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An Open Letter To Donald Trump From Some Angry Women.

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Dear Mr. Trump… can I call you Mr. Trump? Is that ok? I want you to be happy, that’s very important to me.

Before I get started, let me say this letter isn’t from all women. The Trumpettes surely won’t approve of this message. But this is from most women.

We see right through you. We have all known you at some point. Your ways are not unfamiliar to us. We see through you because we’ve been dealing with you our whole lives.

We heard you call women pigs. And disgusting. And stupid. And bimbos.

We watched as you called a former Ms. Universe “Ms. Piggy” and then spent four days continuing to insult her.

We see your weakness. Your lust for attention at any cost, your need to denigrate women. We see all of it. And we’re mad.

Yes. We’re mad. And fired up. And here’s the thing about us… we can be bitches.

Gone are the days where we question our power or our influence. We are strong. Smart. We know our worth and it doesn’t reside in the size of our bras or our skinny jeans. We build each other up. We have our sister’s backs. And our brother’s. So when you took on the former Ms. Universe, you took on all of us.

And right now you’ve got a lot of angry women to contend with. And let me remind you, Mr. Trump… hell hath no fury like a pissed off woman who’s tired of this sexist bullshit.

We heard you when you said we should  “look for another place to work” if we experience workplace sexual harassment. Your non-solution illustrates either your lack of understanding or lack of concern. Or both. Your attitude and ignorance on this is stunning. Your response, pathetic. We see you, and we see someone who’s in over their head.

We watched you interrupt a woman 51 times during a 90 minute debate. While the better qualified, more knowledgeable woman was talking, you attempted to bulldoze right over her. We all know this game. It’s called male privilege. And it doesn’t look good on you, Mr. Trump. It makes you look weak. We see you, and we see a man who is so threatened by a woman speaking that you can’t even bear to let her finish. Sad.

And we see it rampant throughout your campaign and your proposed policies. It’s in your paltry maternity leave proposal that leaves out fathers and LGBTQ and adoptive parents. And when you say that women who seek abortions should be punished. And when you refuse to consider supporting equal pay for women.

Your latest ad, in which your daughter, beaming with privilege and pride, says “being a mother is the most important job a woman can have.” didn’t go over so well with us, Mr. Trump.

We are different, us women. We are not a homogenous army of fem-bots. We have different interests, goals and lives. There is more to us than motherhood. Some of us revel in motherhood. Some of us don’t want to have children. And some of us can’t have children. Our status as mothers has nothing to do with our worth. This ad, coupled with your policies show that you are tone deaf to the reality that women face and point to an antiquated attitude. One that keeps women as the caregivers and leaves men out of that equation.

We see you. And we see a man who has no business representing our interests in the Oval Office.

We heard you say no one would vote for Carly Fiorina “because of her face.”

We remember you calling women “a beautiful piece of ass” in Esquire Magazine.

We watch you say one thing, then say the opposite. Then refuse to admit any of it happened. Problem is, we can spot gas lighting from a mile away.

We recall the bit about all women being gold diggers in your memoir.

We cringe and hold our daughters a little closer when we are reminded that you said you’d date your daughter. If only she weren’t your daughter.

We remember when you called a lawyer “disgusting” for requesting a break during a trial to breastfeed.

We roll our eyes when we saw you try to dismiss Megyn Kelly after she had the nerve to ask you questions. At a debate. “Blood coming out of her wherever” was not lost on us. Most of us remember hearing such comments in Middle School.

We are horrified when we learn that you sent a journalist a picture of herself with the word “Dog” scrawled across it.

We seethe with anger when we read your tweet blaming military sexual assault on the fact that women are in the military.

We haven’t forgotten your lurid tweet about Hillary Clinton not being able to “satisfy” her husband.

Not only do you not understand women, you seem to have an awful lot of contempt for them. This is not fitting for a man who wants to be President in the 21st Century.

Which leads me to this:

Make America Great Again.

We know exactly what you meant when you branded yourself with this slogan. It’s not-so-coded language for a time gone by. Your “great” America wasn’t so great for women and minorities and gay people.

We won’t go back.

We won’t be relegated to the kitchen.

We won’t be locked into a life where we have no choice over our bodies or whether we have babies.

We won’t accept your patronizing response to sexual harassment.

We won’t be silenced or demeaned any more.

We won’t be ridiculed for our weight or judged by our appearance.

We won’t be shamed for owning our sexuality.

We have come a long way since your days of when America was “great.”

We have busted our asses to get here and we’re not going back.

We are raising strong daughters who fight back against sexist school dress codes.

We are raising strong sons who aren’t afraid of their feelings and aren’t afraid of strong girls.

We are shutting down catcalling.

We are no longer letting ourselves be interrupted and drowned out in the board room.

We are locking arms with our sisters in solidarity when rapists are given a slap on the wrist.

We are shouting about every day sexism.

We are calling you out, Mr. Trump.

We will not go quietly into any good night. We are loud. We are in your face. And we don’t put up with the kind of bullshit you’re selling.

So maybe this isn’t your time, Mr. Trump. Maybe your time has passed.

Maybe you would have been more suited to the early 1900’s when women did not yet have the right to vote.

When marital rape was still legal.

Or the 1950’s when women largely stayed home and produced children and McCarthyism and blacklisting were acceptable.

Or perhaps 1930’s Germany would have been a better fit for you.

But now? Now is not your time.

We’re moving forward. All of us, smart men and women, have had enough of the tired gender roles. We’ve had enough of you and other weak, fearful men trying to stop progress.

We see you, Mr. Trump.

We see your sexism and your bigotry and your racism. We see right through you.

Remember. We can be bitches.

And bitches get shit done.

Bitches Vote.

See you on November 8, Mr. Trump.


