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Women Are Not Here For You. You Do Not Own Us.

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A guy walks up to a girl in a bar. She’s laughing with her friends, engrossed in conversation. He slides in next to her to introduce himself. Offers her a drink. I’m just here to hang with my friends she says more than once. He proceeds to ask her “get to know you” questions, ignores her icy stare. Oblivious to her friends rolling their eyes. He appears immune to her Not interested‘s and her No thank you‘s. Finally, she sighs, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. He backs away grudgingly, defensively, hands in the air, It’s cool, it’s cool. I got it.

Her rebuffs weren’t enough. Her refusals were dismissed. It was clear that what she wanted wasn’t of much concern to him. But another man’s woman? That’s a record scratch. A stop sign. A no trespassing sign.

This story isn’t unusual. It’s not even rare. Most women at some point have played the boyfriend card to fend off an aggressive guy.

Not all men have to hear the boyfriend excuse to accept a “No.” Many men approach women humbly and respectfully. But the reality is that far too many men are the aggressive guy with the selective hearing. It’s disheartening, frustrating, and at times… scary.

And it all comes down to ownership.


We watch in horror as it plays out in the most grotesque ways. A man kills a woman on a train for refusing his advances. A man shoots his wife and her two students because she left him. A man shoots an innocent stranger and says his girlfriend made him do it. It’s a man going on a murderous shooting spree after posting a video blaming all of the women who refused to see how “nice” he was.

It’s not always violent or abusive. Most often it is vague and hard to put your finger on. But our society is constantly telling men they have rights to us. That they own us. This message isn’t shouted or barked. No, like most effective messages it’s subtle. Implied. It’s in our everyday interactions. But it’s there, coloring our language and our attitudes and our traditions. It’s the pervasive, implied entitlement in casual words and actions that we accept and absorb because we are so accustomed to it we don’t even recognize it.

Ownership. Women are property. Men are entitled to us. Society is unconcerned with our agency and autonomy.

It’s tradition and it’s doctrine. It’s history and it’s gospel.

It’s the marrying off of daughters as a transaction. A young girl whittled down to the equivalent of a goat and an acre of land.

It’s women being the spoils of war.

It’s women being categorized as either the virgin or the whore.

Most men don’t walk around looking at women as property. That’s not how this works. But it’s there, implied. It’s woven into our culture. Passed down like a defective gene.

It’s not just the persistent guy in the bar. It’s the guy who tells us to smile. As if our expression is there for him to dictate. Our mood, his to determine.

It’s the man who thinks he has the right to catcall a woman because she is walking down the street. And then thinks he has the right to get angry if she doesn’t respond in the way he thinks she should.

It’s the shock and disdain for a woman who curses. It’s not lady like. It’s unbecoming. It’s trashy. No. Admonishing a grown woman as if she’s a child is unbecoming.

It’s the “Friend-zone.” The place where hard-up guys and their precocious desires go to die. Angry that they are denied access to someone they were friendly with. I was so nice to her, why wouldn’t she have sex with me? As if being cool means they should automatically have rights to us.

It’s the seething hate directed at every woman who has a large online presence. A platform, a big following, a blue checkmark next to her name – all are cause for threats. It’s the armies of men who troll, looking for powerful women to go after. Who have rabid anger for women they’ve never even met. Why? For moving into their space. For taking up their oxygen. For getting attention and followers and likes. They are threatened by it. They feel less powerful when they see a powerful woman. So they try to control her, bully her, intimidate her. They try to drive her off social media and sometimes out of a job.

It’s the looks of disgust or the comments when a woman is breastfeeding in public. Her breasts should be used to sell Carl’s Jr. burgers or to entice or to entertain. But using them for their intended purpose is disgusting. It’s utilitarian and not serving the greater male population in any way so put those things away, you exhibitionist whore. 

We are here to accentuate. Complement. To be arm candy or stay quietly in the background. We should be easy going, but not easy. We should laugh easily, but not too loudly.

We should be soft and sweet and curved in all the right places. But not too curvy. Unless that’s what is desired by the men we meet. The goalpost of what is desirable is constantly moving so we must read magazines and scour pop culture to see what’s what. You see, we are complicit in our own servitude. It’s part of our DNA as well.

We should speak demurely. Speaking loudly, projecting our voice is an affront. We should calibrate our voice to precisely the tone that is pleasing to male ears. And for the love of  all things nasty,  please don’t laugh too loud.

Our bodies are commodities. Our sexuality is for other’s to copulate to. Our pureness to be held up as saintly. Our reproduction legislated by old white men who couldn’t find an ovary or a female orgasm if they had a GPS.

It’s male journalists frothing every time Chelsea Clinton speaks or wins an award. Their condescending laments laced with the fear of another ambitious woman coming dangerously close to that glass ceiling. Their words dripping with contempt. How dare she be visible or audible when they had other ideas. Stay in your lane, Chelsea. 

It’s the pat on the head, the unsolicited advice, the let me tell you how you really feel because my male perspective is more valid and more right, ok sweetheart? 

It’s telling a woman to calm down because her outburst or her fire or her anger make it so much harder to rein her in.

It’s the stealthing that turns consensual sex into sexual assault, and the online chat rooms that instruct bros how to do it, and the judges who will laugh it off or brush it off or dole out a slap on the wrist with a wink, and now we have one more fucking thing to warn our daughters about.

It’s the men who help themselves to parts of our bodies as we make our way through a crowd or through the office or across campus.

It’s our lovers, the men we trust and love. They think nothing of laying down a guilt trip if we refuse sex. After all, what right do we have to consider our own mood/desires/feelings? Our bodies should be open for business when he needs it, the moment he needs it. After all, we love him, right? C’mon baby, you say you love me but you aren’t acting like it right now. And they don’t understand or see that their pressure and guilt is added to the pile of male needs and desires we’ve spent a lifetime collecting and being held responsible for.

We watch young girls, on the brink of womanhood who are ogled and leered at. Men, with their shirts straining against their dad-bods, scanning every inch of her. Oblivious to her discomfort. Unconcerned that she is still just a child. They act like they don’t see how their hot gaze makes her squirm. Making her feel equal parts dirty and self conscious and guilty. You see, she learned long ago in school that how she dresses is responsible for how men and boys act. But they’re oblivious to her tugging uncomfortably at her clothes because they don’t see her as a person and they’ve been taught that it’s harmless to do these things and it’s not big deal, it’s just guys being guys and geez, stop overreacting, wouldya?

We’ve heard the song, the one that has been in the background our whole lives. The one that tells us we’re the temptress, the siren of the sea. We’re Eve, licking the apple from our wet lips wearing nothing but a wicked grin. That we’re the built-in excuse for male aggression and anger and frustration and missteps. A convenient scapegoat for society’s ills.

We’re supposed to be “a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.” Unless he’s not into that kind of thing, in which case we better figure that shit out and accommodate before he decides to dispose of us and tells his friends that we’re just a dirty whore.

We are not your property.

You don’t own us. You are not entitled to our bodies or our minds or our emotional labor.

It’s ownership when men get angry at the fat girl and call her names. How dare she go out in the world in a way that’s not pleasing to his eye?

It’s ownership when they scream at the transgender woman who doesn’t fit their idea of what a woman “should” be. And they’re going to make damn sure she knows it by their voice or their sneer or their laughter or their fist.

It’s ownership when dudes ask a lesbian if they can “get in on that action” or when they wink, “give me a chance to change your mind.” Because it’s really not about her identity and being who she is, it’s about them getting off.

We are not your participation trophies. We are not your conquest or your ego boost.

We are not here for you to decide how we should act/talk/smile/laugh/look/live.

Our role in the home or the board room or online is not yours to define.

Our daughters are not your son’s distractions.

Our wholeness is not a threat to your existence.

Our minds and bodies are tired of this game so if you could wake up and see that we’re not asking you to feel guilty or to drag you down, that would be great. We’re asking you to listen and to believe us and to help us make it stop.

Help us make it stop with the young girl getting dress coded because her body is a distraction to the boys.

Help us make it stop so that when she tells her teacher about a boy making a rape joke, she doesn’t get the “Boys will be boys” retort that tells her that her fears and safety are secondary to boys having fun and blowing off steam.

Help us make it stop because she will learn before she’s even out of puberty that grown  men will take from her, whether it’s the lingering stares or the hand that rests on her shoulder for too long or some other innocuous gesture that she can’t put her finger on but she knows it’s not right. Help us before she goes off to college and she tells herself “boys will be boys” when a drinking game goes too far and she finds herself going from laughing and playing along to being victimized but feeling like she deserved it because she is just repeating what she’s seen and heard her whole life. Boys can’t control themselves. Their actions are just a response to you. You should have known better/done better. 

Help us. Recognize when you see ownership, in all its forms. Tell your sons and your daughters and your coworkers and your bosses and your bros.

Help us because it’s this subtle sense of ownership that feeds the violence. It’s the little moments that add up and build up and give permission to a man to touch, to hit, to rape, to kill. It’s systemic and institutionalized ownership that allows lawmakers and judges and police officers to question a rape victim’s level of sobriety or her past sexual history or how much the rapist might suffer in prison so we really should give him a slap on the wrist because he is a preppy white rapist with a bright future.

Help us amplify this message. Help us stop the cycle of entitlement.

We are not your bitch, your slut, your problem. We are not your excuse, your reason, your burden.

We are not your anything.

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  1. I have only speed-read your piece, life’s too short to do more than that. It was enough. More than enough.

    Your website’s strapline is “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind.” The inner workings of your mind have clearly been polluted by feminist ideology and you are therefore predictably narcissistic, delusional, misandrous, angry, miserable, and whiny. Continue to embrace feminism and remain that way if you wish, but don’t expect psychologically healthy people – i.e. non-feminists and anti-feminists – to give a damn.

    Have a nice day.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

    1. “I have only speed read your piece.” And that is what is wrong with society and men. Don’t be bothered to actually fucking listen to a woman. Please. But please tell us how we are doing it all wrong. Sigh.

        1. Now THAT’s what I call funny, because I thought that was EXACTLY the point of YOUR diatribe Mike Buchanan.

          Oh and as a practising AND teaching Psychologist with over 30 years experience, I can reliably inform you that YOUR attitude of White Male Exceptionalism and Privilege is the reason that Feminism became necessary in the first place. I AM a man and big enough and ugly enough to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses and not blame ANYONE else male OR female for my own inadequacies. It is part of what we PROFESSIONAL psychologists call “Growing Up” and “Becoming an Adult”.

          Perhaps you could research the work done by Abraham Maslow and assess your OWN progress on his Hierarchy of Needs and how far you have achieved maturity. I am willing to bet that you have failed to complete Level Four let alone aspired to the Higher levels of Human Development.

          WHEN you have discovered the strength and MANLINESS to stop blaming women for your inability to achieve adulthood you may discover that women have far more to offer the Human Race than Men have permitted for the last 265,000 years. Indeed they may just save us from ourselves, IF we let them.

        2. *snortle* the strident, petulant cries of a wounded male, trying desperately to sound clever and intellectual: is there anything more pitiful? mike, i can see your friend-zoned history from here. lol.

        3. Mike, that’s just an absurd position. If you want to take issue point by point, you might substantiate an argument. This article pointed to specific recent events, and historical precedents. Your comment, on the other hand, is just a series of abusive statements.

        4. Shallowfeeling64. If you had ever cracked a book, you’d know that psychology (as well as sociology, and sexology) are filthy estrogen sewers wherein gross gynocentrism and blatant gender bigotry (feminism) reign supreme. The hysterically hateful harpies you worship began by attacking beauty and sexuality and finished by destroyed psychology, sociology and sexology too.

          Fortunately, however, a few courageous psychologists are leading us back to sanity. They include Jonathan Haidt, Jordan Peterson, Tom Golden, Dr T: A Shrink for Men, and others. You might want to start some deep thinking by listening closely to your betters.

        5. Mike, you can’t judge something you didn’t read.
          Just like they can’t judge the Red Pill movie because they haven’t watched it.

          And I read her piece, it’s not “Me, Me, Me”, more something completely out of touch with reality.
          “We aren’t your property” and? This is the west, no one is anyone’s property.
          There’s no movement complaining about the lack of women wanting to marry, or the lack of women wanting to be housewives. There’s plenty on the reverse and not only from tradcons, frequently by feminists also.
          When there’s complaints about how little sex this generation is having, even though it’s something brought about by society and not harmful at all, (similar to how kids stopped playing outside) all public officials place the blame on men and how men have failed at their duty.
          We do have tradcon women complaining feminists are demeaning their life choices, and feminists complaining everyone is demeaning their life choices and saying “men are scared of powerful women” instead of understanding that if you spend all your time working you won’t have time to search for a better mate (which will be a smaller proportion of the population) and you’ll have to bribe your way into a relationship with someone without a career that will become a stay at home spouse. (and guess what, it’s like that if you make more than a 100grand a year, something even men fail to understand “at least she should have her career”, guess what, you don’t have time to foster a relationship with someone that also don’t have time. But men come with this mentality because they know that women that have an excess of time will bother them during work hours. So, if you don’t have time, find someone with a hobby not a career. Of course, all of this could be solved if women dropped the expectation of marriage all together, which honestly is already a big enough of a fantasy to begin with.)

          Reality is, no one is trying to control you. Not giving you free stuff isn’t trying to control you, not giving you a free pass isn’t trying to control you.
          Honor your gonads (or your hormonal therapy before you call me transphobic) and get down to reality. No one is buying this shit out of your echo chamber, and inside more people don’t buy it either.

      1. Oh Mandi (I LOVE that song). You are SO right. The stupidity, cupidity, immorality of MEN has been the cause of all human misery since they murdered the Priestesses and stole their power.
        I posted this on a slightly different topic recently and I include the plea to women to change the socialisation of boys and start breeding a race of HUMANS.

        In response to WOMEN blaming Women for O’Really? being fired.

        99.99999% of Wars are started by MEN
        99.99999% of Sexual Assaults are committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Rapes are committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Planetary Destruction is caused by MEN.
        99.99999% of Environmental Pollution is created by MEN.
        99.99999% of Child Trafficking is committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Sexual Harassment is committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Child Soldiers are perverted by MEN.
        What part of Men being the PROBLEM don’t these people GET?

        How did being a WOMAN become the cause of the problems that women face?

        When will WOMEN teach their sons not to be little shits and make them treat other women with respect?
        When will WOMEN stop accusing other Women of being at fault because MEN cannot keep their hands and their dicks in their trousers?

        As a MAN I am sick to death of hearing that Men are incapable of behaving with decency, respect to others, honesty and personal responsibility for their actions. They are not incapable, they just CHOOSE to behave like the monsters most of them are.
        O’Really? Ailes, Putin, Hannity, Trump, Bannion, and all the other Tyrants, Sociopaths, Dictators and Swamp Creatures now turning the World into Dr Caligari’s House of Horrors are the CAUSE of the world’s problems not the solution.

        1. Of course, without men you wouldn’t have the technology to say all that. Or the freedom of speech.

          1. You need to change the circle of men you hang out with then. And, yes, I believe you disclosed that you may work in the psychology/psychiatry field. If I’m wrong about that, my mistake. But the interesting thing about that is this … if you do, then you generally work with people who are … well, slightly off. And in my experience, some of the craziest people I’ve met are the ones who work in that field. 😉

        2. In another comment you state this: “Men, alone of virtually ALL creation, (with a few notable exceptions) have the need and hunger to obtain pleasure from the suffering of others.”

          With a few notable exceptions? Seriously? By your equation, virtually all men seek and hunger for pleasure from the suffering of others. Feel free to back that up.

          1. Spanish Inquisition, Witch Trials, Guatanamo, Sexual exploitation by male clergy (of ALL religions) and the MALE cover ups to protect them, Engineering of instruments of Torture, (know many female engineers churning THOSE babies out?) Deliberate trafficking of children, almost all architectural and engineering advances arose from the desire to improve methods of warfare, those Trump boys killing endangered species, men exterminating animals to improve erectile function (fallaciously), environmental exploitation regardless of the impact on the majority populace For profit (and thus their own pleasure), need I go on? Because I can if I must.

