are as stupid as you.

  14. To say the third party voters know history is making a HUGE assumption. Most voters don’t have a clue about current events let alone history. But you make very valid points – but cut the bs pandering!!

  15. It’s pathetic that from the millions of people your country has that these two jokers were the only two people you could find to potentially run your country. The US election is a joke. Sadly the final choice either way will have an impact on not only your country but to both the countries that boarder yours. Totally embarrassed for you.

  16. BBB

    Wow. Mr. Trump is not perfect, no. He said the comments that came out were taped so many year ago(2005). I have read all about Ms Universe.
    I know so many will vote for Hillary R Clinton just because she is a women, but will not look at her lies, deseatfulness, threats and says one thing, in her own words while speaking with Wall Street she said ” I have two different personas”
    HRC said. ” I must look one way to get elected. I look like l am like them, low or middle class, but you all know I am with you all on Wall Street.” She hides her true PERSON, to rip off US citizens to get elected. She has used the death of black children to perpetuate letting them believe she’s with them. She wants their vote. She has started that she believe the police were protecting them sleeves. An allowed shooting. They lied who had a gun pulled and who didn’t. And she is a loser dressed up saying she cares. Go see the movie “Clinton’s America!”
    How do you leave the White House broke and then become millionaires, you might ask. Pay for PAY!!!
    Bernie’s people should be in a bucket ” like slime. She use the Clinton foundation to make big bucks through the foundation to grant meetings. The DNC was rigged against Bernie. Pitiful. She, The White House and FBI hide her email scandals , Bill Clinton just accidentally went on the head of Justus plane, talking about their grandchildren, right. Two days later Comey came out with his BS parcial lies about her emails. He said she lied
    lied and lied. Remember she said ” I don’t have ANY Classifided emails under oath 5 times! Now they have the emails and the corruption between the President, John Kerry, Hillary and her aides, Kerry’s aides and the White House aides. They all lied. And I am sickened by this cover up, the worst being Libia when Clinton
    Cheered on film when the dictator fell. But she didn’t continue to keep that counrty safe, which takes me to Bengazi, how DARE she leave our men there. And the seals left there to protect the CIA building there, begged to go save the Ambassador and were told “Stand Down” from Secretary Clinton. Several times they begged, there was an aircraft sitting on go, filled with Navy Seals, And Seals on an airplane on go, but she, Secretary Clinton had them change in and out of their uniforms four((((4))) times, but never sent them, while our citizens were killed. They drug the Ambassador through there streets, raped him and tortured him. I wonder if he heard his boss , HRC saying “stand down?” Every, again EVERY other Embassy closed and moved out, being informed,as we were to get out of there, there, they were told they were going to be an attack!”
    Her two different personas just like you, black lives matter mom’s, the middle class and then her real persona of a multi millionaire and wants to be President for her own ego. Let’s don’t forget she lied to the mother of The Ambassador, and to the other families saying it was over a movie. It’s in writing now she lied. What about when she flew into Libya and said on film in an interview…” When we landed we were under fire so we were to jump off the plane and run into the blacks cars waiting.” still quoting ” we ran and we were scared!”

    Hmm they have a film of her coming off the plane being met by a little girl with flowers and a whole meeting party. Not one shot fired. Lie
    Lied about classifieds emails, I am truthful while having a hired team ” Bleach her emails” Under Oath “I had no classified emails or actually no emails that weren’t personal.” They planted a young girl in a meeting crying saying “what about all little girls that will feel bad about themselves if Trump gets elected. Awe Hillary went to her and said I will help you.
    The child was a plant taught her lines by her daddy one of the heads of the Democratic Party. Sick.
    Last what about Bill’s women, Paula Rose and several others. Mrs Clinton warned them and hired George Stepannopoulos to help cover up. One had her cat killed and warned about being killed. Monica saved the dress so she would have proof if someone threatened her. Well…
    And Hillary was behind it all.

    Trump is not the best but he knows a work ethic. He will secure our boarders. And surround himself with brilliant people.
    Oh Hillary is on tape saying she would open boarders. Really now during this terrorist time? And how can she stand with anyone who stands against the OUR police.