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2,944 Responses

    1. This man doesn’t anger me at all, as he isn’t worth my anger. The guy obviously feels inferior to women, it just goes to show you can have all the money in the world, but can still be fearful of things he will never understand, like the power of a woman. The guy is running scared of us inferior beings, hence the reason he always lashes out at women. He is just a frightened little boy in a man’s body. I personally pity him.

  1. I’m a man totally with you on this, Gretchen. I believe Trump has pissed-off enough women to give Hillary the election, but we can’t be complacent. We have to go out and vote, united against Trump and his disgusting ignorance.

    1. Well if you vote for Hil LIAR y you’re making a big mistake. We will no longer have a Constitution, Rights, or even a FREE COUNTRY. Yes get out and vote but use some common sense,.

      1. First of all, this is a post about Donal Trump’s behavior toward women. Your response is ‘deflection’ because you have no justification for it and have no explanation for why you find it acceptable so you deflect. We see that, too. We’re smart like that.

        Secondly: “We will no longer have a constitution, rights, or a free country.” EVIDENCE? Or is that your intuition speaking? Because we can all throw around those ugly feelings we’ve got, but what matters are FACTS. So by all means, please educate us on how Hillary plans to get rid of our constitution and revoke all of our rights and make us no longer free. Because WOW, if she’s THAT damn powerful, I’m doubly impressed.

      2. Common sense? Where is this phrase coming from as I’ve heard a few republicans say this? My question is ‘where is the common decency’?? Trump has no respect for any of us, nor does he have any morality.

      3. Haven’t you people been saying the same thing about President Obama since he took office? BTW, do you still have your guns?

        1. BTW Hillary never said she would take away people’s right to have guns. President Obama has been the BEST president since Bill Clinton. You people hear one comment (lie) made by Mr. Trump and you cling to it. Any woman that would vote for Donald Trump needs their head examined. End of Conversation, you make zero sense!

      4. Wow. Are you kidding? You are brainwashed by that orange blowhard who is selling you a bucket of turds disguised as a bucket of gold.
        Trump tolerates young, beautiful women because he feels like they will serve his purposes. All other women are dispensible.
        A president doesn’t have the power to eliminate or even change the constitution alone. That has been insured by the structure developed when the government was formed.
        The President does have the ability to influence public beliefs and represents the US to the world. Trump makes a fool of himself everytime he opens his mouth. He is a clown without any self control.

  2. I know “triggered” is a total buzz word but it’s about the best description I have to describe listening to and reading about Trump.

    Every time he says something derogatory towards women, is patronizing or gaslights dredges up instances in which I’ve had to deal with misogynistic men ALL.MY.LIFE. and the feelings of those moments.

    The feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, shame, and fear dealing with these situations when I was younger have all turned into rage.

    Near blinding RAGE.

  3. Tell it, sister. He is disgusting and despicable, and I am losing the capacity to even be around anyone who supports him. There is NO rationalization good enough.

  4. Love this! I am a woman sick to death of Trump also. However, his happiness is less than nothing to me. I cannot even choke the words out when they are dripping with sarcasm. I am doing the best I can for Secretary Clinton, but the only revenge I can take out on Trump is to grab the mailings (why oh why do I get them😡😠😡😠???)is to mail them back at his expense!!

  5. For a moment, somewhere during all the insanity, I fleetingly wondered if he’s doing all he can to lose the election, but it only lasted for a nano-second. Such a concept is completely beyond his comprehension and way above his pay grade.

    1. It would not surprise me to discover that Trump is in collusion with the Clintons to win Hillary the election. I do not believe there is any low to which he would not stoop if he sees a way to financial gain nor a low to which she would not stoop to further her political agenda. Having the president of the United States beholden to him would be about the very best business decision he could make.

  6. What a Bunch of Fake Ass Libtards …. you don’t speak for anyone but yourself … jis like you to ramble on at the mouth jis like a friggin Dumpacrap … you better take a gander at that thing with that claims she has a vigina .. cuz first off .. if she could satisfy her man with that thing .. why did he move to other women .?? … git a friggin clue here. Stop playing the roll of a friggin tough bitch and start using that thing God gave you on yur shoulders instead of letting the friggin DUMPACRAPIC party do your thinkin for you …. you know Nothing about President Trump .. only the lies and false accusations the media and Libtards drill into you pathetic minds …. Try Using it on your own for once .. Maybe the light will come on ….. #TrumpPence .. #ThatTrainIsComin ….

    1. Perhaps you could use the thing on your shoulders to learn to spell accurately, or construct a decent riposte. Short of that, my advice to you is that if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. Please. You can start any time…

    2. Oh my God, I hope you are kidding. Threatened much by women? It is a good thing Cialis is covered by insurance because I am being face to face with an actual women takes away all that starch. Loser. Troll somewhere else.

    3. LOL what a typical response from a little man who is threatened by woman having any kind of power or voice. Seriously though, deflecting much? Usually it’s the one accusing someone else of not being able to satisfy some that is the actual culprit. Did your woman cheat on you or something buddy?

    4. He only reflects what his supporters are ,racist ,sarcastic,misogonistic,jealous,uneducated little piggies ..selfish and yes ,uh…white.Turtle Island has always been Native American it was great prior to 1492 then it became hell in a handbasket

    1. What do Bill’s transgressions have to do with Hillary’s eligibility for President? Hillary should be applauded for her commitment to her marriage and her WORD in light of hardships that every couple can (and many DO, in fact) face in a relationship. Furthermore, it is an antiquated and sexist ideology that a women’s sexual or romantic dealings should be taken into account when evaluating her professional qualifications and accomplishments. Any response to this article that may suggest otherwise only serves to reinforce the author’s claim that Trumps ideals, and his supporters are inconsistent with modern American values.