          2. I get it … you can come up with all of these horrible things that men have been responsible for. Yet, you cannot prove the point you made which is your belief that essentially all men seek to make others suffer. It’s really a ridiculous belief to have and it ignores reality. Most men do not seek out the suffering of others for their own pleasure. That just utterly ridiculous.

        3. Get your stats and your reasoning right before you blame men for all of the world’s problems, shallowfeeling64. Women are behind every war because women project their shadow side onto men and through men, domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse are committed by women at or above near parity with men, women do 80% of the shopping and with it the bulk of the environmental destruction, female sexual harassment is common everywhere in the West but we don’t even notice it due to sexually correct double standards, most of the child soldiers murdered are boys but women care only about the vanishingly few girls who are murdered by same killers. The real question is when will women stop being little shits and start to treat men boys with the same respects they whine about so endlessly. Maybe if men and boys got some respect, if women and girls shared male disposability equally, and if gynocentrism and feminist bigotry were banished from civilized societies, women would get respect as deserving people who have EARNED same.

        4. deepthought64 said

          “those Trump boys killing endangered species”

          Are you referring to when they killed the Triceratops while on Safari.


        5. Men are gonna continue suing accusers in court and we’re going to continue forcing bitches to admit to their crimes against men or commit suicide. We”ll enjoy it too. Faggot. Piece of shit. Pussy.

        6. To those who sought to insult and deliberately distort what I’ve said or will say, I have this rejoinder.

          “You shall know them by the company they keep”

          or, in this case,

          By the Likes they get and from whom.

    2. For all the speed readers out there, one word – “No.” – read it with speed,
      “No.” – learn it with speed,
      and “No.” – hear it with speed.

      And if your brain is feeling extra spunky, here’s two words – “Not anymore.”

    3. Mike, maybe if you didn’t “speed read” you would have seen the part where I linked to four different stories of men murdering because they felt they couldn’t control a woman. And there are thousands more stories just like that. And maybe you missed the part where I talked about sexual assault and rape and domestic violence? I’m assuming you did since your comment here seems to disregard the inherent danger of being a woman in this world. Maybe all that “whiny” talk of how it really really sucks to see men abuse and control and rape and kill women is offensive to you? I dunno. I can gather from your string of standard, rote, MRA handbook insults that maybe you’re offended. I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings that I put forth my thoughts on why and how and what we can maybe do about it. Or maybe you’re threatened by my platform? Again, I can’t read your mind, but I do thank you for proving the point of my post. (And FYI, it’s bad form to drop a link to your own blog in the comments, though I understand you wanting my 8000 followers to click on your “Pay Me” button.)

      1. Women murder men because they feel they can’t control them. It’s not exclusively a male thing. You also ignore that it’s actually a tiny minority of males who do this. It’s whiny because you use unfortunate incidents like those to further your baseless anti-male ideology. You think men are against you. You think females are hard done by. Even though there is no more privileged demographic in the world than Western females.

        1. mathsisshite

          Do let me correct your misogynistic analysis. The fact that SOME women behave badly, (possibly due to having masculine-wired brains – you DO know that male and female brains are wired differently, I suppose? And that they are NOT gender specific? Huh?) in no way equates to the hundreds of thousands of years of male oppression of women.

          Indeed, the very fact that a woman behaves like a man is enough to get global press coverage and our History books record the exceptional occasions when women have done so almost with a sense of shock/horror that a WOMAN could DO such things.

          Whereas the commonplace nature of male brutality, venality, and sheer wickedness is so mundane and ubiquitous as to not even warrant a mention unless the horror is SO extreme that it cannot be ignored.

          I witnessed first-hand the cowardly brutality of my step-father towards my mother and whilst she was no angel she did not deserve to be treated like a pinyada. As a therapist I have seen BOTH sides of the story and acknowledge that women are capable of aggression and violence. However, it is usually after they have been so ground down that they believe it is their only way out. Even imprisonment is a better option for them.

          So as a Man I say the History of MANkind is one of seizing power, wielding power and abusing power for personal gain and pleasure. Men, alone of virtually ALL creation, (with a few notable exceptions) have the need and hunger to obtain pleasure from the suffering of others. They do it on a vast scale and with no sense of empathy. From the Hordes of Genghis Khan to the barbarity of ISIS, from the sadism of the Spanish Inquisition to the burning of witches at the stake, from the genocide of the Nazis to the Genocide of White colonialists, it is predominately MEN who are responsible.

        2. ‘A tiny minority of males’ is not historically or statistically accurate. It ignores systemic and culturally ingrained patterns of violence and suppression. Your comment about privilege is particularly ludicrous when one considers the demographics of those who lead governments, companies, churches and almost any other institution you can think of. “It’s whiny because…” is not an argument, it’s insulting, abusive behaviour framed as reason.

      2. Why don’t you try slow reading Camille Paglia’s Free Women Free Men before you babble more cancerous anti-male hysteria.

        1. Aren’t there ENOUGH anti-feminist, anti-humanity, anti-decency, anti-morality, anti-personal responsibility promoters in this world already?

        2. Amazing the number of posters on this thread who can’t or won’t make a substantive argument. If you want to cite Paglia, actually paraphrase an argument and then defend it, instead of giving us abusive words like ‘babble’ and ‘cancerous.’ Hyperbole is not reason.

        3. Actually, there are not nearly enough anti-feminist, anti-misandrist, pro-humanity, decent, moral, and pro personal responsibility promoters in this world already but Paglia is one.

      3. You’re a fucking whore and deserve every bad thing that happens to you much like other women. Shoot yourself in the face.

    4. The definition of feminism is simply “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” The psychologically healthy people I know fully embrace feminism; they believe in equal rights for both men and women. Your comments indicate a psychologically unhealthy man who comes off as a bully and a troll.

      1. That’s the dictionary definition, not what it is in practice. Nothing in this blog entry is anything to do with equality. It’s just one big moan and a list of baseless claims.

        1. Again, no examples made, just absolutes (“nothing in this blog entry.”) As if violence against women wasn’t still a problem in North America, in the UK, in Europe, in anywhere else you’d care to name. “Not what is in practice”, as if you were telling us about your real-world encounters with men and women who called themselves feminists; as if you were taking the time to disagree with any part of this article rationally.

        2. Violence, rape, and child abuse by women of both men and women are huge problems that feminists viciously attack people for acknowledging.

        3. Expressing frustration about many of the things many women experience is not somehow anti-equality. Nothing in this post was about reducing equality between men and women. The claims were not baseless, though it’s too bad that many people chose to see women sharing personal experiences and statistics as whining. A person can complain about the experiences they have dealt with and still be against bad things happening to men, and be against anti-equality.

          1. Absolutely! I really don’t get the whole idea that wanting equality and safety for ALL humans regardless of sex, race, orientation, religion and all the rest means that somehow males will have it worse.

        1. They don’t. They fight for equality for men and women. I’m sorry a few extremes have tainted your perspective.

      2. No problem with what that definition is.
        But that’s not what 3rd Wave Feminism (or this article is).

    5. Lord, spare us from entitled little manbabies like Mike. I wish it was rare to see this level of stupidity online, but the smaller the mind, the louder the voice. I hope that one day you grow up enough to be loved by an actual woman, dude. One who’s not your mommy, I mean.

      1. Witless white knight strikes again at one of the bravest men on the planet. Ever see how Mike Buchanan wipes the floor with feminists even when he is outnumbered 3-1 on TV channels run by these stupid sociopathic bigots. As with most feminists, you are blind to irony with your ‘the smaller the mind, the louder the voice’ slime tactic.

        1. This is just abusive ranting, not argument; it is always instructive to see how soon someone reaches for dehumanizing terms (‘slime’), or misused words that attack another demographic entirely (‘sociopath’).

        2. There’s no arguing with feminists or with their favorite manginas because vaginas/manginas are incapable of argument. That why ‘feminism is cancer’ is the only ‘argument’ that really works. Merciless mockery of stupid sociopaths who refuse to respect reason and/or evidence is hugely effective in terms of pushing them even farther to the fringes of society.

      2. Shoot yourself in the face whore. Bitches like you are going to beg that men stop suing them in court. Cry baby cry. Stupid fucking “victims.”

        1. You conclusively prove why Male Fertility is in decline. Mother Nature has decided you are surplus to requirements and is weeding you out. Not before time and not fast enough, unfortunately.

      3. I’m not sure even his mother could love him. All the worst characteristics of men wrapped up in one very untidy, unprepossessing and distinctly unattractive bag of bolts.

    6. Mike, that “me, me, me” you mock represents more than half the Earth’s population, so you can’t call it narcissistic. And psychologically healthy people are not threatened by others’ opinions. Indeed, they embrace them. Your disrespect, disdain, and utter dismissal of someone else’s opinion because it doesn’t match yours would imply that you are the psychologically unhealthy person in this discussion. Shame on you.

    7. You’re the asshole dudebro she’s talking about. Don’t be that dude, be a man and grow the hell up. Treat women with respect, and value their contributions. Don’t do a TL:DR on this. Because YOU are the reason articles like this exist.

      1. Woman deserves very little respect before She sends the gendered bigots who purport to speak for Her packing. To value Her contributions they have to be a lot more useful than are Paglia’s grass huts.

      1. Lewis’ Law is a logical fallacy. I can prove it:

        Misogynist: All women are c*nts and they should all be killed
        Interlocutor: That is ridiculous and barbaric, what a ridiculous thing to say, misogynist.
        Misogynist: Your response to female genocide proves just how much female genocide is needed.

        Given that every feminist I’ve encountered either uses this logical fallacy or believes in it, proves that feminists are exceptionally unintelligent and illogical.

    8. Mike Buchanan

      “I have only speed-read your piece, life’s too short to do more than that. It was enough. More than enough.”

      And therein lies the truth of male hubris, arrogance and stupidity.

      “Why would I want to learn what another person feels or thinks when MY thoughts and feelings are all that matters?”

      “Why would I spend time trying to get to know the lives that others experience when MINE is so much more important?”

      “Why would I care enough about any one else to peek into their mind and maybe discover something that I never knew when MY mind is so much more enticing?”

      Well Mike, here is MY question for YOU.

      Why, on God’s Green Earth would I waste MY time, intellect, empathy, intelligence and quest for knowledge visiting YOUR page when ALL you are, everything that can be known about you, the sum and totality of who and what you are is summed up in that one sentence?

      1. Honestly, after perusing your site and reading this column about Male culpability, I had to ask you some questions. When were you diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia? What is confusing about your assertion on men is that for the past fifty years Feminists have been saying there’s no difference between men and women. Apparently, you believe there is. Also, you don’t seem to be aware that women are much more aggressive than men. The stats don’t reflect the actual numbers because most men are embarrassed to admit they were abused by a woman, so it goes unreported. Professor Jordan Peterson Ph.D. has a book on the subject. If women were of equal size and strength they would beat the hell out of men. Your men think they are entitled to women is absurd. You talk about the loser who keeps bugging a girl to go out when she isn’t interested, he’s just a plain rude dumbass but he might have gotten this way partially because of how women have treated him in the past. Our personality is primarily developed by the time we’re seven or eight given no life-altering event occurs later. When a male child is raised in uncertainty, with no father, reared mostly by strong domineering Females, he will end up with low self-esteem, he’ll suffer from broken marriages and bad relationships his entire life. It’s the inferiority complex to women that sometimes compels the man to lash out, especially in self-defense. This usually ends badly because the strength advantage is greater than he thinks and he’ll end up hurting her or killing her. Because historically men have been the ones to go off to war, to work the dangerous jobs, workaholics who are working ninety hours per week and leaves the daily decision making to the wife. We live in a true Matriarchial Society rather than a Patriarchial Society as claimed by those on the left.

    9. Well I read the entire thing and you are, of course, correct. Let me quote:
      “…The place where hard-up guys and their precocious desires go to die.”
      A human being, dying, and she writes it so casually, as if discussing a leaf falling off a tree. So I have to wonder exactly who it is that’s being treated as an object. And I have to wonder if that guy in the bar were wearing a couple thousand dollars worth of clothes and jewelry whether he would be rebuffed so quickly.
      Finally I have to note that the damseling in this article is about as far away from “I am woman, hear me roar” as one can get without physically tying oneself to a railroad track and hoping Dudley Do-right comes wandering by.

      TL;DR Me, me, me, me, me, me.

      1. Head-scratching how this guy begins inferring content that is in no way part of the article. Let’s look at the corollary of his remarks: women will be attracted to men with money regardless; women will need to be rescued sooner or later (because other men have tied them up, I guess, based on his Dudley reference… kind of a veiled threat if you’d ask me). The phrase “your princess is in another castle comes to mind.” If you don’t catch the reference, please do look it up.

        1. You don’t read very well, do you? “…without physically tying oneself to a railroad track …”
          Now let’s try this again, how would they have become tied to the railroad track? It’s a puzzler, but I think you may get it in time.

    10. Your comment pretty much demonstrates that you, Mike Buchanan, are narcissistic, delusional, misogynistic, angry, miserable, and whiny.

  2. Well this appeared in my email for some bizarre reason. I hate misandrists telling me what i think and how I behave. I also get annoyed at the irony of misandrists complaining about X whilst in the process of doing exactly the same themselves. Gretchen Kelly also has bizarre irony also when she states that only old and/or fat men cannot look at pretty girls but it’s OK for hot guys to ogle and leer. How DID this end up in my email anyway???

    1. It was probably Jesus who put it in your inbox. OR you, at one point in time, read an article that you enjoyed and hit the “subscribe by email” tab because last I checked, blogs can’t just appear in your inbox without your having asked for it to be there. I mean, without Jesus of course.

          1. “You’re amazing.”

            “No, you are.”

            Female-induced infantilization of other woman in a nutshell. It’s little wonder so many women (and most feminists) are Entitlement Princesses and Special Snowflakes.

          2. Your name calling is quite a well thought out and mature comment. Are you a little afraid that of a couple of women who support each other instead of tearing each other to shreds? I can understand how that can intimidate your masculinity and entitlement. Did I just use your word? I did, and I managed to do it without calling you a name. Taking notes yet?

        1. This is why women stay so stupid, why Women’s Studies is an asinine abomination, and why attacking feminists is like shooting fish in a barrel.

          1. No need to attack anti-feminists. They are killing themselves AND preventing themselves from breeding by their greed, obesity, chemical poisoning of their nutrition and environment, inability to empathise or attain self-consciousness. All GOOD men need to do is stand and WATCH as Nature weeds out the failures and streamlines the Human Race. Sadly, thanks to Men it is all too late. We are now entering the 6th Extinction Event on Planet Earth and there won’t BE any men OR women in a hundred or so years. Thanks guys for your efforts to destroy Humanity. The Ants are very happy.

  3. Gretchen,
    I’m so moved by this piece. It’s powerful and painful and uncomfortable. So many of us know just what you mean and speaking about it allows us a chance to stand together. Thank you for using your voice to articulate this truth.
    – Faith

      1. mathsisshite

        Are you sure your brains, humanity, compassion and intelligence didn’t get flushed down the pan at the same time? I’m guessing they’d been flushed down the lavvie years ago. Just the empty shell left to clutter up the world, now.

        1. That turd had more reasoning capabilities than the author of this piece and her army of arselickers. I’ll reiterate for posterity. My turd is cleverer than feminists.

    1. You mean her lies correct?
      “Even most women who do not actively promote feminism are happy to stand by and watch the male gender get crushed, knowing that even by non-participation, they will ride the coattails of the feminist cause.”

      1. I have a potential answer to the problem/s created by and perpetuated by Misogynistic, infantile and intellectually challenged whining little boys like you and Mike and Anti-Feminist and Peter and cowardly Male Anonymous ( I exclude female anonymous because women tend to be targeted by Internet Trolls and she has enough of that in the real world) and Arthur Fischel and ALL the other miserable excuses for male identity that think being a shit is clever.

        The UN should set up an organisation that carries out compulsory (but perhaps reversible) gender re-orientation surgery for ALL Misogynists, Rapists, Sex-Traffickers and Man-babies and compel them to live one year as a woman. Given that most of them would be as ugly as sin, I reckon 80% would commit suicide in the first 3 months. and perhaps some of the rest would have qualified as human beings and be allowed to rejoin their brothers.