    1. Your spelling. Your grammar. Your parroting of right wing propaganda all point to you being a woefully uneducated and uninformed person. Go read a book. One without pictures.

  17. Personally I Don’t Give A Shit What Trump Said..!

    Bill Clinton Was Sticking Cigars Up Monica’s ASSHOLE, And Dropping Loads On Her Face In EVERY Room Of The White House.

    JFK Was Sandwiching Monroe On His Desk In The Oval OFFICE, With His Brother RFK..?

    This Shit Has Been Going On FOREVER..!

    What..? YOU WOMEN Think You’re Going To STOP This SHIT..?

    While The Enabler Still Stands By Bill’s SIDE With Fucking Blood On Her Hands And Puts The ENTIRE COUNTRY @ Risk..?

    Are You Fucking Kidding Me..?

    Shut The FUCK UP…

    You’re The Same WOMEN That Purchased 80 Million Copies Of 50 Shades Of Gray “Lets Cut The Shit”..!

    I’ll EAT A Fucking TURD Dog With The All TheTrimmings And Drink A Large PISS NO ICE.

    Before I’d Vote TO LET This Lying Rancid Smelling CUNT Hillary Destroy AMERICA…

    By Appointing 3 or 4 MORE Supreme Court Justices To Legislate From The Bench To Change The Social Structure Of America…

    This ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION & The Clintons Along With Michelle And Chelsea…

    Should Be Sitting In GTMO Facing EXECUTION For Treason And Crimes Against America…

    The Clinton’s Have Taken HUNDREDS Of MILLIONS Of Dollars.

    From Countries Where Husbands Kill Their OWN WIVES & DAUGHTERS In The Name Of Honor…

    Where Mothers & Fathers CIRCUMCISE Their Own Daughters To Deny Them A LIFE Of Pleasure…

    Where Women Are STONED For Divorce And Must Have 4 Witnesses To Claim RAPE..?

    Where HOMOS Are Thrown From Rooftops…

    FUCK YOU..!

    Liberals Are FUCKING Hypocrites & Pathetic…

    THEY Should ALL Be Sterilized And Their CHILDREN Drowned @ BIRTH…

    And ANY Woman That Has A Problem With 2 Men Having A Sword Fight…

    While Their Measuring Their COCKS Privately In A Locker Room..

    Is A FUCKING Miserable CUNT..!

    That’s WHY The Signs Say “MEN” & “WOMEN” BEFORE You Break The Door..!

    And If YOU Have A Problem With My Choice Of Words To God Dam Bad…


    And When We’re PISSED OFF It Escalates To Levels That Even I Can’t Repeat Here…

    This Is EXACTLY HOW YOUR HUSBAND, Your LOVER, Your Man, Your Whatever Talks…!

    While Engaged Privately In A FUCKING Locker Room Conversation…

    Yea That’s RIGHT WE STILL Participate In Such Childish Behavior, It’s Called Being A FUCKING MAN…

    We Men Have Made Progress Of Olympic Proportions Over The Years…

    Regarding Our Inner Action And Sensitivity With Women, As We’ve ALL Been Neutered.




    He Went Up AGAINST 16 Of America’s Best Republican Politicians And The People Of The Republican Party Have Spoken…

    Trump Is The Nominee…


    That Has NOW Distanced His Or Her Self Because Of Trumps Locker Room Pissing Contest, From 10 Years Ago…

    PERIOD End Of FUCKING Story…

    That’s Right I Said It…

    1. Glad to see you didn’t spare any words and got your feelings out- but did we really need all the locker room talk?

  18. What woman hasn’t been called a name or been insulted from a man or woman. What woman has never called a man a name, other than his given name, or insulted a man. This is High School crap.