  7. I think you’re an idiot that tends to scream when they are trying to make people see their point. If you want to talk about rape check into Bill Climton’s record. True he won’t be president but he will be First Lady. Ivanka Trump has worked for what she has. Chelsea also has a high paying job; at her parents’ foundation. As for calling names, Hillary called the many women who accused her husband of sexual assault bimbos and intimidated them from coming forward. Luckily now, as these women have gotten older, they have come forward.

    You see my dear, this is the beauty of getting older. As a woman you learn that you are only accountable to you. You don’t care what people say about you nor how they try to define you. You don’t condemn one for their indiscretions because of their gender, nor you overlook the indiscretions of another because of their gender. You learn that the true meaning of being a feminist is being strong. You learn to get your point across without sounding like a bitter shrew. You learn that they’re are a lot of mean and bad people out there regardless of gender. And a lot of good people too. Regardless of gender.

    And while I don’t like the comments that have come from either candidate, I would have to say Hillary’a bother me more because I think hers were made by a desperate person trying to hold onto power. Her actions bother me because power is more important to her than our national security, the lives lost in Benghazi, the law and honesty.

    Now, in a few years when you’re ready to write about age discrimination, I may listen. That, and loss of bladder control, are really the only things that suck about getting old.

    1. My dear. It’s best not to start a comment with “You’re an idiot” if you actually care to have a dialogue. It kind of negates the rest of your comment as babbling drivel. Bless your heart…

    2. You need to know that this is completely an unintelligible piece of writing. It’s very difficult to discern the point you’re trying to make by using this disorganized series of emotional and unrelated statements. That, and the fact that if you had anything helpful to contribute to this discussion, you would have done so. Instead, you called the author an idiot and a bitter shrew.

      Personally, I consider you a representative of a very small minority opinion in our nation’s culture, and I truly look forward to November 8th, and the day when you and the few left who are like you, die off forever, so that the compassionate and loving people in this world can live in peace.

      GK, I got your back girl. (In case that wasn’t clear)

    3. As an “older woman” myself, I disagree with the things you say. I do not understand how any woman can defend or excuse the things Donald Trump has said and done. He’s vile. And the woman who wrote this article is articulate, intelligent and correct on every point.

      Age and experience has made me wiser, too, and I refuse to go backward. I refuse to overlook the bad behavior of men who get their kicks from degrading women. I agree with the Tara in the comment above. I think you represent a very small minority opinion, one that is not based on logic and critical thinking skills.

      So, go on. Vote for Trump. Be content to remain in a bygone age. The rest of us will be marching forward, and I vow to continue to do that as long as I’m able.

    4. Blah ,blah are part of americas problem .you reflect his racist ,misogonystic views…anti envirionment about oil in your water…frack your way to death. You r a fool

  8. Ranting always makes people feel better. Mixing facts and fiction always makes a story great. One hopes that the people that come up with this crap give equal time to Hillary and all the crap she is done. Making a demon of someone just to make yourself feel better is stupid.

    1. She not using any fiction here. Just Trump’s own quotes. But why is the only answer Trump defenders can offer when faced with his bad words and deeds is “What about Hillary?” Defend your candidate first, then worry about Hillary. You can’t do it, so it’s always the old bait and switch. It’s old and weak. Like Trump.

  9. Angels & Insecure ladies get a backbone & a life .. So fragile im sure youve called your best friends terrible things behind their backs.

  10. Bill Clinton is a rapist and Hillary intimidates the victims.
    Let me condense this whole rant: “A man insulted a woman, which is somehow oppressive, because vagina.”

    1. Trump criticizing Bill Clinton’s behavior is the pot calling the kettle black in spades. “Those in glass houses….”
      The man is a narcissist in addition to all the other names listed in this blog. Power to the 21st century babes!!!

  11. Really? We are judging Trump what he sad 11 years ago? Come on… does everyone forgot dear Bill Clinton f…ing women in White House and playing with cigars?

  12. This 71 year old woman is standing right beside you. Well done, my sister. If we all stand together, we have the clout to make some significant changes in our country. It all starts on November 8th. See you at voting booth, and then our work really begins.

  13. “Your “great” America wasn’t so great for women and minorities and gay people.” or people who have disabilities or mental illness!

  14. You’re all a bunch of hypocrite whiners. Women trash talk men and say far worse sexually explicit things than Trump ever has. Don’t even try to deny it. A group of drinking women talk dirtier than any men I know and I’ve owned a bar for 25 years. Get over it. The bitch Hillary degrades women way worse than Trump ever has. She is pure Evil. Do your homework and see what she has done to Bill’s old flings.

  15. This is great….except that we do not want to see his disgusting presence on Nov. 8th. He’s fired! (he really should be in jail)

  16. Well said, right on. But it is the RNC too that needs to get this into their collective brains, such as they are.
    From a man, straight and all.

    1. So your saying that it is Ok for Hillary to attack women or should I say all of us that don’t like her. You want to comdeem Trump for saying or thinking what almost every man or woman has said or thought. He is only Human. Not every woman has your thoughts about what Trump said years ago yes it is wrong There are many woman that are out here that forgive mistakes that are made by mouth.But I can’t forgive murder or stealing Or selling us out. so yes I will be voting. saying a prayer for the red team

      1. Um… no. Almost every man or woman has NOT said or thought about sexually assaulting another. This was not just “vulgar talk” or “locker room talk.” This was sexual assault… that he was talking about regularly doing, not just some hypothetical situation.

          1. Another woman who agrees with me. I wish all those claiming “of course you’d say that because you’re a man” would acknowledge that multiple women have been agreeing with me here.

          2. You are the misguided one. This kind of talk objectifies and disrespects women, and yes, I know how common it is. I also know how common it is for men to rape and beat and murder girls and women! It may be because boys hear this kind of talk from other males all of their lives. It is all part of the same sick thinking.

          3. If you’re implying that women don’t objectify (especially other women), YOU’RE delusional. Saying that only one sex can be guilty of something is inherently sexist – it ignores the individual. Hypocrisy much?