        This would have the side benefits of reducing over-population, cutting greenhouse emissions, improving the overall quality of the gene-pool, reducing war and conflict and liberating women to get on with saving the planet.


        Well, I can dream can’t I?

      2. mathsisshite

        Such a waste of enzymes and elements, shame you’ll never discover the joy and satisfaction of being a REAL MAN with self-esteem and worthwhile qualities and a future worth living.

  4. This is a summary of what I took away:

    Gretchen: All men are the problem.

    Mike’s reply: All women, especially feminists are the problem.

    OK, now that we have that established. How does Gretchen Kelly’s post and Mike Buchanan’s reply get us to the table to discuss the problem? How do we (men and women) get to resolving the very real problems on both sides of this fence when taking shots at each other?

    This appears to be more of the same — Much like Trump haters vs Trump supporters. With that kind of absolutist back and forth, there is no middle ground.

    Don Jensen

    1. Don, I assure you I don’t think all men are the problem. This is an appeal to men and women to see what we are all absorbing and how it affects all of us. This damages boys and men too. I advocate for feminism and equality because of the harm that sexism brings to ALL of us. I have amazing men in my life and always have through my life. I have written about how boys and men are affected and why this is about them too.

      1. I’ve heard it all, Gretchen. From experience, it’s all empty rhetoric. I’ve lost track of the number of times women have told me to stop whining about the fact I had my genitals mutilated. “It looks better and it’s cleaner!” don’t you know. Then they’ll rant about how FGM is barbaric and male on female oppression. The double standards of feminists and even many non-feminist women can be observed daily.

        1. That’s a false equivalency. Removing your foreskin does not interfere with your pleasure. More importantly, it is not a procedure invented by women. Men decided that boys need to be circumcised as a covenant with god. I’m sorry you didn’t want it done, but you cannot compare it to girls having their clitoris removed or their labia sewed shut for the sole purpose of removing their ability to feel sexual pleasure. They are not even in the same universe.

        2. oh myyyy godddd. You are comparing a procedure done to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of STD’s even IF conceived by stupid old religiously fanatical MEN to the barbaric and sometimes fatal mutilation of little girls for the sole purpose of enhancing male control over them? Really? You want to go there?

          You big cry-baby.

        3. @Brynne Chandler Reaves”

          That’s a false equivalency.”

          Person A cuts erogenous tissue from a male child without medical indication and without consent.
          Person B cuts erogenous tissue from a female child without medical indication and without consent.

          “Removing your foreskin does not interfere with your pleasure.”

          No, that’s what you assume to be the case. In fact, all erogenous nerves are in the male foreskin (prepuce). The male glans is non-erogenous. Histological analysis has proven this. My experience as a teenager backs the hard science up. If you claim cutting proven erogenous tissue from a male doesn’t interfere with sexual pleasure, then by logical extension, you don’t believe FGM interferes with sexual pleasure.

          “More importantly, it is not a procedure invented by women”

          I agree it’s likely it was invented by a man or men. But this man or those men would have been a tiny minority. Who knows, it COULD have been a woman. Nobody knows. We don’t have that information. So it’s not helpful to make assumptions. I could say FGM was likely invented by a woman and given the fact most if not all FGM is conducted by woman on girls and other women, it has as much validity as you saying MGM was invented by men.

          “but you cannot compare it to girls having their clitoris removed or their labia sewed shut for the sole purpose of removing their ability to feel sexual pleasure. They are not even in the same universe.”

          Sure I can. I have zero sexual pleasure now because all sexual pleasure for a male comes from his foreskin. This has been proven via histological analysis. You only thing MGM (or “circumcision”) is acceptable or relatively harmless because YOUR culture practices it. The same reason most people in FGM cultures (which also practice MGM) see MGM and FGM as harmless. Where is the scientific evidence FGM is worse in terms of sensory loss than MGM? You’re parroting baseless folk theories.

        4. @deepthought64

          ” You are comparing a procedure done to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of STD’s even IF conceived by stupid old religiously fanatical MEN to the barbaric and sometimes fatal mutilation of little girls for the sole purpose of enhancing male control over them? Really? You want to go there?

          You big cry-baby.”

          1) It’s an assumption it was invented by men. We do not know with 100% certitude. Truth is important. I personally think you might be right, but we can never know. And even if it was men, it was a tiny minority of men. Female circumcision may have been invented by women, given that it’s almost exclusively a female on female practice.

          2) Circumcision does not improve hygiene. Hygiene is personal cleanliness. I am clean. I have soap and running water. Two men who bathe every day, one who’s mutilated and one who’s intact, are as clean as each other. It does not reduce STD risk. You’re referring to 3 fraudulent, methodologically flawed studies by pro-circumcision fanatics which were used to push the post hoc rationalisation of it lowering HIV risk. Epidemiological data does not back the claim up, quite the opposite. And many many doctors across the world disagree with this theory.

          Your STD claim is a red herring also. It’s of no relevance here. The point I was making was about the fact boys have their sole erogenous organs (the foreskin) chopped off without medical indication and have to spend the rest of their lives with ED and little to zero sexual pleasure. Hencee why viagra sales are almost exclusive to the USA, Israel and rich Arab nations. Babies and toddlers do not have sex. It’s a fact that cutting off the glans clitoris from every baby girls for prophylactic purposes, i.e. prevention of clitoral cancer, will stop glans clitoral cancer. Do you support that? Of course not. Would you call any of them who complained cry babies? Of course not. Because you apply different standards to males and females. You feminists WHINE about equality, saying we MUST all be treated equally, that men MUST express their feelings and talk about their problems, yet when push comes to shove, throw men and boys under the bus, tell them to man up and promote chivalry. Hypocrite.

          “to the barbaric and sometimes fatal mutilation of little girls ”

          As opposed to the barbaric and sometimes fatal utilation of boys” (thousands upon thousands more males die from genital mutilation worldwide than females as it’s 10 times more common and ost of it is also done in third world conditions.)

          “for the sole purpose of enhancing male control over them? ”

          And yet it’s almost exclusively if not exclusively a female on female cycle of abuse. Men don’t get involved. In fact, men tend to oppose it. And all the post hoc rationalisations for conducting FGM are exactly the same as why YOUR culture conducts MGM on boys, e.g. hygiene, aesthetics, disease reduction, and a whole host of others. Some women justify it by saying men won’t want to sleep with them if they don’t have it done, exactly how mothers and fathers cut off their sons’ foreskins because ‘women might not want to sleep with them otherwise’.

          None of this education will get through to you because you hate men. All you care about is promoting the lie that women are always oppressed and men never are, that men and boys never have it worse than women and girls. There isn’t a rational, coherent, reasoned argument from a feminist on this page. There never is.

      2. Feminism is NOT equality. Feminism is cancer. Boys and men are affected by this hysterical hate movement which about filthy female supremacist cloaked in puritanical victimhood.

        1. This is not an argument, this is just vitriol. I respectfully suggest changing your name from ‘anti-feminist’ (kind of obvious) to something more elevated and sympathetic, like ‘narcissistic injury survivor.’

        2. There’s nothing more elevated than ‘anti-feminist’ because anti-feminism the antidote to low down feminist evil.

        3. Luna, you are named well. Calling feminism a hysterical hate movement is most definitely an argument…and one which is amply supported by the nature of the evil ideology and it’s ugly applications. I suggest you argue the opposite but do plan on providing some solid (non-feminist) scholarship to prove your points or you’ll be seen as a complete luna-tic.

        4. Hi! Feminism is equality. I know you don’t think so, which is really too bad! It’s pretty sad to see men like you–men who make life harder for other men. I hope someday you can come to understand that true feminism is not misandry, and that feminism helps men, too. That’s one of the many things that’s so great about it. It allows men to not have as much pressure live under some outdated idea of masculinity–they can be free to feel however is right for them without being judged for it. That can cover a huge range of behaviors. Men should be allowed to express a full range of emotions. Men can be great fathers. Men can be raped, and that’s a terrible crime that needs to be stopped just as much as rape against women. Men can be abused, and again, that is a terrible crime that needs to be stopped just as much as abuse against women. Feminism supports men living good solid lives, with more freedom and opportunity than they now have access to. Equality for men and women gives both men and women more possibility. That’s what true feminism is. I really think people like you make things harder–not only for women, but other men too. So I’m sorry to see your posts, for the men who read them that you may hurt.

    2. Of all the comments here, yours probably gets the closest to the truth. The original post focuses on gender to the exclusion of all other factors and the negative comments flip the table but still focus on gender to the exclusion of all other factors. Lip service is paid to the concept that not all are like this or don’t do these horrendous things, but the message is clear as you say. The lip service doesn’t change the underlying themes. Men are the problem. No women are the problem. And we are no nearer to a rational dialogue because we can’t escape the generalization we depend upon to live in our individual worlds.

      1. kingmidget

        Maybe because it’s a fact that MEN ARE the problem. Which one of these statement is NOT true? With evidence to back up your assertion please.

        99.99999% of Wars are started by MEN
        99.99999% of Sexual Assaults are committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Rapes are committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Planetary Destruction is caused by MEN.
        99.99999% of Environmental Pollution is created by MEN.
        99.99999% of Child Trafficking is committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Sexual Harassment is committed by MEN.
        99.99999% of Child Soldiers are perverted by MEN.
        What part of Men being the PROBLEM don’t these people GET?

        How many of the world’s religions were founded by women?
        How many women RUN the world’s religions?
        How many women were allowed to gain an education beyond kindergarten up to the end of WWII?
        Despite the lack of formal education how many women defied male control and made major if not ground-breaking contributions to science and yet were refused permission to publish under their own name?
        How many women were primarily responsible for the code-breaking at Bletchley Park and the logistical planning for the Moon Landings yet were denied acknowledgement or recognition until this current decade? Even threatened with prison if they talked about it?
        How many women daily are raped, sexually assaulted and murdered in the Indian Sub-continent and Africa and USA and Europe but never even reported?
        How many column FEET do men get when THEY are a victim of female violence?

        I ask, as a MAN sick to death of the whingeing and whining of man-babies who have neither the willingness nor capacity to grow up.

        1. Embarrassing. Your ignorance is breathtaking. I suggest you change your tag to shallowthought. I’m prepared to spend time contradicting one of your absurd stats. The truth about domestic violence – women are as physically aggressive towards opposite-sex intimate partners as men, or more physically aggressive (link below). This has been known for a great many years.

          1. Out of ALL the proven examples of MEN’S inhumanity you picked ONE in which some women sometimes give back to some men what ALL women ALL the time experience globally from almost ALL Men, whether by conscious actions and disrespect like you or the culturally promoted and absorbed automatic assumption of Male superiority.. Your suggestion of shallow thought would be better applied to yourself. The depth of your intellect can be measured in nanometres.

        2. Allow me the opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Mark. I’m 52. I’m a lifelong Democrat, liberal, progressive resident of one of the bluest states in the country. I have voted for one Republican in my lifetime — and that was back in the 1980s when I was feeling my way in this grand experiment called American democracy.

          I’m a firm believer in same sex marriage. Why? It’s not because those who want to marry are gay or lesbian or something else. It’s because they are human beings and deserve the same opportunities and rights as everybody else.

          I’m a firm believer in equal rights. Why? Because human beings deserve the same opportunities and rights.

          It’s rather a simple construct when you really want to think about.

          What I find fascinating is that the “oppressed” insist that while gender and race and religion and whatever else isn’t supposed to matter, they never fail to focus on the gender, race, religion and whatever else about both themselves and their oppressor.

          Interesting thing … as a young 20-something, I was the victim of domestic violence. By a woman. Interesting thing, as a young 20-something working in an office, I was the victim of sexual harassment. By a woman. Yet, somehow I’m able to recognize that not all women act that way and that all women aren’t responsible for that having happened to me.

          I ask this as a MAN who wonders when those who believe we are not supposed to focus on race and gender and religion and whatever will actually stop focusing on those things.

        3. Maybe because it’s a fact that MEN ARE the problem. Which one of these statement is NOT true? With evidence to back up your assertion please.

          99.99999% of Wars are started by MEN
          99.99999% of Sexual Assaults are committed by MEN.
          99.99999% of Rapes are committed by MEN.
          99.99999% of Planetary Destruction is caused by MEN.
          99.99999% of Environmental Pollution is created by MEN.
          99.99999% of Child Trafficking is committed by MEN.
          99.99999% of Sexual Harassment is committed by MEN.
          99.99999% of Child Soldiers are perverted by MEN.

          Actually, these claims could use citations, but straight off the top of my head, Victoria Nuland in Ukraine and Hillary Clinton in Libya immediately come to mind. If you define rape and sexual assault to include forced envelopment and made to penetrate, the numbers are very close to 50/50. Planetary destruction and Environmental pollution are a complete crock. The whole environmental movement was concocted by corporate NGO’s to regulate smaller competitors out of business and concentrate wealth. I’ve seen research that sex trafficking is committed just as much by women as men. In fact the women can be crueler to female victims than the men are. Women sexually harass men just as often as men harass women, it’s only frowned upon when men do it, and men are so conditioned into accepting the abuse they don’t even react. If that sounds implausible, go watch a particular scene out of ’16 Candles’ with Molly Ringwald. The scene where granny comes to visit and decides to check out the breasts of Molly’s character. As for child soldiers, boys and men are forced to fight, more often than not women are exempted from the ‘male privilege’ of combat.

        4. By the way, I never responded to your comment loaded with statistics asking me which ones weren’t true. I’d likely say that virtually every one of them is false because you took all of them just a bit too far past the decimal point.

          But let’s just take one as an example … 99.99999% of environmental pollution is created by MEN. Well, maybe you’re right because woMEN drive just as much as men do, consume just as many products that contribute to environmental degradation as men do. So, this is likely true, because there is a small amount of environmental pollution caused by the methane of cows and their never-ending farts and poops. So, yes MEN and woMEN create 99.99999% of the environmental pollution in this world.

  5. Tired, trite and shockingly lacking in intellectual or philosophical enquiry. Yawn. Enjoy the collection of cats you’ll undoubtedly acquire as you ripen fully into your damaged resentment​ of what right-thinking people typically refer to as ‘normal sexual relations’. I’d be amazingly curious as to what actually WOULD be an acceptable approach from a man when expressing interest in a woman. Since women almost universally refuse to make the first move in any intersexual interaction, perhaps you’d prefer a formal letter of introduction? A contract? A letter of intent? Sounds sizzling. Perhaps instead you’d rather the human species just died out, each of us wallowing in a sexless, joyless pit of isolation and despair.

    1. Wow, way to take it to the edge. How hard it must be for you to always be making advances on women because they just won’t make a move on you. What the hell is even wrong with us? Maybe we don’t want to make an advance? No. That couldn’t possibly be it. We’re all just waiting for someone to come along and take us sexually. NOPE. What she’s saying is simple: If we’re not interested, we’re not interested. We’re not waiting around for anything. We know what we want, and it’s not for you to meddle with. You know, we have autonomy. And comments like yours and the other men here belittling her and crying foul prove her point. We aren’t saying men are evil, we’re saying that women have just as much right to live our lives without worry that we’re going to be shutdown, pushed aside, assaulted, dismissed, or legislated simply because we have a goddamn vagina.

      1. Your’e denying female psychology too. Women play hard to get all time. Are you denying the reality that sometimes men have to work at it? Courtship and seduction doesn’t involve a consent form and it would be a boring, sterile world if it did.

      2. ” we’re saying that women have just as much right to live our lives without worry that we’re going to be shutdown, pushed aside, assaulted, dismissed”

        Nobody has the right not to worry. If you’re walking around constantly worrying, that’s your problem, not mens’. By your logic, I should be given a million pounds so that I don’t have to worry about my personal finances. This feminist attitude is utterly irrational. Take some responsibility, woman. The world doesn’t have to tip toe around your anxieties. As a man, I’m far more at risk of being murdered walking down a dark street. I don’t write stupid blogs lecturing women they must make me feel safe.

        GET A GRIP.