  19. I, for one, will go to bed at night knowing I didn’t have to ‘hold my nose’ to vote. This election is rigged from the get go- Hillary Clinton WILL be our next President- no matter the popular vote-(it’s the electoral vote that counts) and the ‘Powers that Be/Make the Decisions Behind the Scenes’ have deemed it so. The anti-Trump propaganda (really -pulling audio tapes from 11 years ago?) is planned to irate women and those of us who have a social conscious.
    I am not, have not, been an advocate for either. Our real choices were eliminated in the Primaries- another ‘rigged system’. Why can’t we all vote in the Primary that same day across the nation and All of us, have the same choices? Why do most of the states get the ‘trickled down’ version of the Primary races?Why do some states allow their constituents to vote across ‘Party Lines’ while others require us to jump through registration hoops and over Party lines to vote for our Primary candidate choice?
    Why has ‘the media ‘shoved these two down our throats?
    Because ‘We the People’ have no Power. Because corporations, lobbyists, foreign governments, banks and the Really Wealthy- have the Power and THEY are making our decisions for us. We are, sadly, just the puppet show- their entertainment.
    And in the meanwhile, we are a country divided.
    I am voting for our Future, I am voting for the Green Party/Jill Stein- will she win- hell no! But will my vote add to the 5% needed nationally to get the Green Party funding for the next election and eliminate their struggles to get on a ballot? Hell YES!
    We need choices in this country in the form of Third Parties, they are NOT a wasted vote if we are looking forward to ‘change’. The ‘change’ we had hoped for with Obama and didn’t get.
    The least we can do is add another player to the puppet show…..

  20. I think your herd immunity analogy is brilliant–but for goodness sake, it’s “conscience.” (Not “conscious.”)

  21. Reblogged this on Just something I was thinking about . . . and commented:
    My thoughts exactly!! I have been that rebellious voter . . . and my preferred candidate is no longer in the race. But this year, I can’t take the chance with the future of this country, my grandchildren’s future, the world as I have known it.

    Even if Hillary is not your candidate, she’s got to be the lesser of the two evils. If there was ever a time NOT to follow the road less traveled, exert your independence, and say “fuck you” to the establishment – THIS is that time . . .

    Just something I was thinking about . . .

  22. We know that Hillary’s massively funded “Correct The Record” staff are responsible for these articles, comments, and blogs.

    The hold point of an election is to vote for the candidate who represents your interests. That is exactly what third party votes are doing. The definition of a “protest vote,” according to the dictionary, is to cast a vote *against* another candidate, rather than *for* the one you want. Therefore, it’s the “hold your nose” Hillary voters who are choosing “the lesser evil” who are the real “protest voters.”

    Don’t like it? Too fricken bad. In a democracy, the only vote *you* get to control is your own (unless your party rigs the election). Want more votes for your party? Choose a better candidate.

    By the way- I campaigned for Bernie and I’m enthusiastically voting for Jill Stein.

  23. Reblogged this on Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings and commented:
    A third-party vote doesn’t scare me, but it is an annoyance, much like the so-called ‘undecideds’ who are trying to get 10 seconds of fame on their local news, Twitter, or FB feeds.

    I have always taken third-party candidates as seriously as they take politics – which is not at all. One can’t jump out of the woodwork every four years, shouting: “Vote for me – I’m the lesser of two evils!”

  24. I don’t know you, but what scares me about what you wrote here is you focus on a racists bigot dumbass who have not yet killed a soul, instead of the evil racists bigoted mass murdered Hillary Clinton, who is directly responsible for millions of dead humans by her very own genocidal hands. I’d vote for Trump in a heartbeat but blessed I am that I don’t have to vote for either of those assholes.

    Being a Negro man, and of the age that I know police discrimination first hand, I voted on September 26th, 2016 for Dr. Jill Stein & Mr. Ajamu Baraka. What scares me is people like you, have an incorrect mindset that voting for either of these two party clowns will fix whats wrong with The United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan. THATS a wasted vote.

    If every voter displeased, disgusted and disappointed with both the GOP’ukes and the Demonicratic party were to vote Green Party US, know what the outcome of that election would be?

    A LANDSLIDE for Stein/Baraka. Oh. By. The. Way. I sleep very wel at night knowing I voter for The Greater Good Over The TWO Greater Evils.

    You & your kind scare me.

  25. I happened across this blog today. Wondering how everyone contributing their comments are feeling about our President today. How good do you feel about the vote you cast last November? Are you enjoying the debacle we are greeted with each morning when we turn on the News? Do you love our new Supreme Court Justice? How about the Royal Family occupying the West Wing? I am so afraid of what we might wake up to each morning, and so very angry with everyone who chose to “sit this one out” or vote for a “Third Party” in protest. This catastrophe lies at your feet!

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