          4. You just hit the nail on the head! Boys hear this talk from the men in their lives! It is the norm! Believe me I am less than thrilled about the “talk”.
            The thing is Hillary has chosen to ignore this same thing about the women in Bill’s life! What makes “Mr. Bill more reprehensible is he followed through with the deed and I do not see anyone complaining about that! As a matter of fact it’s laughed about and the ladies are persecuted by Hillary and threatened!

      2. The ambassador’s mother has publicly stated that she does NOT blame Hillary, and there was an article in the news 2 days ago that she is furious with trump. Unfortunately, I have pal so heard many women attack the “mistress” of an unfaithful husband. I don’t like what Bill did either, but he was a great President.
        I remember when trump through a Muslim, older lady out of his rally. I was very cold outside and he told his bullies o keep her coat because it was col outside!!!! The other day he told people their DEATHBEDS to hang around long enough to vote for him….then they could die. Republicans paradise Hillary when she was Sec. of State.
        Trump is deranged. I am a very forgiving person, but trump has proven over and over that he had no soul and is a textbook case narcissist!!!!!

      3. Donald has lied– more than any other candidate.
        Donald has stolen–millions from small businesses he contracted to do work and then refused to pay.
        Donald has–it would appear–raked children.
        He is human, but barely, and he certainly isn’t a decent one. He is a sociopath with narcissistic personality disorder. He hates women. He hates everyone not himself. He loves war and he would murder us all for a few moments of attention or in response to the slightest perceived insult.

        There have been many attacks against foreign embassies under many Secretaries of State, but no one cared until Fox News decided to blame Clinton. She, by contrast, has stood through the storm of insults fir so many decades without threatening nuclear holocaust.

        1. That is not True. She was absolutely responsible for it and why don’t you show me another attack on a US embassy where and ambassador was killed.
          So on to Trump, he is an ass, but so is Bill have we forgotten that. What about the trips he has taken on the plane Lolita Express. Hillary is the biggest liar, doesn’t makeTrump look better but get your facts straight.

      4. Michelle Hill – That was one of the most intellectually dishonest comments I have read on the interent…and that’s saying something. Hillary has NEVER attacked “women or should I say all of us that don’t like her.”. Maybe she was a little rough on the ones who SLEPT WITH HER HUSBAND, but unless you were one of them, you were not included in that (and I don’t believe she did anything uncalled for to them, either). She has been supporting women’s and children’s rights and issues for her entire adult life.

        And you know all of this. Your venom will not let you accept it because YOU are the hateful person in this. She has never done a thing to you but you hate her anyway. So much that you will vote against your own interests to stick it to her (unless you’re a billionaire…which I also doubt).

      5. Right, because almost every man or woman has said, just grab her by her pussy. Oh, and even if other people say degrading things about women like Trump does, that doesn’t excuse him from being the disgusting human he is. It just makes them like him. Stop making excuses for men like this whether it’s Trump or someone else.

      6. Or defending a child rapist and accuse the child of “fantasizing” about her attacker. Hillary’s actions are far worse than any words that have come out of Trumps mouth?

        1. She was appointed to be the defense lawyer in that case. She tried to get out of it but could not. So she did her job. Hard to fault her for that.

          1. She was not appointed. She was asked if she would take the case because the rapist wanted a female lawyer. And, she knew he was guilty! Then she raked the poor girl over the coals and said that the girl wanted an older man. That’s sick.

        2. Obviously you have yet to research all of what was said regarding the case Hillary tried to get out of to not defend the alleged child rape/ child fantasy case…. Check out the transcript, much of the excerpts had been taken out of context and placed obscurely to cause one ( without actual examination if the facts) to believe that Hillary promoted the child rapist…. Please Di your homework and I believe you will see this in factual fact in a very different light than you your current dimmed lantern. I wish you the discovery of truth in this new world where lies are presented as Truth. I wish you well.

      7. Wake up Michelle before it is too late. You are listening to all the Republican lies and propaganda about Hillary. Ten years ago when Trump was being a spoiled, male pig, Hillary was fighting for your human rights and for children.

        1. Liz if she did so much for kids how come Arkansas had the lowest rated school system in the USA under Clinton’s watch and if you think she did so much for kids why don’t you check with the kids of the Benghazi soldiers that lost their lives because of her

        2. We bury our garbage,get rid of chumps garbage talk, he has no idea of running the country,he has diarrhea of the mouth,bla,bla ba


      8. Oh, poor poor Michelle. You are so blind. So blind. So blind to the truth. I truly cry for you. What has happened in your life that you deflect?

      9. Have you my dear ever be groped? Has a man come up to you and grabbed you between your legs? Or latched onto your breasts? Do you really think this is something you would enjoy? Mr. Trump was not just talking about how he might like to do this, he stated that he in fact was doing this to women and how much he enjoyed doing so. Given his current remarks about women it’s clear to me that he still enjoys having fun with women in this manner. It makes n9 difference to shift blame to the Clintons, this is about His behavior.

      10. Hillary did not murder anyone – educate yourself and read ALL of the Benghazi transcripts. Hillary did not steal anything or sell us out. Bill Clinton did not rape anyone but Trump did! Bill Clinton was wrong for having affairs but that is Hillary’s private life and their personal business to deal with (remember George Bush Sr had an affair & was living with another woman until he decided to run for President & cleaned up his act – and when asked about it said, he would not discuss his personal life & that was the end of that story). Trump’s sexual assault, sexual harassment and vulgar & demeaning comments towards women were not mistakes or lapses in judgment – he only apologized because he got caught & the RNC made him!!! His apology was in no way sincere – he’s 70 years old and that’s the kind of man he is & has always been and narcissists don’t change. The rest of the world is laughing at us that this man could even get this close to the White House. He is a disgrace, has no real policies and has a complete lack of understanding how the real world works. I don’t know how any woman could vote for him. I don’t know how any man with a mother , a wife, a daughter or a granddaughter could vote for him and think this actions are excusable.