        1. Great points. Of course we know a defining characteristic of most feminists is that they’ve never properly made the transition from children to adults, so they’re ridiculously anxious dysfunctional as adults, demanding that someone, somewhere, removes all the risks they might encounter. The state, usually, which of course is largely financed by male taxpayers. For feminists it’s usually the substitute for the fathers they’ve lacked, often because their vindictive mothers denied them access, and then poisoned their minds with parental alienation, so they’re set up to be anti-male for life. Feminist job done.

      3. You are shutdown, mocked, ridiculed, and dismissed because you ARE your goddamn vaginas and because you even love to wear your vaginas on your heads as symbolic replacements for same. You have been so horribly indoctrinated by vile Vagina MONO-logue C*nts that it will be decades before you become the least bit desirable again….and since sexual desirability is the primary coin of your realm…you’ll never really be powerful before you restore your sexual attractiveness.

        1. If you have to use obscenity, maybe you should take this as an indicator that you’ve crossed a line. If you think you can comment on the desirability of someone you’ve never met, maybe you’ve crossed another. If you think phrases like ‘sexual desirability is the primary coin of your realm’ appear as reason rather than vicious, reductive, bullying belligerence, then maybe a long walk is in order.

        2. I’m using the very obscenity that feminists use so proudly so maybe you should take that as an indicator that your favorite bigots have crossed a line. I can easily comment on the lack of desirability of a feminist woman without having ever met her because ‘cancer’ carriers are never desirable nothwithstanding their other forms of erotic capital. Sexuality IS the primary coin of the female realm because most women cannot or will not compete with men for the primary coin of the male realm…that is status.

    2. James, we’d just prefer that y’all grow up. No one said that women don’t like to be approached. All we’re asking that you not be a dick about it when we say “no”. Why is that so hard to understand?

      1. Actually yes, or do I have to remind you of the 10hours walking on newyork video?
        Actually both of those.

        Reality is, men don’t like to approach as much as women don’t, and because of this I don’t approach and a discovered that making yourself seem available includes drawing attention to yourself, which includes drawing negative attention to yourself.
        So I understand some women will cross the line. (and my line is draw way further than yours, grabbing my butt is not crossing the line, pinching my nipples isn’t crossing the line, even a single forced kiss isn’t crossing the line though it will ruin your future chances.)
        That’s how a understand that if gay men are the horny dogs they paint themselves as, straight women are way more because I’m more likely to be sexually harassed by straight women than gay men on a venue mostly populated by gay men. Even if it’s 50/50 by sexuality and gender, like a club I loved to go (in the case you’d use the lack of straight men as an explanation) nothing changes.
        I’d still rather a straight woman crossing the line than a gay man hitting on me, because gay men beg and it’s pathetic and sad and a great demonstration of lack of self respect coming from a good person that should have self respect. Crossing the line is also a show on lack of self respect, but it’s hard to feel pity over someone being an asshole.
        (and no, it ain’t more pleasing when a woman is the one doing it. Be an asshole, just don’t beg. Doesn’t make me hate you, but sorta makes me hate humanity.)

    3. No, don’t you you know it’s the modern era? You have to make formal petition to her father to woo her. Feminists are the new Victorians.

    4. Maybe it would be nice if men and women didn’t have to feel like the man or the woman should have to do certain things. You say that women almost universally refuse to make the first move, which seems untrue to me, but isn’t that a problem? I don’t want that to be the case. Look, there are respectful ways of expressing interest in another person and disrespectful ways. It doesn’t matter their gender. Figure out what might be more respectful, and do that instead. I don’t think any one gender should be paying for dinner or initiating interest every time. Wouldn’t it be great to have things be more equal, so that all genders can just interact as human beings? That doesn’t mean erasing gender altogether, it just means changing expectations so that the approach to these things can be more equal. And there’s nothing about that requires anything sexless or joyless–seems rather the opposite to me! Better equality could definitely lead to more of both! Part of why feminism is a good idea–to help both men and women gain more equal footing with each other and enjoy more sex and joy, really.

      Pity you seem to think cats make people sexless or single. I’ve witnessed quite the opposite, but this seems an oddly specific ad hominem kind of insult to make to someone, and not in any way helpful to the overall conversation.

  6. While this is the inner workings of your mind, it’s not the inner workings of the average woman’s mind. You, like all feminists, fail to take female psychology–which is very different from male psychology–into account.

    The best way I can communciate to you how your analysis is flawed is to cite you an example from my younger years when I would go out to pubs and clubs at the weekend. I’ve been in situations with women where the woman in question would make it obivous she was attracted to me via body language but then played hard to get.

    In one case, the woman got into my taxi and came home with me, even though she had a boyfriend. I was actually way too drunk to do anything and, to be frank, she bored me. As I was preparing to go to sleep, she said, “I’m not going to have sex with you, Lawrence!” I replied, “Well that’s fine by me because I don’t want to have sex.” To which she replied, “Okay, I’ll sleep with you but as long as you don’t tell my boyfriend!”

    I shook my head and went to sleep. The next night, while out clubbing/pubbing again, my best friend told her friends what she’d done and said. She was outraged that I’d had the audacity to tell my best friend a funny story about a silly, disloyal and promicuous moron. She got hysterical hysterical and attacked me, ripping my shirt right down the back. Later that night I was in a nightclub and another woman came out of nowhere and put her hand down my trousers and grabbed my penis. I have other stories like this. It’s almost as if these women think they owned me, or maybe men in general.

    Just a little anecdote to show you how utterly mad women can be. I understand they’re irrational and I can live with it because I’m a biological determinist. What I can’t live with is people like you denying that women engage in these silly games and are actually straightforward, logical and rational people. They are not. And deep down, I suspect you know that.

    1. What a story, Lawrence. I especially enjoyed how you told it with such logic and rationality. Something to which the rest of us can aspire.

        1. Right or wrong is irrelevant here. Feminists think with their vaginas. There’s no changing the mind of a feminist vagina.

      1. I especially like everything physical about you, cuteness. It’s a shame your brain is utterly ruined via feminist lies. I don’t blame you, your’e a victim.

        1. And it’s SOOO bloody sad that men are governed by their gonads. If only men’s intellect and intelligence could match the size of their balls we might have solved 90% of the world’s problems by now. If only the testosterone-driven male had a fraction of the insight and intuition of women they might have made a better fist of their relationships, but they choose instead to make a fist round their members and sow their seed into tissues. All the while ogling porn and fantasizing about the ways they could use and abuse the women they hate. If a tiny portion of the imagination they put into thinking about how to harm or dominate their mothers, sisters, cousins and neighbours was applied to redressing the destruction they cause to our environment by their manic lust for power, wealth and property we might not be facing extinction. And before you say we are not just Google “Probability of Human Extinction”.

          So a woman changed her mind, well, I’m amazed. She played a little hard to get because all her life she’s been told that men don’t really want a woman who gives in too easily, that such women are sluts that you wouldn’t take home to mother. Pity men aren’t judged by such standards, shame they think that being a Jack The Lad is a badge of honour instead of proving how shallow and insecure they are.

          After countless millennia of repression, suppression and oppression women are finally seeing some redress of the balance of power. Men are finally being forced to accept responsibility for THEIR actions and they don’t like it. The Pussy-grabbers and self-appointed judges of the limits THEY place on Female independence and freedom are terrified of their loss of Supremacy. Because they know that once women attain their rightful place as the MAJORITY gender their power will have to be shared equally or they will lose it all. It’s pitiful and demeaning how men think so little of themselves that they can only justify their existence by the degree to which they deny the value of those who gave them life, changed their nappies and bandaged their bloody knees. You misogynistic and self-pitying man-babies cast shame on all men.

          Here is a thought for you to ponder. Those who put the blame for their life experiences on the shoulders of others also give them the power for their weaknesses and failures. Powerless to change the past and unable to grow into the future they remain stuck in the quagmire of their own making.

          Time to grow up and start asking yourselves, “what lesson can I take from that experience, how can use what I’ve learned to grow into a better, more self-actuating human being and stop blaming others for my own inadequacies?” It’s a shame so few of you will even ask the question let alone seek the answers.

      1. Feminist female entitlement absolutely trumps the huge numbers of men and boys being murdered, abused, and raped by women. Domestic violence, rape, and child abuse are gender blind crimes which women commit at or above parity with men but only women and girls are entitled to protection in today’s bigoted feminist age.

        1. Why does one kind of pain render another null and void? Why would you think that attacking someone else’s suffering diminishes your own?

      2. And when men and boys are abused and murdered, (at higher rates) is that male entitlement?

    2. Mike, James, and mathisshite–FUCK YOU. You are insufferable mansplainers that prove Gretchen’s point over and over and over again. I’m sure there are some women who are overly aggressive and “play hard to get” (whatever the fuck that means). As for the generalizations that women are unable to understand how this world works and we’re just a bunch of precious snowflakes, I suspect you’re just pissed because there’s a blizzard storming against the dismissive and incredibly misguided ideas you’re spouting off here. We’re not going to stop. We won’t be silent. Just as I suspect you won’t stop being asshats.

      1. You will be crushed unless you join your fascist sisters and ban free speech. That’s the only way you can win your war. We are pissed because you are so sociopathically stupid, so blatantly bigoted, and so proudly PC.

    3. You might be interested to know that in a earlier post Ms. Kelly expressed the view that the world would be a better place if boys were raised like girls. Or something like that. She clearly believes that the problem is with how boys are raised or with male psychology.

          1. No, only after they have proven their uselessness or criminality. BTW, you DID know that criminality is hugely influenced by genetic background, right? Hereditary factors identified.

            Fact – one male is capable of fathering millions of children in his lifetime. Ergo, fewer men could still maintain population requirements without the evil they inflict and the waste of resources they consume or the destruction they cause.

          2. By the way, didn’t you post a comment here a couple of weeks ago indicating that it was your last comment on this post. Why are you continuing to comment and demonstrating your self-hatred?

          3. I have no need to scroll through the hundreds of comments that are on this post and find your “reason.” I don’t believe in looking for needles in haystacks. All I know is that every time you respond to me, it’s typically at least a week later and I thought we’ve all moved on, but you apparently haven’t as you keep repeating the same unsubstantiated mantra. All men are rapists. All men are responsible for what other men do. So, again, how does it feel to be a rapist?

    4. mathsisshite

      You know as much about female psychology as I know about nuclear fusion. You base an entire relational argument on a few adolescent experiences that took place within a culture of promiscuity and lasciviousness. I was set upon by a gang of 5 girls at the age of nine who wanted to see what was in my trousers. It was a terrifying and humiliating experience but it did not give me the right to impose MY desires for a grope on all womankind. If a woman demanded that you perform a sexual act with her, regardless of your state of mind, physical well-being or capability you would rightly be aggrieved and even report at attempted assault. But men think that is a normal male prerogative and women should be pleased to receive their attentions. I wonder what you would say if you had a daughter who was subjected to YOUR kind of logic.

      But then again, given what you have posted here, I wouldn’t be surprised to find you’d trafficked her so you could afford a new Kawasaki.

      The lesson that is taught to girls from the moment they can walk is that they have to be Daddy’s Good Girl with ALL that that implies. The culture of submission, obedience, acquiescence and femininity that girls are conditioned by determines how they can relate to the world and the limits of their autonomy. I DID study child-development as part of my qualifying as a teacher and psychologist. You are right on one point. Male psychology IS different. It is largely juvenile, ego-centric, nurtured to believe in it being a “Man’s World” and utterly selfish. You are living proof of that.

      1. Deepthought … You stated “If a woman demanded that you perform a sexual act with her, regardless of your state of mind, physical well-being or capability you would rightly be aggrieved and even report at attempted assault. But men think that is a normal male prerogative ”

        So, in other words, you believe all men are rapists. Charming. Since you’ve acknowledged you’re a man, one must wonder …

        1. If rape is defined by violent and unwanted penetration then how many women do you know with the ever-present and ever-ready equipment to carry out such an assault. There ARE men on this planet who do NOT think that because they have an extension they are entitled to put it wherever and whenever they feel like, and such men are as appalled as I am at the arrogance and sociopathy of those that do think in terms of their entitlement, regardless of the harm it may cause.

          It is a fact, that unless one is a eunuch all men are capable of rape and by virtue of their strength, size and dominant position in society far too many men exercise that capability. Rape has been defined by the UN as a weapon of war and there are not that many women waging war on Planet Earth. Consider the actions of the Victors (to all intents and purposes MEN) of conflicts throughout history. Massacre the men, elderly women and smallest children, but keep the youngest and prettiest females as sex-slaves. So tell me again that men aren’t willing to be rapists if they can get away with it. I’ve counselled rape-victims, of both genders but the perpetrators were always male.

          And as to your petty slur, I took a vow of celibacy over 30 years ago and I haven’t broken it yet.

      2. By your logic, we all are murderers because we are all capable of it. You really should have stopped this discussion when you claimed you would a couple of weeks ago. You just demonstrate more and more how utterly foolish you are.

        Again, you may view it as a petty slur, but using your logic, the mere fact that you are capable of rape, makes you a rapist. Seriously, read the portion of your comment that I quoted. Men think it is a normal male prerogative to demand sex and receive it. No limitations on that. No attempt at anything other than a massive generalization that turns all men, including you, into a rapist. Your words. Not mine.

        1. Show evidence that they don’t. Evidence, not opinion based on male superiority.

          All humans are also capable of becoming brain surgeons – theoretically. Except they are not.

          1. Sir, these are your words … “If a woman demanded that you perform a sexual act with her, regardless of your state of mind, physical well-being or capability you would rightly be aggrieved and even report at attempted assault. But men think that is a normal male prerogative” There is no effort to reduce this to anything other than a massive generalization that covers all men. You apparently believe that all men believe they have a right to force unwanted sexual conduct on women. And when pressed to defend that statement you backtrack to a claim that all men are capable of rape. There’s nothing I need to provide. You’re opinion is disgusting and fundamentally wrong. Being capable of something does not make that something so for all who are capable of it. Like I said, using your logic, all humans are murderers because they are capable of murder.

            As a man, I no more believe it appropriate to force myself on a woman sexually than I believe it appropriate to murder somebody. Apparently, I don’t exist in your world.

          2. Sadly, far too many men who DO think that way AND act upon it ARE in my world and they get away with it because OTHER men won’t stand up and confront them. Whether out of fear or jealousy, I’m not sure, but unless and until men accept their joint responsibility for the evils inflicted on women and the world at large, your self-congratulatory approach just means more broken women and children.

            “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do or say nothing”

          3. Ah yes, because your experience is apparently limited to men who are animals, all men must be animals. Maybe you need to find a different class of people to hang out with. I know quite a few men who do not think it is their prerogative to force sex on women. That you apparently do not suggests something about you and your world view. If I became aware of male friend who thought that, he would no longer be a friend of mine. I have two young adult sons. Everything I’ve ever taught them in this area is about respecting women. But, nah, in your limited world view, I’m a monster and so are they. You really are disgusting.

          4. For all men to be rapists 100% of all men must have raped, we know this isnt true thus all men are rapists is wrong.
            If this is to hard to understand then just KYS

        2. What a ridiculous and untrue assertion. The whole point about the CAPACITY or CAPABILITY to do something and the WILLINGNESS or DESIRE to do it is the mark of an emotionally and psychologically well-balance and mature individual or a hormone-driven predator. I have NEVER ONCE said all men are anything. In fact I have gone out of my way to differentiate between what I think of as REAL Mature men and the feeble man-babies who have posted here.

          All humans are capable of many actions, positive and destructive, The difference lies between those who cannot think beyond their own selfishness or gratification and others who put the needs, feelings and wishes of others before their own. It’s the difference between Level 7 of Maslow’s Hierarchy and level 1. Or what it means to be a decent person and a vile one. We all have the potential for either, some of us CHOOSE to walk a path of growth and learning, others seem to act from atavism.

