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“I Got Your Back” guest post on Must Be This Tall To Ride

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Today I have the honor of being featured on one of my favorite blogs.  This is the very first blog I “followed” on WordPress and it’s always a must-read for me.  Endearing, funny, real, human.  If those are qualities you appreciate, you’ll enjoy Must Be This Tall To Ride as much as I do.  My post, “I Got Your Back”, delves into the trials of a 12 year old girl (me, circa 1985) who goes through some physical challenges that include a large turtle shell, a spinning bed, and a quietly courageous man.  Read my post (of course!) but then poke around a little and explore and see why people connect with Matt, the man behind the keyboard, of Must Be This Tall To Ride….

Check out my first ever guest post here:  “I Got Your Back” by Drifting Though My Open Mind

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. But I have to say, it didn’t take courage to write this, I have not had to deal with this kind of abuse. The fact that this is a thing that actually happens so often just really pissed me off and made me want to write this. What I am struck by is all the women who’ve responded who have been attacked and threatened in this way. It is so sad, yet they are an inspiration. I plan on writing a follow-up post just about all of the women who responded to this who are going through this or have gone through this. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment!

      1. It’s good to talk about these things. I am the same way and always felt that silence in any case of abuse is devastating rather than “gold”.

        When I thanked you for your courage I was referring to how couraged you went through your own experiences which you described in your guest-post on “Must Be This Tall To Ride”. 🙂

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