      11. she DID NOT ATTACK ALL WOMEN. way to STRETTTTTTTTCH the truth as you all do. if YOU choose to put YOURSELF into the ‘basket of deplorables’ then YOU did that yourself. she said ‘half of his supporters’. NOT ALL.
        you know, the ‘gentlemen’ who punched an OLD LADY IN THE FACE at his rally??
        so, if you choose to put yourself into that basket, you are doing that of your own free will. do NOT blame hillary, blame yourself.

      12. Michelle your backwards thinking is what is wrong with this country. You sound just like Trump, do something wrong and try to justify it by deflection. Read just a little about Benghazi and you will find that first, the Republican congress did not approve extra defense funding for extra support; and two, even Republicans stated that troops would have not arrived on time to stop the deaths. It is extremely easy to look up the information for yourself, just read a little and stop listening to Fox News; it is not a credible news source.

      13. This seems to be the mean intelligence when it comes to Trump’s supporters. But it is a democracy and even the semi-literate get a vote.

      14. Stop with the false equivalency already! How long ago was it that Hillary “attacked” women in defending Bill? Did you bother to check out the body of work over the years that she has done and acccomplished for women here and all over the world? The thing is, Trump says he likes uneducated voters. For God’s sake READ!

      15. I feel very sorry for you, Michelle Hill. You’ve been so oppressed by your environment that you do not even see the cage in which you dwell. To excuse ANYONE for perpetuating rape culture does not require forgiveness on society’s part, certainly not the millions of victims of sexual assault. How much do you think you would respect and trust your husband had he made those comments? Trump does not need to be forgiven, he needs to be jailed. He, too, could be accused of everything you accused Hillary of. I’m not a supporter of her either; and the good news is that there are more than these 2 morally bankrupt candidates to choose from. You, poor Soul, need to reevaluate what you’re willing to forgive. Especially when it concerns your rights as a woman. I hope you choose to come out of the cave of darkness. You deserve to value yourself, and to expect respect from men.

      16. Oh My God. You think that if “everyone does it” then somehow it’s OK and just “Human”. I feel very sorry for you if you’ve only met people who treat you like this.

        There are better people. More “Human” people who actually care about each other, and even care about the strangers around them. Who want EVERYONE to have better, be better, do better. Who know the difference between supporting this kind of behavior in public, in recordings, in false apologies, vs. sincerely trying to be better than that. The person who knows the difference will not SAY the horrible things that cross their minds (but letting their crazy show tells us how much their is), they don’t ACT on the awful things they think of. In fact they might even try NOT TO THINK LIKE THAT, because it’s disgusting and dehumanizing to them and those around them.

        If you think this is what everybody does, I’m very sad for you and the sub-humans you’re surrounded by. Perhaps you could start by expecting better of yourself and them, and then SAY better and also DO better. While you’re at it, VOTE better.

      17. I am sorry, murder, selling us out, stealing? that is conspiracy thinking, it is the usual lies that people keep throwing out there, if you say a lie enough people will believe it, no matter how many times it is proven a lie you are proof of that. Trump once said he could walk out and shoot someone and he would still have the following that he has, sadly he is right

      18. Michelle, I’m not sure what part of the world you live, I’m guessing the south? Perhaps the Midwest in some tiny town in the middle of nowhere, but women where I’m from and men for that matter do NOT discuss their desire to sexual assault a woman. Most people don’t think this way and, if they do, they are sick and should be ostracized from society. Are you admitting that you think this way? If so, please stay in your own corner to play because we don’t want you playing with us, you don’t play fair and you are a sociopath…dangerous individuals think as you do, Michelle. It’s not normal.

      19. I, too, will forgive a mistake.

        What I will not forgive is the Pattern of Behaviour exhibited by Trump. Most of us have said something, in the heat of the moment, that we have later regretted. Trump says things EVERY DAY that he doesn’t regret; things that he refuses to even acknowledge were even inappropriate; and I will look for souls in Hell to be ice-skating before Trump ever admits to being flat-out wrong.

        The ‘Great America’ he seems to long for sounds like the Leave It to Beaver, Route 66, Rat Pack America of the 50’s & 60’s.

        The America where women were barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen; except for the girl on the side who was kept at the hotel. The girl who, if she got pregnant, was TOLD ‘Get rid of it.’

        The America where blacks played in the jazz clubs, waited tables in restaurants, or drove taxis, and used the side entrance.

        The America where Indigenous peoples wore feathers & buckskin and performed in traveling shows, or were portrayed by foreigners in film.

        The America where what ‘I’ want matters more than what ‘we’ need; and since I’ve got you believing that I’ve got piles of money you will give me what I want or I will bury you in legal expenses.

        People of the female gender aren’t the only ones who are offended and outraged.

    2. You do NOT speak for all women though you seem to think you do. Hillary’/ husband is a rapist and she not only defends him, she tries too destroy the women. She ruined a 12 year old rape victim and laughed about the case. Are you seriously saying comments are worse than this? Have you seen Clinton Cash, Hillary’s America or read the Podesta emails? The Clinton Foundation keeps over 85% of the money they receive. They screwed the Haitians. Does any of this matters or are you just focused on electing a woman? Debates moderators all work for the Clintons. You need to interrupt to make a point,, as they will never give him the chance otherwise. Hillary takes money from regimes that muttilate woman, allow honor killings, kill homosexuals, and do not think of women as equals. I would love to see a woman President, one that is a role model and can be looked up to. Hillary is not that person.