          1. Sorry, but you have made generalized statements that apply the worst characteristics to all men. But this debate is so old and meaningless I’m not going to waste my time going back and finding the numerous places in which you made those statements. Who knows, maybe you’ve deleted those comments or edited them in a way to make you look better now. Move on, sir

        3. I also wrote THIS:

          “There ARE men on this planet who do NOT think that because they have an extension they are entitled to put it wherever and whenever they feel like, and such men are as appalled as I am at the arrogance and sociopathy of those that do think in terms of their entitlement, regardless of the harm it may cause.”

          and THIS:

          “It is a fact, that unless one is a eunuch all men are capable of rape and by virtue of their strength, size and dominant position in society far too many men exercise that capability.”

          Those two statement are in no way incompatible, nor are they untrue.

          I will own to generalising the statement that “Men think it is a normal male prerogative to demand sex and receive it.” It is more accurately a dominant attitude but one that SOME men have come to terms with and discovered a better side to themselves. Then of course there are those who are asexual or just not interested in sex.

          Your assertion is invalid and manifestly unproven. I am glad that you have grown beyond the “average” male self-justified limits and developed into a better human. Your appreciation of logic however still requires work.

          1. Thank you including that last quote. I and the men I know, while being sexual and enjoying sex, do not believe it is our right to demand and receive sex. Maybe, as I’ve said before, this has more to do with the class of men you’ve been exposed to.

        4. I also said This:
          “Sadly, far too many men who DO think that way AND act upon it ARE in my world and they get away with it because OTHER men won’t stand up and confront them.”

          Note: not ALL, “too many”

          And This:
          As a MAN I am sick to death of hearing that Men are incapable of behaving with decency, respect to others, honesty and personal responsibility for their actions. They are not incapable, they just CHOOSE to behave like the monsters most of them are.

          Note; Not all but “most”

          Your citation:

          “In another comment you state this: “Men, alone of virtually ALL creation, (with a few notable exceptions) have the need and hunger to obtain pleasure from the suffering of others.”

          With a few notable exceptions? Seriously? By your equation, virtually all men seek and hunger for pleasure from the suffering of others. Feel free to back that up.”

          I gave no equation, the statement itself was the qualifying factor, “virtually ALL creation” implicitly denotes the five (or six) Kingdoms of Nature, only one gender of ONE of them has proven a desire and willingness to inflict pain or suffering for their own pleasure on a large scale. Be it destroying habitats for monetary gain, polluting the environment for personal enrichment, using others for personal gratification (Porn, Sex Clubs, Trafficking, Drug Running, Prostitution, Gun Manufacture, Sugar saturated drinks and foodstuffs, Tobacco, et al) or deep down and dirty torture, sadistic sexual practices (also practised by some women), enslavement (very few women have been slavers, slave-owners or traffickers), all predominately the purview of men because they intrinsically and historically have the power, influence and facility to do these things. Or maybe you think it was all done by female impersonators.

          Taking ONE ill-turned phrase out of context and in isolation from ALL the other caveats and qualifiers and verifiable historical realities from ALL my other posts does not undermine MY position nor does it make you clever.

          I called for evidence to contradict my arguments, all I got was opinion and justification. Not one of my posts has made the case that ALL men are anything or behave uniformly. Not ONE. I’ve checked.

          1. I wonder if there is a way to block you. Please refrain from continuing to reply to my comments on a conversation that was over months ago.

          2. That’s not the point at all. I have no interest in engaging in this dialogue in the sporadic fashion in which you apparently want to. The comments and concepts expressed here are months old. I have no interest in wading through the hundreds of comments here, many of them filled with vitriol an idiocy, to try to refresh my memory when you come on and decide you have more to say.

            As for your suggestion that I’m a student of Trump, or a follower of his, demonstrates the danger of misinformed assumptions. You really need to stop.

            I would love to have an effective, engaging debate with you on this. It’s somewhat difficult when you disappear for a few weeks. See above for my explanation for why I’m unwilling to do that.

          3. km, for some time now in this stream I’ve abided by the Golden Rule that nothing shallowthought contributes – inane witterings, one and all – can be of any possible value, so I don’t read her comments. Such a time saver!

          4. I left this conversation a long time ago. And every couple of weeks I get a buzz that he has replied to one of my comments. Not sure why he feels the need to continue rehashing this.

          5. km, what makes you think shallowthought is a man? To me (s)he seems like a cardboard cut-out stereotypical feminist woman – bitter, angry, ignorant, misandrous…

          6. I give credence to what people claim they are. I have no reason to believe he would lie. Now I’m going to ask you to refrain from sucking me into this as well. You and I have virtually nothing in common in terms of our views on these issues. Don’t confuse my disdain for his generalizations with agreement with yours.

          7. Well, kingmidget, I am pleased to see you have maintained your good taste and a sense of decency. I suspect our disagreement may have been based on a failure to communicate or a misunderstanding of perspective. Whatever, I don’t visit this site often, I find it cumbersome and rigid. I have more important things to do than blog or find my way round poorly designed web-sites. THIS is the reason my replies have been intermittent. Every now and again I receive a notification telling me someone has commented or responded to a post so I check it out. If I also see remarks made by others I respond, or not, depending on the content.

            For now, I have made my point about your analysis of my thesis and I hope settled the cause of your disquiet, I’ll reiterate, my beef is with the majority of men, not all. I know many good men who have heart, a moral compass and a respect for others. Sadly, as this stream showed, those like me are a minority, a growing one but still too few to counter the wave of male destructiveness and hubris now sweeping the planet. They WILL destroy us all if the tide of revolt is not sustained. This is my assessment not only from here but what I read from around the world. A tsunami of hate is sweeping over all nations and the rise of Right Wing bigotry, egocentrism and violent suppression of the voices of reason has infected every part of our home. Much like the President in your story.

            I speak as a former Conservative Official who reclaimed his soul. I hope I’m correct in surmising that you still have yours.

    5. I think women are human beings, and some human beings are rational and logical, and straightforward and some are not. This applies to both men and women. I don’t know any women, personally, who would behave in the way you described above. I think you have witnessed some things that make you think “all women are x” and that has colored your view of women. But many women are nothing like that. I hope you can come to understand that someday. I think you’ll have a harder time understanding the true variety of women that exist of you believe that they are all one way. I have never found that to be true. The idea of playing “hard to get” sounds deeply unappealing to me, and I can’t imagine ever wanting to act that way. I think sometimes some women are assumed to be doing that but actually are just still weighing a situation, and some may decide ultimately they don’t want to proceed, and others may decide they do. I think also some women get pressured into something they weren’t sure they wanted, and because they gave in they were assumed to be playing hard to get. But most women I know would never ever consider intentionally “leading someone on.” Sometimes culturally some women have been taught to be polite, and that can lead to some men thinking a woman is more interested than she actually is, because it’s hard to figure out the nicest politest way to express a lack of interest without being rude. So she’ll remain nice and neutral, and some men perceive a lack of a “no” as a “yes.” Some men think straight-spoken women are rude and bossy. Also, sometimes some women fear violence if they offer a strong rejection–some men can turn to insults quickly with even a polite “no” (certainly not all, though). But I think encouraging women to be straightforward and clear will make things better for everyone. And I think men should be open to hearing the “no’s” so that women can give them without fear. Everyone should just be respectful– no fears about leading people on, no anger over someone’s current lack of interest in engaging in something with you.

      By the way, cheating is cheating, no matter the gender, and unwanted sexual assault is terrible, no matter the gender.

    1. You really need Professor Janice Fiamengo (The Fiamengo Files) because she knows how to use her head for more than pretty decoration. Until you begin to listen to intelligent voices you won’t have a snowball’s hope in Hell of becoming truly powerful.

        1. +Mike Buchanan

          Re your failed ingratiating attempt to co-opt kingmidget in your campaign of misogyny and suppression of female emancipation, it has been noted by many that the expertise in inanity, irrelevance and infantile narcissism is strictly yours.

          I am a proud father of a beautiful, courageous, intelligent, ADULT woman, one who’s Life Experiences and compassion for all, even toads like you, makes your rantings sound like an infant screaming to have it’s nappy changed. The similarity between you and the spewing, mewling, defecating offspring of a Trump-Putin coupling is plain for all to see.

          Better you should found a movement to regulate bowels than spread the diarrhoea that emanates from your keyboard and mind.

  7. Gretchen,Could we have permission to republish your work on LA Progressive and Hollywood Progressive.Naturally, we’d properly credit and link the article.– Dick Price,

  8. Are you a lesbian, by any chance? I see you hate men and I see you’re utterly obsessed with homosexuals. I’m trying to find out if there’s a correlation.

    1. What exactly are you afraid of? As in, what if this is actually all true? Do you lose something admitting to that? Do you lose position? power? Does your ego rest on the shoulders of keeping women marginalized? Maybe you fear losing the benefits you reap from a system where arbitrary barriers and rules give you a leg up, just because you are a white guy – no. other. reason. You seem weak and you are complicit.
      Too bad you can’t be the man who listens to the narrative as told by the actual owner of the story.

      P.S. And lets be clear, women aren’t lesbians because they hate men, they are lesbians because they love women. A hard concept, but sometimes men just aren’t relevant.

      1. Men will always be relevant because without men women would still be living in grass huts or so says the brilliant bi-sexual Amazon feminist Camille Paglia. Many lesbians hate men because they are bigoted feminist lesbians but not all lesbians are feminists so not all lesbians hate men.

        1. I’m sorry, but the Camille Paglia’s a bit of a red flag for me. I’m delighted that you read, but broadly citing one rather easy to read pop intellectual (whose writing on women as ‘cthonic’ and ‘Dionysian’ is awfully purple) does not translate into some sort of credibility that supports mad grasps at straws like that grass huts remark. Is that the mouth you kiss your mother with?

        2. Glad Paglia is a red flag for you since you conflate a major intellectual force with the kind of PC intellectual hacks that inform the article above.

        3. And without women realising that stable and permanent dwellings, whether made of grass or sticks or stones by my chinny chin chin, would be safer and more defensible and productive than roaming the wilderness being all macho and getting killed by bigger predators MEN would still be sitting by camp-fires bragging about their hunting trophies. It was the gatherers of the Hunter/gatherer equation who realised that growing, harvesting and husbanding your own food was smarter than running around like chickens with no heads. Shame so few men were able to learn that lesson.Even today.

  9. The relationship problems expressed in this very long article, and on hundreds of other sites and blogs, will never be resolved by talking about them, “exposing” them or by women reacting negatively to men’s sexual appetites. Women have one big “problem” which I never see discussed: the very fact that to a normal male, a female body is, de facto, a sex object; a sex organ. Show any part of it and it screams “sex” to the average, normal male. Some males control this urge over time but most actually never do, they just “settle” for looking, dreaming, and talking among themselves. To understand the greater problem of misogyny you’d have to know, and I mean KNOW your ancient history, and how, and why, you (and I mean both genders) were made, designed and programmed. That however will never happen. It’s too much work, and the System certainly does all it can to discourage such research. The male/female conflict benefits the System and both play in it as if their very lives depended on it, as they often do. Bottom line, neither the females, nor the males, want a resolve: they just want to play the game. So play on. When you get tired of playing it, think compassion for each other. Then you’ll begin to get somewhere.

    1. “Women have one big “problem” which I never see discussed: the very fact that to a normal male, a female body is, de facto, a sex object; a sex organ. Show any part of it and it screams “sex” to the average, normal male.”

      I’ve rarely read such a perfect illustration of female fantasy and narcissism. The ‘average, normal male’ thinks no such thing. If he did, the world would be a very different place!

      1. Now Mike, be kind. Leave them their fantasies. The world revolves around their vagina and every straight guy would give up anything for their love. The almost-rape fantasies in their romance novels say so, so it must be true!

  10. Thank you for this piece, Gretchen. Some of the comments that seem meant to tear down or disqualify your message serve only to demonstrate the truth of your words.

    1. Always entertaining to have manginas turn up in comment streams, especially with such shop-worn remarks. Next – “And this is why women need feminism!”

      1. As for my “shop-worn comment”, – If the shoe fits….

        And, I am not here to debate with you. The author appears quite able to respond on her own behalf.

        1. The author isn’t even able to write an articulate article much less respond on her own behalf. Give her time and she’ll pull impotent white knights like you in to do her fighting for her. In any case, both of you can plan on getting obliterated by Mike Buchanan if you try to take him on.

        2. Why did you rape the writer of this article? Look what you’ve done to her. She’s a fucking nutcase because of you.

        3. to anti-feminist because there is no reply option.

          Mike Buchanan could not obliterate a snow-flake with a flame-thrower. His arguments are trite and based on false premises. His method of discussion is to rubbish anything that fails to fit his world-view, offering nothing of value or merit to a serious discussion about the inability of little boys to grow into adult responsible men.

          Given his personal appearance one can only assume his position is based on a lifetime of rejection by women and his jealousy of the men who have proven their ability to communicate as equals with women not domineering misogynists seeking power.

        4. To shallowfeeling64. Mike Buchanan could easily crush a thousand of your kind at the same time. You don’t have any arguments…and all you know how to do is the ole ad hominem. I think a dose of MILO’s Dangerous Faggot medicine is in order for you.

        5. “retired mental health professional”

          Brainwashing confirmed. It’s almost always these types. Social workers. Psychiatric nurses. Psychologists. Sociologists. Union workers. Teachers. All globalist stooges.

  11. Love this! How did you get my email? Are you in education? I work as a Sub. Teacher. Thanks!


    1. In indoctrination, not education. As you will be as soon as you start regurgitating this niggardly nonsense to your helpless students.

      1. To you AND mathsisshite says:
        May 7, 2017 at 6:28 pm
        “retired mental health professional”

        Brainwashing confirmed. It’s almost always these types. Social workers. Psychiatric nurses. Psychologists. Sociologists. Union workers. Teachers. All globalist stooges.

        And therein you have all the evidence needed for the mounting suicide rate, the acid attacks and burning alive of women all over the world, the dumbing down of politics, public discourse and the rise of the Fake News Media and the election of violent and fascistic politicians on every continent, the destruction of the environment, the poisoning of our water supplies and acidification of our oceans.

        it is you and those like you who will drag this species over the abyss and into oblivion and frankly I hope you get it over with soon, because the Universe has no need of you and you have nothing to give.

  12. You ladies should love us MGTOW. We don’t care what you wear or what you look like. We do not objectify you. We don’t stand in the way of your career. We don’t hassle you in public or wolf whistle at you. Feminists have taught us a great deal and we practice what we have been taught.

    We treat you exactly as we would another man. We expect another man to open his own doors, change his own flat tire, etc. We expect another man to successfully navigate this world depending upon himself, just as we do. We will extend common courtesy to a man who shows us common courtesy, but we will not allow him to use us. MGTOW believe 1,000% in equality of the genders.

    Perhaps the greatest lesson third wave feminism has taught us is the gift of indifference. MGTOW practice the same indifference towards the needs of women as women practice towards men. In order to do so we had to vanquish our DNA driven imperative to protect and provide for women. It is by far the most difficult struggle a man will every face.

    For feminism to work men couldn’t change. For the roughly 40 years since 1970, we didn’t change. We continued to obey our DNA imperative and play the game of life according to the rules developed over thousands of years of civilization growth.

    In 1994 the Violence Against Women Act became law. As with many laws, the law of unintended consequences reared its head. VAWA and its progeny have, in practice, super glued the muzzle of a loaded pistol to the temple of every man in America and given every woman in America permission, nay encouragement, to pull the trigger for any reason or no reason. VAWA may have been intended to be a shield of protection for women but it has become a sword of agression. And I submit that is it’s exact purpose.

    It took 10 or 15 years for men to awaken to this new reality. They know what happened to themselves and saw first hand what was done to their fathers, brothers, uncles, and friends by their mothers, aunts, and girlfriends. Ladies, we are not as stupid as you think we are. Around 2010 we began practicing our awakening.

    Any organism that finds itself in a toxic environment must obey the first law of DNA which is self-preservation. The options are adapt (if beneficial), fight, or flight. For men in 2017 adaption is any but beneficial due to the legal environment. Fight, as the MRA have proven over the last 100 years is futile at best and will get a man imprisoned or worse (props to Mike Buchanan for his efforts, but he is doomed to lose). The only viable option to this new socially toxic environment for men is flight.

    But we MGTOW are not practicing flight in terms of fleeing physically. It is a withdrawal in the mind. We aren’t running away from women, we are walking away from women’s needs because for the first time in the history of our species men understand women. Women are no longer a mystery, they are an easily understood algorithm and we don’t like what the algorithm proves to be fact. Third wave feminism has allowed women to practice their true natures with abandon and impunity and we men have taken notice.

    This post is already too long. As we MGTOW favor total gender equality the same way feminist do, logic tells me that you should pen an article extolling the vitues of MGTOW and how it is terrific for women everywhere. I look forward to the article. Cheers.

  13. Well said. So much so I don’t even want to address the troll comments as it really helps make the point to let what they’re spewing hang there for all to see. I started to get upset, then slightly sympathetic, then LOL when I saw how they kept desperately repeacting themselves, on YOUR blog. 🙂

  14. The female typist who wrote this is very unattractive. She looks very old too. Daddy wasn’t there, which is why she is so bitter. Also, predictably, she doesn’t get approached, which explains why she spent all day bashing out this masterpiece while her cats congregated around her chair, licking her period blood dripping onto the floor.

    1. +Anonymous

      And there you go folks. A perfect example (if such were necessary) of the male’s attitude towards a woman. Criticise her looks, age and make lewd and offensive remarks about the very aspects of her that gave him life. THIS is what little boys and weak-spirited men have always done. Women have the sole responsibility for bringing life into the world whereas men can only destroy it.This is the crux of their fear and sense of inadequacy, which, being men, they can only address by demeaning and belittling the source of their inferiority complex.

      The male Logic, “I cannot be as good as a woman, I cannot give life as a woman can, I cannot nurture the young and provide safety and security of a loving home like a woman can so I will objectify her, punish her, own her and force her to bend to my will. I will deny her talents, ridicule her aspirations and curtail her rights as a human being. THEN I can pretend I am strong and Master of The Universe and I won’t have to be scared anymore.”

      And as Anonymous demonstrates so clearly they hide behind a false façade, a fake persona with not even the courage to adopt a name that reveals their true nature.

      1. Feminist logic:

        One random anonymous person online says something insulting towards one woman, ergo all men share this anonymous person’s attitude, views and behaviour not only toward that one woman but to all women.

        Feminism is the worship of non sequiturs.

        1. So…. you don’t like the “All men are X” argument. Yeah, I agree. But then you say “Feminism is…” with the same sort of approach. You can’t have it both ways. Of course not all men are like that one anonymous person. But not all feminists think that they are. If you’re going to complain that “feminists think all men are one thing” then you’re doing the exact same thing you’re complaining about. No they don’t. Feminism is a wide variety of things, and there are many different movements and approaches within feminism. If you get reductive, you are as bad as the problem you hate. Most feminists I know (see, I said “most!”) are about equality between the sexes, and are concerned about men’s problems, too. Misandrists are just the loud extreme voices, but not at all the majority of the movement, in my opinion. It’s completely logically absurd to say “feminism is x” and then complain about people saying “men are x.” Both are false.

      2. I won’t defend Anonymous’ comment because it is indefensible as are many of the comments here, but your insistence that Anonymous’ comment represents male Logic, ignores yet again, that this is not the case. Generalizations such as yours are evidence of a weak argument or an inability to go deeper. It’s easy to say all men are horrible and that when one man says a stupid thing to say “See! I knew what I was talking about.” It’s much harder to deal with the reality that we are all different. Which is why gender, race, religion, ethnicity, are not what matters. The one thing that ties us together is that we hare humans and should all be treated with dignity and respect. Your continued arguments here eliminate half of the population — men — from any right to that.

  15. Thanks so much for this well thought out, well written article Gretchyn.
    I read the “man babies” response and must admit to feeling nauseated by them.
    And especially to Mike. There is a very obvious reason women don’t like you Mike or find you at all attractive. You are a very ugly human being. Especially when you let your personality show.
    I can’t imagine that you have ANY actual female friends and would feel very sorry for any woman who might think so little of herself to actually sleep with you.
    You are the walking and unfortunately talking embodiment of what a three year old boy looks like in an adult body.

    1. You can enjoy sleeping with the feminist bigots on this blog. The problem for you is that even feminists love to loath male-feminist lap dogs because no balls. But of course, no man in his right mind will feel the least bit sorry for you because you are so disgusting as a mangina.

      1. anti-feminist
        You can enjoy sleeping with yourself and the other misogynists on this page because that’s all you are ever likely to get. The problem for you is that the little boys that never grew up don’t know how to behave with a real WOMAN and premature ejaculation is SO unattractive and costly in laundry bills.

        But of course, no REAL man in his right mind will feel the least bit sorry for you because you are so disgusting, adolescent, spotty and generally useless that even the gay community would reject you as sub-standard,

        1. shallowthought64, do you seriously not understand yet that I and others criticizing this article laugh at your employment of shaming tactics in an effort to silence us? The tide has turned on the effectiveness of that tactic, and manginas such as you are on the wrong side of history. The community of people who understand that feminists seek not gender equality but ever more privileging of women and girls at the expense of men and boys, is rapidly increasing.

          The Marxist philosopher Ernest Belford Bax understood the true nature of feminism and was writing about it in at least the 1890s. Herewith a link to a free downloadable copy of his 1913 classic, ‘The Fraud of Feminism’:

    1. Nananoyz, thank you. Against my better judgment I later read the piece at normal speed, and found it even more absurd than when I’d speed-read it, as I’d anticipated. Articles which are clearly ridiculous when speed-read don’t tend to improve on a slower reading, and this was no exception.

      So many comments left in this comments stream are eye-wateringly ignorant – the one on FGM/MGM particularly so – and based on little or no understanding of feminism and its history, that I’ve declined to spend hours refuting it. I refutes a lot of feminist nonsense in my book Feminism: The Ugly Truth.

      In our political party’s 2015 general election manifesto (link below) we explored 20 areas where the human rights of British men and/or boys today are assaulted by the state’s actions and/or inactions today, almost invariably to privilege women and/or girls. If you’re prepared to engage with rational arguments, check it out, and let me know if you find any factual errors in it (nobody has in over two years):

      From what I understand from American and Canadian MRAs, the situation is little different in North America. Women are demonstrably a deeply privileged class in the developed world, yet believe themselves to be oppressed. Which brings us back to feminists being whiny Entitlement Princesses.

      1. Mike Buchanan says:
        May 6, 2017 at 9:06 pm
        “shallowthought64, do you seriously not understand yet that I and others criticizing this article laugh at your employment of shaming tactics in an effort to silence us?”

        Frankly my Dear, I don’t GIVE a damn what you think, do, feel or want. You are an embarrassment to REAL men, an irrelevance to REAL women and a total waste of space, food and energy to the Planet.

        Your blow-hard insults are chaff in the wind, the dying gasps of a life-form that has not yet realised how inconsequential it is and how short it’s term will be. You contribute nothing to the sum of human activity or knowledge, you generate hot-air and meaningless attacks that have all the power of a quadriplegic on life-support.

        So go on with your fantasies of male-dominance, keep wasting YOUR time on a war already lost and the rest of us can get on with trying to save what is left of decency, humanity, respect and maybe even Life on this planet.

        Trumpism is a global disease that MUST be eradicated if the Human Race is to have any chance of survival. You and those other teenage minded children have been infected and the Grown Ups will have to work hard to repair the damage you have done and continue to do.It’s a tough job, but SOMEONE has to do it. You are not capable..

        1. You really don’t get it, do you? That “Real Man” nonsense? Mike doesn’t care. I don’t care. More and more of us, straight guys, gay guys, white guys, black guys, asian guys do not care about your societally approved roles for men expecting us to sit there and eat this sort of crap quietly. So stick your ‘Real Man’ nonsense. Or stick with it, and be used and used up by a society that views you as just another disposable widget. You won’t even get a large turnout at your funeral for your sacrifice, much less a statue “Here lies a Real Man”. If you’re remembered at all, it will be as that *sshole who was inconsiderate enough to die and stop providing resources for women. Go for it, it’s all yours.

    1. Cupcake. Interesting. Sort of a homophobic slur, isn’t it? And why would being gay be considered a bad thing? Well, gays are men who don’t provide resources for women. The definition of a man in this society is someone who provides resources, specifically resources for women, so gays don’t qualify as men. Hence “cupcake” implies gay implies “not a man”. Hence the genesis of homophobia. Let me shill for a friend here:

      1. Have to disagree, Arthur. Gay men are also financially raped via the tax system. Men pay the majority of tax and it gets redistributed primarily to women’s healthcare, daddy government women’s benefits and worthless, anti-male feminist programmes.

        1. ?? Of course gay men are raped by the tax system. I was merely demonstrating how and where homophobia begins – in the male role that says men’s reason for existence is to provide for women. Big daddy government just acts as a proxy for that.

  16. Despite all the name-calling, juvenile cat-calls and bigoted ribaldry there IS a serious point not covered in this attack on the ONLY source of new life available to humanity.
    Science is making advances in cell-reproduction at a rapid pace, which is all to the good because male fertility is plummeting and the birth rate in the “developed” world is below that required for population stability let alone growth.

    Before too long men will become the irrelevancy they have been destined to be. They will not be necessary to the process of new life and will be relegated to the role of mules and beasts of burden.

    Some male births will continue of course to maintain species variety but already females are out-performing men in so many fields that male-prostitution will be a good business opportunity.

    The upside is that with fewer men able to exercise control over the means of production and reproduction this planet MAY get a chance to heal itself and the human race might discover what REALLY matters in terms of development and progress.

    One can but hope, because with the death-throe thrashings of male-dominance now being demonstrated all over the globe the risk is that Men will take the entire race and maybe even Life itself, down with them.

    1. You do realize how ludicrous this is, right? Just as easily, these advances you suggest are coming could spell the end of the need for women’s role in reproduction?

      1. No they could not. The male physiology is incapable of supporting the structure of a womb. Male sperm can be replicated, but a place for a fertilised ova to gestate does not and cannot exist in male body. If hermaphroditism were a viable form of reproduction Nature would have ensured it’s wide-spread use.

        Try Googleing THIS question and read the replies “same sex reproduction” then ponder your redundancy.

        1. “but a place for a fertilised ova to gestate does not and cannot exist in male body”

          Yes, but it doesn’t require a woman’s body, and THAT is why transhumanism will render women redundant when it comes to childbirth.

        2. As the other commenter points out, you are looking at the possibilities extremely narrowly and in a way that justifies your world view. Try having an open mind.

        3. mathsisshite says:
          May 7, 2017 at 7:52 am
          “but a place for a fertilised ova to gestate does not and cannot exist in male body”

          Yes, but it doesn’t require a woman’s body, and THAT is why transhumanism will render women redundant when it comes to childbirth.

          And the chances of MEN being the child-rearers of test-tube babies is ZERO. Most of them cannot find their own arses without a diagram, are incapable of the empathy needed to change a babies nappy, spend hours persuading it to bottle-feed, play with it or just cuddle it. With the attention span of gnats and the sensitivity of a cricket bat their idea of child-rearing is to PAY someone else to accept the responsibility. But without WOMEN, most will have starved THEMSELVES to death before their progeny has finished potty-training.

      2. Fun! Humans are so amazing! All this intelligence and we come up with so many neat, new ways to create hell on earth when it could be paradise for everyone. I’m so grateful I never got pregnant or had kids and that I’m closing in on the last part of my life. Ya’ll have a great time with your Brave New World. I can’t even wish you luck with either outcome of this wretched and increasingly stupid war between the sexes. Humans don’t deserve space on this planet and I look forward to the day the planet shrugs her shoulders and cleans house.

        1. I’m with you on that ferlonda. When you look at the number of women who supported Trump, Berlusconi (when he was still important) Erdovan, Putin, Duterte, those who went to marry ISIS murderers, and all the other enablers of male idiocy and destruction, it makes one wonder what cruel joker could come up with a species like ours. I used to think we would one day go to the stars, now I’m afraid if we do. The viral infection that is mankind must not be allowed to spread beyond this planet.

          1. (Just saw this comment today. Sorry!) Don’t worry- humans will most likely be extinct or reduced to small bands of hunter gatherers again, if we’re lucky. I figure the folks who will survive our insanity are the aborigines of Australia and possibly Africa. Otherwise? All bets are off.

  17. I’d change two phrases in the paragraph about the friend-zone: 1: some men are actually more sad than angry that they are always denied access to someone they like. And 2: the problem here is that society and the media has made us wrongly believe that being cool should make us automatically attractive enough for the women we like.

  18. A very interesting comment session where people blaming men for everything calls men who blame women immature because a sign of being a “grow up” is not to put blame on others. Very, very interesting.

  19. “It’s our lovers, the men we trust and love. They think nothing of laying down a guilt trip if we refuse sex. After all, what right do we have to consider our own mood/desires/feelings? Our bodies should be open for business when he needs it, the moment he needs it. After all, we love him, right? C’mon baby, you say you love me but you aren’t acting like it right now. And they don’t understand or see that their pressure and guilt is added to the pile of male needs and desires we’ve spent a lifetime collecting and being held responsible for.” I have a solution for you ladies, don’t ever get married, don’t ever date any men, don’t ever interact with men or be friends with men. Just go your own way and stay far, far away from men so you don’t have to suffer based on your delusions of what mem supposedly do. We men will thank you with our hearts and we will al be able to live happily ever after! =)

    1. Yet more male logic. Unbelievable. The problems with men are to be solved by women ignoring them, segregating themselves for their own safety, and men refusing to acknowledge them. So, in one generation you have solved the battle of the sexes and the human race is extinct. Well Done Professor Einstein!

      1. Except the “problems” you moan about are either not actual problems (like men chatting up women) or problems that will always exist and cannot be eradicated, e.g. men killing women (as crime will always happen in a minority of cases).

        1. nothing to worry about then. We’ll just let Honour Crimes and FGM and rape and porn and child-sex-trafficking and denial of the right to even drive a car or leave the house with a male “protector” and wage inequality and male arrogance thinking they are God’s gift to silly women who don’t know when they are well off, carry on as before and all will be well.

        2. Honour crimes, genital mutilation, rape, porn and child sex trafficking all affect men and boys, too.

          The wage gap is a myth in the West. It doesn’t exist. It’s spun as one but you need to ignore such things as different choices made by men and women and the fact women take more part-time work.

          Something like not being able to drive a car might seem bizarre to a Westerner but that’s their culture. To claim having your own chauffeur due to chivalry is oppression of women while ignoring the real oppression in the muslim world which is the fact every single male child has his sole erogenous organ cut off, is frankly, moronic. But then you are a moron and this is what you’re good at.

    2. Actually, I just found a pool of men and others who adore each other, respect each other and don’t demand sex from any one person because if that person has a “headache” they can easily find another partner- with the willing and happy cooperation of their primary partner. EVERYONE wins, including the kids! But you go on with your life and be happy as you are. We’ll be over here having amazing sex, eating great food and raising up the next generation to do much the same- if they choose to. No harm, no foul, if they don’t.

  20. Life is too short to take this nonsense too seriously.
    I didn’t so much speed read, as ‘block clock’ it myself!

    A point by point rebuttal and deconstruction of the inherent falacies therein would be straight forward.
    But it’s much easier to let the rant expose her sad resentment and insecurity for itself.

    She is telling us that she feels rejected and unwanted, and so will return the dis-favour – with interest.
    A pity femarxism has made her so unhappy.

    But then weaponising human weaknesses and insecurities is it’s bitterly cruel purpose and speciality.
    One can but hope she eventually gets better – living with the grief of unfulfilled hopes and desires is such a waste.

  21. The article come off like a feminist piece from 30 years ago. This is the 21st Century, guy’s don’t hit on women like that, unless they want to get shaken down by the cops for harassment and stalking, if not tossed out by the bar bouncer. Then there’s the whole issue of a guy trying to pick up a woman who’s been imbibing alcohol, even if he somehow gets an enthusiastic response he’s risking a rape conviction.

    Do men treat women like their bodies are commodities? Women and the family court clearly treat men’s bodies like women’s commodities. Don’t worry about men trying to possess you ladies, they’re much more concerned about sperm jacking, false rape allegations, false domestic violence allegations, alimony payments, child support, being victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse by female perpetrators themselves.