      1. Bill Clinton NEVER raped anybody. Donald Trump however, RAPED his wife Ivana and it is documented in their divorce papers. He RAPED repeatedly, a 13 year old after tying her to a bed and after forcing her to stimulate him. You are nothing but a piece of crap just like him. As the writer of the article said ” Before I get started, let me say this letter isn’t from all women. The Trumpettes surely won’t approve of this message. But this is from most women.” But of course you missed that point because that’s what Republitards do, FACTS are nothing but “Details” you people choose to ignore because they don’t serve your agenda. Why don’t you be a good Trumpette and crawl back into the basket.

      2. Anon, I will address just two of the issues you raised. The claim that she attacked or insulted the rape victim or that she laughed about it is untrue. She did laugh ruefully when she said that the case proved how flawed lie detector tests can be. She did not want the case, she asked to be removed from the case arguing that she could not wage a strong defense given how despicable she found him, and the judge refused. It did not go to court, she did not blame the victim, she knew the client was guilty. The charges were reduced when it was found that the police department had mishandled and lost essential evidence. This is all verifiable through court records.

        Also verifiable is that the Clinton foundation puts about 89% of its donations toward charitable works. The claim that they “keep” 85% is based on the statistic that only about 15% is passed to other charitable organizations, but that is only because the foundation funds a large number of projects directly (the Clinton Health Access initiative, the Clinton Development initiative, etc) without going through another organization to administer the projects (resulting in a more efficient use of funds). The Clinton foundation has received very high ratings from watchdog groups for the amount that goes directly to charitable works.

      3. Hillary was assigned the rape case by the judge. She did not want to defend him. She did her job, and th defendant took a plea bargain. She did not set the sentence, the judge did. All of the parties, the judge, prosecutor, and defense had to agree to the plea. In this country everybody has the right to an attorney.


        newsflash, bill clinton is NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.

        also, hillary was a public defender who TRIED to get off that case, but was refused. she NEVER laughed about the case.. she laughed at ‘how dumb i was to actually believe that lie detectors were fool proof’. that is NOT LAUGHING at the case.
        that girl did not even know it was hillary who defended the guy until newsweek posted an article about it. if you do NOT know how our justice system works, you may want to start there. IT IS CALLED EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO A DEFENSE IN COURT.

      5. Just like a typical Trumpetter, employ deflection by spouting undocumented lies. And do you see my name and picture, I am not a coward anonymous entity, which acts like an afraid toddler.

      6. Untrue the Clinton foundation is one of the most respected charities. Look up the real truth in that one. I think you have it confused with the trump foundation.

    3. So you got your feelings hurt. But you support a woman who kills Americans with denying protection. Puts millions in her bank # selling us out. It IS women like you with your week views & prissy attitude that are destroying America. I have over heard worse in a grocery store & on the job. You back a woman who Has people popping up calling Bill a rapist to her defending a rape of a 12 year old laughing. Guy passed poly & he is guilty. . Do us all a favor. Stay in your little minded brain. Obviously if the word pussy offends you. Never listen to music. Watch TV and bury your head in the sand. Isis is trying to kill us and your small mind. Is worried about this.

      1. Exactly Sharon! I just, last night, heard a woman on her cell phone while in line at the gas station store cussing like a sailor. Not only is HRC responsible for the Benghazi deaths, but all the deaths/murders of people close to the Clintons for years!! I think they add up to about 52 now. HRC was not appointed to take the rape case either. She was asked and she accepted and she knew he was guilty. And nobody wants to mention the time that Obama said the words “pussy’ and “nigga’. It’s okay for him because he’s black, right? HRC “accidentally” gave $400 million to ISIS, too.

  17. Okay, maybe I’m not really qualified to comment because
    1. I’m male
    2. I’m not American
    3. I don’t have a silly hair ‘style’

    But I do have a working brain which is more than one of the candidates .😉

    I wish I could say you have written a load of rubbish, but I was raised to tell the truth.
    Well done!!! I agree with everything you wrote!!!
    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  18. I know a young man who declared that he was a life long ( how long could that be?) Republican and would be voting for Trump, no matter what. Yesterday he posted that, based on the last information about what Trump was heard saying about women that he could not vote for Trump and would not be voting at all! Now I have to work on getting him to vote for Hillary! We will win this one ladies! And I can say that I’ve lived long enough to see a very worthy black President and now a very worthy women in the White House!

    1. From your lips…. We need this to be such a completely overwhelming victory for Hillary Clinton! That will make it crystal clear to the GOP that their politics of hate is rejected and they need NEVER run such an unqualified, sexist, racist, homophobic, unprepared demagogue ever, ever again!

    2. It would also send the Nazi’s back into their hidey-hole where they should stay until they die off!

  19. Your piece is right on target. Thank you. My only objection is describing women as bitches. I loathe that word as it is used to denigrate women and is so often used by men when they don’t get their way or are challenged by women for some assinineo thing they have done or said. I want women to stand together and abolish the term from their vocabulary as a descriptor of any woman.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with the term bitches – if we avoid it, we are allowing people like him to define its meaning. A bitch is a strong female dog – that’s only a bad thing if you think women should be meek little things that defer to men. No, women ARE strong, and powerful, and the term bitches fits!

      1. The term bitch refers to a breeding female dog. I have to agree that it is in no way appropriate for use in relation to women.

        1. Anthony: Defining offensive should be left to the (potentially) offended gender, race, etc. You are in no position to tell us what is or is not offensive. Some woman, obviously, find it offensive, but based on the word’s cultural meaning, I’m not offended at all. I can be a bitch when I need to be…and am proud of it.

    2. I always experience a mix of anxiety and triumph when oppressed people take ownership of a term that has continually been used to dominate them. In spite of my fears about potential consequences, I stand with everyone who decides to seize the words that the powerful and privileged have shouted and whispered to silence all of us who seek equality.

    3. i don’t mind being called a ‘bitch’ in the way she used it. if being a ‘bitch’ means we are not doormats. we have a voice and WILL USE it. we also have a vote and WILL use it. in the slang terms she used it in i am TOTALLY ok with being one of the ‘bitches’

  20. Thank you for your voice!

    It makes me genuinely scared for the world that this man could actually become president. It makes me overwhelmingly sad that he has been allowed to get this far. It makes me angry that his disgusting and demeaning words are out in public and yet still people are defending him. It makes me furious that I have had to sit and reassure my 13-year-old step-daughter that his views are not representative of the majority, and as a female she is worthy. Worthy of respect.

    My opinion might not matter in the end but my voice does. I and many others here in the UK are standing right beside you.

      1. I’d take that comment seriously if it wasn’t for the fact you feel the need to hide behind the computer screen. If you had any conviction in what you are saying you wouldn’t feel the need to be anonymous. Also, grammar.

  21. What a joke if you want equal rights do the same job with the same standards! Stop asking for exceptions to be promoted cops firefighters soilders have standards! If you can’t do the job don’t apply! I am so sick of the PC crap that is shoved in my face! So he spoke his mind said some stuff that was not “PC” put on your big girl panties and suck it up buttercup! If you want to elect a lier, murder, theif and unfit human then by all mean elect Hillary

    And BTW Rosie is a PIG have a great day vote trump

    1. I guarantee you that a woman would have used spell check. Nothing annoys me more than people who can’t spell, yet purport to be intelligent.

      1. Better take step back and reexamine some of comments previously posted. You will find your guarantee of women and spell check to hold zero integrity. Let us not purport such false claims.

    2. Wow…….so you would be okay if he called your Mom….aunties….grandmothers…sisters…nieces, or female friends…bitches….or go up behind any of the referenced females and shove his hand up her pussy. I feel sorry for them

  22. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Thanks to Gregg Weiss for sharing. Hope this gets vast distribution. Going to do my part right now and share via all my channels.

    #NeverTrump… #NoLetUp!

  23. When Clinton was president it was ok to have sex with his intern and lie about that
    I had to explain what a blow job was to a 11yr old
    Words that Trump said were not ok
    But action speaks louder than words

    1. I don’t love HRC, I wasn’t going to vote for her-but given the alternative, I have to do what I can to ensure Trump never has the bop port u it’s to rest behind in the Oval Office.

      That being said, Hillary is not Bill! How is a woman who decided to stay & honor her marriage vows being condemned for her husband’s actions?? How does her husband’s infidelity make her unfit to be president? This bus such a ridiculous reason not to vote for her that I almost can’t believe it’s real-but it is & that’s terrifying!

    2. I don’t love HRC, I wasn’t going to vote for her-but given the alternative, I have to do what I can to ensure Trump never has the bop port u it’s to rest behind in the Oval Office.

      That being said, Hillary is not Bill! How is a woman who decided to stay & honor her marriage vows being condemned for her husband’s actions?? How does her husband’s infidelity make her unfit to be president? This bus such a ridiculous reason not to vote for her that I almost can’t believe it’s real-but it is & that’s terrifying!

    3. * Bill is not running for president, Hillary is. She is not responsible for the actions of her husband.
      * Extramarital sex is not inherently wrong. The Clintons’ marriage is between the two of them, and if there was infidelity or dishonesty, it’s a private matter and not for anyone outside of their arrangement to judge.
      * I’m glad you were prompted to have a discussion with your child about sex. Such conversations are entirely right and appropriate. I don’t know how old you think a child should be when they learn about blowjobs, but 11 seems right in the ballpark to me.

    4. Wait. How does “impeachment” signify that it’s ok to have extra-marital sex? Or did you miss that whole hypocritical fiasco?

    1. I wonder about this too! It was only a decade ago when Howard Dean’s presidential race ended because of an enthusiastic yell at a rally! How is Trump still even in this race let alone a legitimate threat?

  24. Exactly. This man is a disaster. I cannot fathom how ANY woman could defend him. Really??? And please FACT CHECK. Please check into the “defending the rapist” story, that is just not remotely true (along with 20-30 other stories that are constantly touted!). Plug in your brain. You think it is okay to make fun of anyone that is not a rich, white male? You think it is okay to “joke” about being terminally ill and hanging around just to vote for him? You think it is okay to say you would date your daughter if she wasn’t your daughter? You think it is okay to call anyone a “pig”? You think it is okay to act as if you don’t know the KKK and what they represent? You think it is okay to say that you could shoot people in the streets of NYC and people would still love you? Are you nuts too?

  25. I love this article! The only thing I wish was highlighted a little more was the fact that he isn’t just doing this to woman, but all genders, races, mentally or physically handicapped. I am a young woman and I’m angry but, this isn’t just a matter of gender.

  26. It is a great letter, but the accompanying digitus impudicus graphic unfortunately almost reduces it to a rant. Why are obscenities needed to help the medicine go down?

    1. I agree with Capra, I would share this, except for the picture…and I don’t like to repost words like “bitches”. But that’s ok, these are her words and I’ll defend her right to say them.

  27. I am thankful to be a Canadian woman. It worries me that many women in our neighboring country do not have the same feeling of safety and security that we are able to have. It is unfortunate that you have a rule that a president is not able to run for a third term. Honestly, it is sad that in just a short time you may lose many years of the hard work of the women who have dedicated so much of their lives so that you could have better.

  28. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone misspeaks, words hurt, but actions speak and do show volumes about a person. One calls women pigs and sluts and some women are pigs and sluts, so are men. The man in this case is a worker who has offended many, as the women says BITCHES, isn’t if funny she can refer to herself as a bitch but if you have a cock you become some kind of monster should you say something about a women that is derogatory. The other is a women who has sucked on the public teat since she started in the political scene, She has never done anything that doesn’t have something for her in it. She thinks Rape on women is okay as she protects her raping husband, and destroys the women that have been raped, I guess that make her her the CHAMPION OF BITCHES, or the CHAMPION BITCH. If you want a TWAT and she is that, in the white house, then she the one, she gets people killed, on her watch, she lies the to us about the cause of the deaths, she destroys e mails, destroys 10 or 15 devises that had information on them, she prostitutes the FBI to protect her, she is poison. The guy may have some issues but over all he is far better for this country the she is, The moral to this story is you bitches need to vote with your brains not your TITS, x MARKS THE spot Donald Trump is the one, forgive and forget, get over it BITCHES.