    You needn’t worry about any of that $hit, because in a few more years sexbots and artificial wombs will hit the market, and no man will give you a second glance again, EVER.

      1. Let me put it this way. If a Jewish man was charged with rape by a Nazi women in Nazi Germany, and the Judge was a Nazi, the Prosecutor a Nazi, , the Defense Attorney was a Nazi,
        and the Jury all Nazis, would you expect the trial to be a fair one.

        Likewise, in the old south, If it was a Black man accused of raping a KKK woman, and the Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney and Jury all belonged to the KKK, would you expect a fair outcome?

        The Nazis have been indoctrinated to believe that the inferior Jews instinctively oppress and exploit innocent superior Nazi Aryans. The KKK are indoctrinated to believe that inferior Blacks instinctively oppress and exploit superior innocent Whites.

        Today in any court dispute between a man and a woman, all court officials have undergone gender studies as part of their legal education. They have been indoctrinated to believe in patriarchy theory. That is to say, they believe that inferior males instinctively oppress and exploit innocent superior females. How can any man get a fair trial under these circumstances. Any judge who has undergone diversity training from a feminist should recuse themselves to prevent bias.

        So keep believing in The World Wide Patriarchy Conspiracy, your tin foil hats starting to look rusty.

    1. Yeah, those sex-bots can churn out more fake women for you to abuse and exploit. Sadly they won’t be alive or capable of reproduction so in one short generation you have made yourself extinct. Unless you plan on NAZI baby-farms like they had in Germany and Russia, hijacking women’s wombs to create more sex-toys for your enjoyment.

      1. How can you abuse and exploit a non-living piece of inanimate material, you daft bat?

        Most men’s genes are going extinct anyway since most women abdicate responsibility and kill their kids.

        1. If there is a way to abuse and exploit ANYTHING – animate OR inanimate – MEN will find it. It’s what they DO, their raison d’etre, the motivating force behind all their actions. the drive that gives them erections. If they can’t abuse and exploit they destroy. It’s why the human race will not survive.

        2. deepthought64,

          So what your’e saying is millions upon millions of women globally are exploiting and abusing dildos.

          The human race is destined to be wiped out by an asteroid at some point in the future. If it hadn’t been for those men (laregely white men …… ugh how awful, eg?) we’d definitely have no chance of surviving, what with all their backward technology and science and intellectual inquiry.

          If anyone’s trying to wipe out the human race, it’s you feminists. 9 million babies killed since 1967 in the UK alone since abortion was made legal.

          Your hatred of men means everythingyou say is rooted in emotion and you’re incapable of critical thought.

          1. I don’t HATE men as a gender. Being one myself, I am disappointed by them, ashamed to be associated with many of them, saddened by their refusal to mature and see beyond their own narrow horizons, and frankly weary of their childishness.

            I have known a few good men in my long life, sadly not enough of them to obliterate the memories of the monstrous and atavistic majority.

            I am NOT afraid to confront MY Dark Side, to acknowledge it and work to incorporate it into the entirety that is me. I have no compunction whatsoever in recognising that I still have much to learn and little time to do it. I accept that men are, in general, a necessary evil but I wish they would get on with realising and fulfilling their potential rather than wallowing in self-pity, clinging to a dead past and wishing to turn back the clocks.

        3. mathsisshite – you have chosen your pseudonym wisely Obi Wan. Your grasp of numbers, percentages and mathematical truths is truly non-existent and thus consistent with your chosen identity. May The Fork Be With You.

        4. deepthought64

          ” you have chosen your pseudonym wisely Obi Wan. Your grasp of numbers, percentages and mathematical truths is truly non-existent and thus consistent with your chosen identity. May The Fork Be With You.”

          My pseudonym is the oafish utterance of a 21st century womyn after a night out abusing her liver with cheap alcopops. She’s not a British MP because vagina.

          What numbers and percentages have I used that you disagree with? The 9 million babies aborted since 1967 is based on UK government national statistics. I guess they’ll be wrong too because anything that doesn’t suit you is EVIL MENZZZZ11111!!!!111oneone

      2. You state: “If there is a way to abuse and exploit ANYTHING – animate OR inanimate – MEN will find it. It’s what they DO, their raison d’etre, the motivating force behind all their actions.”

        So, when I take a nap this afternoon, I’m doing so to ensure I’ll have the energy later on to abuse and exploit something, right? Seriously, you are just about the laziest “debater” I’ve ever seen. Try to expand your worldview beyond your simple generalizations.

  22. Holy fucking God, some men really hate women. Look at some of the highlights stile, stupid comments on here and then you jerks wonder why this woman wrote this blog or why any woman let alone many relate to this? Feminists want equality. We want to be treated with respect. Not asking to much.

    1. They don’t HATE them, jambiethoughts, they are SCARED of them. It’s hard work getting to understand the female perspective and most men just aren’t up to the task. It requires effort, patience, the capacity for empathy, a willingness to see the world from a different viewpoint and sadly the Footie is on or Top Gear is showing and they just cannot find the time in their busy schedules to think beyond the next pint or wank.

      So they mock you, beat you, make you feel inferior knowing that you will cower and cry in your room and they can get on with the important business of being dick-brains.

      1. ” It’s hard work getting to understand the female perspective ”

        No, the FEMINIST perspective. Most females are not feminists. And it’s hard work because it’s irrational, logically inconsistent and in denial of biological reality.

        1. So how many years did YOUR degree in Psychology take mathsisshite. Even your pseudonym reveals your appetite or rather lack of it for education. So do tell, how many years have YOU been a practising psychotherapist? Huh?

          I’ve been at it for over thirty years and treated both genders and in-betweens and I suspect my viewpoint is based on experience and study rather than bigotry and misogyny.

        2. deepthought64

          My pseudonym was inspired by the wit and wisdom of a most erudite and intellectual womyn from my country of Scotland:

          I guess her managing to become the youngest MP since the 17th century despite being a foul-mouthed, uncouth lowlife is another example of the patriarchy keeping women down.

          Psychology is largely bunkum. Virtually none of it is hard science, and most of it is hypothetical and unproven. It’s not as ridiculous as gender studies but it’s not a million miles away. I’m too intelligent to subject myself to such political indoctrination. I prefer hard science.

          “I’ve been at it for over thirty years”

          And there’s the problem in a nutshell. You’ve been indoctrinated by the gender bender brigade, then you’ve managed to claim a handsome salary from talking bollocks. Most people are selfish. Why would you stop talking bollocks when talking bollocks is so profitable. It’s like asking a doctor who makes a profit from cutting off infant foreskins to embrace medical ethics and the law and stop doing it. He’ll always fight for the thickness of his wallet.

        3. Actually mathsisshite, until I retired I gave most of my services free of charge to the unwaged, low-earners and unemployed who were unable to access private or NHS services. In my entire career as a therapist I doubt I received 50k in total and I supplemented my income with a teacher’s salary, working so many hours I barely had time to eat or sleep. I did not become a psychologist to get rich and I’ve never met one who did. I studied (at my OWN expense) and practised because I perceived a need that was not met by state resources. I did it because I could and was good at it.

          As for it not being scientific, you evidently haven’t kept up to date with your education. But even without the benefit of umpteen research papers, empirical and practical experience, major philosophical and practical contributions to the human condition and our understanding of what makes people tick and why they do the things they do, the principals of psychology are the foundation of all human intercourse and communication. Without the ability to perceive, interpret and apply one’s perception of a stranger (or friend) there would be no human race. We’d have died out before we left our caves. Maybe THAT wouldn’t have been such a bad thing after all. Still at least the present direction of movement will result in another species gaining precedence perhaps with greater success. They certainly couldn’t do worse, if the contributions to THIS blog is anything to go by.

        4. Okay, I’ll accept that without evidence.I’m aware there are people like you who are so brainwashed, they devote every moment of their time toward furthering a cult’s agenda. It’s paradoxical that you despise religion yet you are demonstrating the very religious obsession you hate. But it’s under the guise of progressivism and secularism, so you can pretend it’s different.

          There’s very little truly scientific about psychology. And peer-review is not a badge of authenticity. As a bit of an expert on male “circumcision”, I could show you dozens upon dozens of methodologically flawed and fraudulent studies which are nothing other than pro-circ zealots working backwards from the conclusions they want to promote, then getting fellow pro-circ zealots to give them their seal of approval. Likewise, the same thing happens in “disciplines” like psychology.. An example is the gender bender ideology and transgenderism, which resulted in men being able to change their legal status to female because they FEEL it.

          Change the record, I can see through the lies.

        5. It’s only “hard work” to understand women or men or others when you think of them as being solely informed by their gender. It’s like race. Same thing. We are all much more alike than not- only our experiences make us truly different, and some genetic things that humans aren’t able to control- yet. All the women I know and most of the men are feminists, for lack of a better word, but what they really are is equal opportunity acceptors of humanity. If you’re kind and honest, great! If you’re not, be off with you. No hassle about which sex a person is or even a lack of sex. Behavior is the determiner of whether or not you are accepted. It’s pretty basic, too, understanding anyone: listen to their stories, assume there is truth even in their lies (which can be entirely unconscious- society programs us to lie as an every day thing and it’s very hard to break away from that) and then watch their behavior to see what they really think.

          Finally, everyone wants the same basic things: a safe place to live, food, water, security enough in their work/income so that they can expect their children (if they choose to have them) to grow up healthy and safe. After that it’s all social conditioning/breaking away from social conditioning.

          It’s not rocket science. Babies understand adults all the time without even knowing language, as do most of our pets. BUT the thing is- babies and animals don’t expect that they already know what humans want or what they expect. They just go on behavior and micro expressions. Try it! You might find it very interesting to set aside your ideas about people (not just women) and see what you find out.

      2. No, what is hard work is trying to wade through the massive generalizations the post’s author believes in, that you support, and which create the illusion that pretty much if you’re a man, you’re an ass. It’s the kind of dialogue here that could leave somebody like me feeling like … well, if you’re just gonna think I’m an ass, no matter what I do, because I’m a man, I might as well act like one.

        It’s funny watching you mock, beat, and try to make inferior others, as you criticize them for that behavior.

  23. I can honestly say that I have never seen a male behave in the way the author of this blog describes in her opening words, any more than in the forty odd years I have been travelling on the London tube I have seen a woman being sexually harassed – an event claimed to happen with appalling frequency by feminists. No doubt the odd case does occur, in the same way that the reverse – a female picking on a male does occur. The point is that it’s not a “male” thing; it’s an individual thing,

    This sort of event will surely become even more rare when sexbots are fully developed. In about ten to fifteen years, they will be perfected and then women, for many men, will be obsolete. Just think of it guys, sex whenever you want it, no more having to have your partner’s permission for sex, no nagging, no more false accusations…

    As for feminists claiming they just want “equality”, this is simply untrue. They simply want the best bits without any responsibilities. In my country, 98% of workplace casualties are male. This in spite of equal pay and conditions.

    1. Why not spend a week dressed as a woman and see how your days go? Make sure you have some company with you so you don’t have to fear for your life if you meet up with the “wrong” sort of people. I won’t even say “men” here because women can be just as cruel and dangerous as men, when provoked, though I have a feeling you’ll find that the ones to be afraid of are your fellow males. Seriously. If it’s not dangerous to be a woman in society then wearing women’s clothes shouldn’t be a problem, either. I look forward to your report on your experience.

    1. No doubt you have not seen or read “The Handmaid’s Tale” written apocryphally but based on real life experiences in 1930’s Germany. A story drawn from generations of real women’s lives in male-dominated societies all over this planet. I’d ask for men to show a little more empathy to the ACTUAL experiences of women – even unto this day – but I have met less than a bus-load in my entire life that can even comprehend the concept let alone display it.

        1. Incorrect. It completely does. Do a little more research. Also, why do you insist on jumping to insults? Do they somehow help you make your argument? I find they make it easier to dismiss your comments out of hand, for your ad hominem attacks.

        2. Oh. You are sure of that, are you? Totally confident in your arrogance and ignorance, Jah?

          So you won’t have heard of the NAZI Lebensborn Camps then.

          Lebensborn e.V. (literally: “Fount of Life”) was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the goal of raising the birth rate of “Aryan” children via extramarital relations of persons classified as “racially pure and healthy” based on Nazi racial hygiene and health ideology. Lebensborn encouraged anonymous births by unmarried women, and mediated adoption of these children by likewise “racially pure and healthy” parents, particularly SS members and their families. The Cross of Honour of the German Mother was given to the women who bore the most Aryan children. Abortion was illegal at this time.

          Nor will you have heard of the “Bund Deutscher Mädel”. All girls in the BDM were constantly reminded that the great task of their schooling was to prepare them to be “carriers of the… Nazi world view” in other words the Mothers of The Master Race.

          Who is looking stupid NOW Little Whippersnapper?

    1. Well men could more easily relate to fembots, after all, they don’t feel, think, need love or encouragement, require emotional support and understanding so I think it would be a perfect solution to their dilemma of “how can I be a creep and still get my rocks off?”

      There’s the added advantage that Fembots are machines, high technology and virtually all the men I’ve ever known have more instinctual care and respect for machines than they ever have for human beings, let alone women.

        1. Absobloodylutely. If women have any sense they would make them mandatory with the requirement that men must pass an exam on female anatomy, psyche, and live life as a woman for a minimum of one year, before being allowed to ask a woman for a date.

          My guess the pass rate would be in the low 20’s.

  24. This blog is just pure poison, the repressed hatred spewing forth is almost tangible. Still it’s a good advert for staying single, imagine the horror of finding yourself in a relationship with the author or one of her acolytes.

    1. says the dick-brained misogynistic coward too weak even to come up with a relevant descriptive name who has done nothing but vomit hate-speak, curses, vile accusations based on nothing but his own pathetic inadequacy.

      Here Anonymous I’ll GIVE you this name for free. Harold Shipman. There you go.

  25. Summary:
    Article: Men suck. In detail. Look at all the stuff they do to women.
    Comment: What a bad attitude. Good luck with that.
    Reply by author: You’re the one with the bad attitude.
    Dogpile: You go girl. Men bad.
    Other Dogpile: Oh, yeah? You’ve got nothing but nasty things to say.
    Back and forth for awhile….
    Comment list summary:
    We do not agree…(both sides)
    Final summary:
    People do not agree on these issues and don’t discuss them either. They just yell.

  26. Women want to have their cake and eat it too. Men are forced into the role of pursuer, because most women don’t approach men and engage in conversation. And then women complain about unwanted attention.

    Women encourage this kind of behavior, because they still want men to do the approaching and risk rejection. So this encourages obnoxious assholes, while discouraging shy, introverted men.

    Yeah, the guy should have walked away when the woman said “I’m just here to be with my friends.”, but a more direct “I’m not interested.” would have gotten the message across better. Women expect men to be mind readers and to pick up on subtle hints, but it doesn’t always work that way.

    1. My advice to women faced with this situation is to forget trying to be courteous. Very few men could even spell it let alone know what it means. So when a man invades a woman’s personal space and ignores her silence she should just tell him to “F**K OFF” in as loud and clear as possible. If that fails call the police and have him arrested for harassment.

      Something that men do not get is that there is no inherent right to conversation, social or sexual intercourse and certainly no right to breed. If men HAVE to get their rocks off they should buy themselves an inflatable rubber doll that has no feelings, wants ,desires or need for intelligent conversation. That way both parties get what they really want.

      1. Every person in the world has to get their rocks off, idiot, male or female. And NORMAL men and women want to find partners. Only a freak has never felt the need to find a partner.

        Males have no inherent right to genital integrity but I don’t see you complaining about that. No, you’re too busy inventing problems like “waaaahhhhh some woman somewhere at some pooint in time has a man ask her out 2 or 3 times after she says no … waaaahhhhhhhh”

        IF you’re not on medication, I recommend you visit a general practioner soon and explain your behaviour. You clearly have such hatred of men and such anger that it’s coming to a head. I might see you on the news soon. Something like that group of women who tortured a disabled man in a wheelchair. Mind you, you probably think that’s progressive.

        1. Why? Why do they HAVE to? I’ve been celibate – out of personal choice – for thirty years. I’ve sown my seed, fathered a DAUGHTER so perhaps my viewpoint is a protective one based on HER experiences with men.

          There is no compulsion for human sexual activity, procreation does not depend on it, babies can be born without male penetration, and who said anything about genital integrity? It seems to me that your obsession with the loss of your foreskin is a tad neurotic.

          I’ve already said on this blog, I don’t hate men, though I do hate what they do most of the time. No, I pity them their pubescent angst and their unwillingness to achieve responsible adulthood. Which is a state of mind not an age determined mile-post. I am shamed by the attitudes and behaviours they exhibit and despair of them ever discovering what it means to BE a man. As opposed to a dick on legs.

    2. Once again a man refuses to accept personal responsibility for his actions or desires. No one is FORCING men to be pursuers. This is not The Hunger Games or the Roman Amphitheatre. This is men being selfish, egocentric pr*cks who think that every woman is just longing to be his brood-mare and no one could ever want to turn him down. If you HAVE to initiate contact try writing a letter or a poem and then leave the woman to respond IF she wants too.

      No man has a RIGHT to be spoken too or indulged and if more mothers taught their sons respect for others – ALL others – we might have a more civilised society and women around the world would not be subjected to acid attacks and gang rape and stoning.

      Come on all you armchair warriors, tell me WHEN did you last hear of a man being stoned to death? EVER?

      1. ” If you HAVE to initiate contact try writing a letter or a poem and then leave the woman to respond IF she wants too.”

        This is guaranteed to dessicate any straight woman’s vagina, though, and virtually any adult male knows this.

        Most women WANT men to come up and chat to them. Even if they aren’t in the market for a boyfriend, they love to feel sexy. You’re assuming all or most women are mentally ill lesbians like you. Of course, if the “right” sort of guy comes up and chats to a woman and they get together , that’s okay. But if the “wrong” sort of guy comes up to a woman, then that’s terrible. Because as all progressive people should know by now, all men must be able to read women’s minds. We must be able to foretell whether they will find us attractive and agree to us buying them a drink, and we must be able to tell if they’ve had too many drinks –because it’s not the woman’s responsibility, it’s the man’s.

        If all those men coming up to women and chatting them up looked like David Beckham and all the women he approached were heterosexual, we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

        Okay, the next time some 20 stone lardass of a woman comes up to me in a bar, I’ll tell her to take her fat disgusting mess of a body and go jump off a bridge. And you’ll support that because you are in favour of equality, aren’t you ……

        1. I don’t argue in favour of ANYONE imposing their desires, fantasises or hangups on ANYONE. The likelihood of your scenario happening is as high as my chance of dying a rich man.

          Your rant is exactly the point this article addresses, men believing they have a RIGHT to demand attention from a woman. That any woman would be or SHOULD be flattered by attention from a man because they all secretly want to be dominated and raped. The typical male fantasy of the submissive but highly-sexed nymphomaniac who only needs a little encouragement to drop her drawers and pleasure your manhood.

          The problem with your mindset is that women are people too, but you only see WOMEN!

        2. So Shakespeare, Solomon, Keats, Wordsworth, Byron, Poe, Coleridge, Blake, Burns and all the OTHER men who had women throwing their knickers at them because of their poetry were dessicaters? Yeah right. And once again you demonstrate your total ignorance of a woman’s mind.

          You really, REALLY don’t get it. Women LOVE to know that a man values them so highly he would sit and pour his thoughts and emotions into a poem. They ADORE that he would reveal himself AND have the courage to commit his feelings to paper. Women want to be cherished not chastised, They WANT to know what men think (sometimes too much perhaps) because THEY think all the time.

          You just revealed your total LACK of empathy, insight and the reason no woman with a sense of self-respect would want you. You even think writing a letter is beneath you.

          1. No kidding!!! I hang out with a LOT of artists and musicians and believe me- poems, works of art and other expressions of respectful adoration are GREATLY appreciated by me and all my friends! There is nothing quite like having a gorgeous person sing a love song for you or finding a love note from your sweetheart on your pillow or even just a quick text saying something sweet and friendly. Makes the whole day better, especially when you know there’s no price tag attached to it.

    3. You’ve got to HAVE a mind to be a mind-reader. Sadly there are rather too many men whose mind is located between their legs or in their bellies. Interesting that the arsehole is so close.

  27. Everything is the fault of men, including women’s inability to keep their legs closed. Is this what you’re saying? Like it matters. I don’t trust anything that uses makeup, breasts, and vaginas to control others. Women, as a whole, are the ultimate whining manipulators who continuously fail to see how things really are. Don’t like this comment? I don’t care. Go have another innocent man arrested and sent to prison for what he never did.

    1. I know, right. These feminists go about wearing make-up, then have the audacity to whine about men’s dishonesty. If men were feminists, they’d be charging every ugly munter they woke up beside with fraud via use of clown paint to disguise their hideousness.

    2. Yeah, those Sabine Women were REAL bitches, throwing themselves off walls just to piss the Roman men off. It may be just an apocryphal myth but it was based on real experiences, just the ordinary every day events faced by women (like the Nigerian school girls) every day.
      “he rape of the Sabine Women was an incident from Roman mythology, in which the men of Rome committed a mass abduction of young women from the other cities in the region”
      They even made a Hollywood move on the subject which depicted the women being sooo impressed by their abductors, tghey all fell in love. Yeahh Right.

      In Malta there is a semi-religious order of women who shun male company and wear Black all the time. They do so as a reminder and constant rebuke to the men of Malta who were too cowardly to protect them (wives, daughters, sisters, mothers,) from the hordes who repeatedly invaded the island and raped them.

      But what the heck, the women were just asking for it, out there on that little rock with only a bunch of cowards to hide in the shadows as the women screamed.

  28. Firstly, when it comes to the “bar situation”, we live in a culture where all (except for the most high status) men are expected to approach women in order to initiate sexual relationships, virtually all of the time.

    Now, some men learn to do it in an appropriate way and are successful, some men are socially awkward and don’t do it properly, some in the pick-up community make it a profession. Some outstay their welcome, and, yes it might get annoying in bars. And yes, some women find catcalling annoying. Some, however, love the attention because it feels it gives them power to manipulate men to do whatever they want, and at their expense.

    But men cannot know the individual disposition, the likes and dislikes, of any given woman unless they are approached.

    Here’s the key thing though – it’s NOT out of any sense of entitlement – it’s out of necessity. The onus remains on men to initiate relationships, because if average men do not initiate, then they will never get laid and have children. And, it’s the man who is always taking the risk of rejection – this one-sided dynamic is a privilege that women enjoy, and as a man I’ve seen women take perverse pleasure in dishing out rejection when it suits them.

    Some men experience rejection so many times that it colours their view of women permanently, and that’s why some men may snap at women who reject them.

    And, some women know they have this kind of sexual power and they use it. So, when feminists talk about men having “all the power” they don’t know what they are talking about.

    And are you telling me that women don’t objectify men, or don’t do anything bad towards men at all? How many times have you seen guys with six-packs ogled over by women in women’s magazines. Give me a break.

    Your clear lack of balance, and the excessive victimhood narrative of your article, is a symptom your brain having been drugged up on the religion of modern third wave feminism. You should try and look into some men’s issues to try and understand why men really act they way they do, or maybe actually ask a few?

    You are effectively trying to bring about a situation in which the normal messy interactions between men and women become highly controlled and regulated.

    As for your final point, both men and women can be controlling of each other in relationships, and domestic violence is often two way. But for years, feminists have been trying to put violence on a “spectrum” that begins with politically incorrect jokes or catcalling. There is NO EVIDENCE for this – in my view such a theory is misandrist.

    1. Sara dear, eye rolling is an ugly form of feminine aggression better suited to the sociopathic world of gossip girl gangs. Female vile is every bit as potent as male violence. If it weren’t, The Woman Racket (Moxon) would have collapsed long ago and women would be living the short, brutal nasty lives that women force men to live now.

      1. Are you dismissing her experiences?
        Now, I’m not one to make ad popullum arguments, but most women agree with her, and since you are one to say women’s opinions trump’s evidence, well, you dug your own hole.

  29. Just yesterday my 21 year old daughter was telling me about at least 5 situations she had to endure while traveling. In each case the men approached her, invaded her personal space, asked prying questions, did NOT read or listen to the obvious signals she was giving that she was NOT interested and some even followed her when she walked away. Who in the right mind thinks this is ok to do? Why should she have to put up with this? Why can’t she be left alone in peace to just be?? What if we started doing this to men sitting at a train station, reading their books in peace. What if we insisted on sitting next to him, on asking him personal questions, commanding him to smile and then followed him when he moved away?

    Thank you and the reasonable people in this thread who get it and who want to help. It’s pretty simple, really. People are not properties and are not required nor obligated to meet our needs or desires, without concent! PERIOD.

    1. That was obviously unacceptable behaviour, if it happened. But to suggest that only males behave unacceptably – as you are obviously doing – is simply not the case. If you go to Men’s Rights Reddit, you will be able to find cases of males complaining about unacceptable female behaviour, including females touching them without permission, touching them intimately without permission, and even touching them intimately when they have made clear they do not want to be touched at all.

      So, what you are describing are not examples of male behaviour; they are examples of individual’s behaviour, and males often have to put up with much the same sort of thing.

        1. Of course she is lying. They both are, because men would NEVER assault a young girl alone on public transport. Oh wait, I just remembered – all those Japanese Porn movies of REAL LIFE sexual assaults on teens in buses and trains. Japan has one of the world’s highest rates of unreported sex crime because the shame heaped on those who report it is worse than the attack itself. But OF COURSE it’s not the MEN’s fault. Young girls shouldn’t travel so enticingly in their school uniforms.

          It’s NEVER the Man’s fault.

      1. Ah – a meninist. As though the social power balance between men and women is equal. It isn’t, and there’s no point in pretending you don’t know that. The comment didn’t imply anything about women behaving unacceptably, and even in instances that happens (because it does), the greater power differential is still the same. To use your words, “they are examples of individual’s behavior,” but men do not have to put up with the overall social disadvantage women have to deal with. What social disadvantages? One may ask. Listen when women talk, and you’ll hear it.

        1. “but men do not have to put up with the overall social disadvantage women have to deal with….”

          Except that women do not have to put up with any social disadvantages… They get special treatment from the cradle to the grave: more money spent on their healthcare (even though they pay a fraction of taxes), more money spent on research into their illnesses (even though men die sooner), lesser punishments for the same offence, only a fraction (in my country 2%) of workplace deaths, less than 0.00001% of military casualties (the latter two instances in spite of supposed same pay and conditions), and preferential treatment in the family and divorce courts. I could go on. Any social disadvantages you think you suffer exist only in your feminist mind.,

        2. “The comment didn’t imply anything about women behaving unacceptably…”

          Of course it didn’t. The poster used the regular feminist tactic of highlighting cases that reflect unfavourably on males, whilst remaining silent about situations that show females in the same light.

        3. “Except that women do not have to put up with any social disadvantages…”
          How do you know?
          Have you been a woman?
          Do you listen to them when they talk?

  30. I just saw this twat’s photo. Seriously ugly individual. Obviously she’s not speaking from experience.

    1. Those of us who have an appreciation of the aesthetic thank you for sparing us the horror and disgust that would ensue if YOU had the courage to show your face.

      So easy to bowl underhand grenades at someone who won’t throw back. That’s the Cowards Way. I have no compunction about dismissing you as the low-life thug you are.

      At least this young woman’s face has the spark of inner beauty that will NEVER shine from your eyes.

      1. And again we come up against the thing that says “all women should be beautiful and if they’re not they’re useless and worthy of being called names, shunned, hated and vilified.” And of course, “all women must be beautiful in the way that MEN decide is beauty- and that changes on a moment by moment basis so no woman can ever hope to be beautiful for more than one moment at a time, if that.”

  31. Well, Ladies and Boys I’ve said my piece on this subject, made my position clear, I was not here to defend women, they need no help from me and are more than capable of standing up to those cry-babies whose mothers never taught them manners or developed a sense of dignity in them. I responded to the arguments (if name-calling, insults, deliberate misappropriation of the victimology that women have first hand knowledge of since Eve ate the apple and whining about how misunderstood and unfairly maligned they are can be called argument), and I have no further desire to associate with these man-boys and their whimpering. If I have learned anything in the 65 years I’ve spent on this misbegotten rock it’s that men are largely incapable of reaching maturity and have little or no capacity for intelligent, fact-based thought. It is the reason that human life on this planet will, in all probability, be extinct within 50-100 years. I am not alone in saying this, just Google “Human Extinction” and see how many serious thinkers make the same prediction.

    So I have precious little time left to do what pleases me and I’m damned sure I’m not wasting it on those with no values or morality. I shan’t be responding to any more posts so save your fingers for what they do best.

    1. ” If I have learned anything in the 65 years I’ve spent on this misbegotten rock it’s that men are largely incapable of reaching maturity and have little or no capacity for intelligent, fact-based thought.”

      And yet it was men (white men mostly … shock horror) who gave you that computer you’re typing on, the air conditioning that cools you, the public sanitation that gives you clean safe drinking water, the house or apartment block you live in, the car, motorcycle, cycle or bus you ride on, the roads you ride them on, the television you watch every day, the medicine you use, the chemicals you use, etc. I could go on. Yes, it’s men who lack the fact-based thought. WE should just stop all that backward science and technology and go and sit in sociology lectures listening to the sort of garbage you spout, garbage without any basis in reality, garbage that’s made you a lonely old woman with no man and 20 cats.

      1. Turns out I was wrong. This insane individual is allegedly a retired man who has retired from mental health care. I suggest he goes back to work and checks himself in as a patient.

        1. Sorry you have such a horrible life that you can’t see reality. Women have been involved in most of those things without getting recognition. You also don’t seem to have a problem with women being harassed and raped and beaten by men. You are a disgusting idiot and I feel sorry for any woman so deluded by our culture that she would give you the time of day, let alone enter into a relationship. Crawl back in you garbage hole.

        2. What a hilarious reversal of insult when you realized this commenter was a man. You are quite entertaining!

        3. Not the only thing you have been wrong about, is it ShiteHead? In Fact, you have found it impossible to be Right about anything EXCEPT your Right-Wing Fascist self-congratulatory and narcissistic whingeing and insulting of others.

          I suggest you go back to your nursery and try again to grow up into a mature, relevant REAL 21st Century man. You never know, second time around you may just make it.

      2. Ha! What you’re describing is the product of 100s of years of colonialism and racism! Not actual white male exceptionalism!

      3. You know why men gave us the computers and the HVACs and the public sanitation? Here…let me womansplain for you…. IT’S BECAUSE FOR MOST OF OUR PLANETS HISTORY MEN TREATED WOMEN LIKE THEY WERE BRAINLESS IDIOTS, PROPERTY TO BE BOUGHT AND SOLD LIKE CATTLE. Women were most often never educated or given a chance to excel. Men often KILLED women who thought or acted ‘above their station’. We were witches and ‘hysterical’ if we tried to act or think like a man. Even your stupid snarky lonely old woman with 20 cats comment shows with utter clarity what we as females have to deal with. Daily.

        So sure, pat yourself on the back you king of kings. Congratulate yourself for being the gender that lies, cheats and kills to keep your superiority. The fact of the matter is, had women been given equal opportunity throughout our history we would probably have a cure for cancer and colonies on the moon by now. Unfortunately our progress as a society has been greatly hampered by only ball scratching, war mongering, ‘my penis is better than your penis’ obsessed males being in charge.

        1. You’re high. Most men didn’t have an education, you stupid bat. You’re looking at it through the lens of a post industrial society. For most of our history we lived as hunter gathers or in subsistence economies. All the crap you say oppressed women was what men had to deal with too. Most men didn’t have the vote. Most men didn’t go to school. And we also had to go to war and die. Women weren’t demanding to go down mines to die either.

          You’re brainwashed. Nothing you say has any basis in historical fact.

        2. ” I’m educating you about how some women behave ” It’s called mansplaining, and in trying to refute the article, you only prove the article’s points.