  29. As usual, women make this about themselves. If you think the latest events mostly concerns women, then you’re shortsighted. No – this is about our national security.

    Saying dirty things to a friend is one thing, but it was the context in which he said it: in front of strangers, media, I.e. the wrong people. Imagine him doing this regarding warfare or something more dire.

    Again, to only look at this through “sexism goggles” is to completely miss the true tragedy here.

  30. blah blah sticks and stones, there are more important issues when it comes to dealing with the USA, like the economy, terrorism, illegal immigrants, etc. Rather have someone who said things about women 10 yrs ago then some woman who has a body trail and have no feelings or remorse about killing more. so ladies pick your battles, toughen up, if you made it this far you will do fine. quit being a whiny bitch.

  31. In the wake of this firestorm Trump and his supporters might want to dismiss his actions as coming from a man of fame and fortune but it speaks to the realities and pervasiveness of our rape culture, one which has long sanctioned and even encouraged this behavior for the ordinary man.
    Clearly Donald Trump has not evolved from the 1970s make out artist he imagined himself to be.
    Check out the advice offered from a classic 1970’s book “How to Pick Up Girls.” This misogynist manifesto of male entitlement was the quintessential guide for the testosterone drive members of the Me Generation that promised a fool proof guide to meeting women and scoring, whatever it took. Sounds very familiar .

  32. My Lord! Which among us haven’t done or said stupid things during our lifetime. I don’t agree with Mr. Trump’s opinion about certain types of Woman, because it hurts their feelings. I for one I’m not offended it by because I’ don’t qualify as one of them, I’m no one of those who are impress by celebrities or anyone in power to throw myself at them. Mr. Trump is running for President, and not for the papacy, therefore, I’m more interested in his stands about the economy, how to create jobs for every American who wants to work. How are going to paid the debt so we won’t leave our children holding the bag. How to enforce the immigration laws to prevent people with an ideology of death to come to our Country and kill us. How to prevent the Federal Reserve and bankers from further destroying the free markets. I wish Mrs. Clinton had solutions for this Country’s problems, but her goal is submitting this Country The Globalist Agenda represents a plan to bring all of Earth’s inhabitants under the control of a single, global state. I know that One World Order will come to fruition, because it is written in the Bible, but I want more time to tell others about the good news of Jesus Christ, without coercion of any source, but to simple show how to attain a new heart full of love and compassion; free from hate, from judging others, free from fear, anger, instead a heart full love for self and others unconditionally.

  33. Reblogged this on Reading, Drinking and Dancing with a Chaser of Snark and commented:
    Hell yeah! THIS woman, who happens to,be a moderate, Roman Catholic, middle-aged Latina, has been utterly disgusted by trump and his trumpeters since the day he announced his candidacy.

    Shame on the GOP for allowing the tea party, alt-right and white supremacists to take over the party of Lincoln. You are reaping what you’ve sown. Congratulations.

  34. Where is your outrage for the woman who publicly vilified her husband’s sexual victims (actual breathing victims), called them whores and bimbos, and tried desperately to cover up his crimes???
    I don’t appreciate locker room talk coming from anyone. But for god’s sake, actions speak much louder than words! And we won’t even mention her myriad of crimes and lies.

  35. Trump has made some pretty demeaning and disparaging remarks or WORDS, if you will, but the Clintons (yes, both Bill & Hillary) take action on matters of assault, sexual misconduct, and illicit behavior. When Bill was in the White House, sexual assault accusations were actively being dismissed and attempted at being squashed by the First Lady…yes, our Democratic elect, Hillary. Forget about all of the other nonsense Hillary has brought to the table, but this alone should make all these ‘Bitches’ wonder, if Bill started up these shenanigan again as the First Gentleman of the White House, at what lengths would Hillary go as President to cover it up? Don’t sit here and talk about women’s rights and equality, as if both sides do not have shame on this matter. And if bitches get shit done, I would hope that if Trump is elected, you’re smart enough to not land yourself ‘back in the kitchen’. Of course, Mr. Trump would have more important items of importance, than trying to get women back to the kitchen. And it doesn’t appear you are trying to climb the corporate ladder, Mrs. Castle…being a stay at home mom having dance parties in your kitchen and all. Talk to some of the women who are actually out there trying and succeeding in breaking the glass ceiling…it’s not just Hillary doing this. Because bitches do get shit done. And no man, not even in the White House, should make you think all would be lost.

  36. Once again, women think it’s all about them. If you think sexism is the real story here, then you’re delusional.

    Fact is, people of all sexes have been known to objectify the other sex (even women objectifying other women but in a different context).

    The REAL story is that Trump doesn’t know the difference between a confidential conversation with a friend and a conversation with a major media company in front of 7 other strangers. Who is to say what would happen if the context was, say, about warfare or another country.

    The context in which he spoke is the real problem here, not particularly what he said. That’s a matter of national security (my life and freedom is more important that hurting women’s feelings, sorry to say).

    And until you make that very dire distinction, you’ll continue to miss the point of all this.

    Women – it’s not about you. Not this time. There is a much bigger, more important picture painted here.

  37. You made my cry. Of pride. And I’d only add one tiny thing here: “Latinas VOTE!” Thanks for your wisdom.

  38. *Applauds * Yes!! So this!! As a young woman living in the US, I agree with his post completely. We need to get out and vote to keep this fearful pig of a man out of office! Any woman who votes for him is basically a traitor to all women in this country! Thank you for writing this blog post. I am so sharing it.

  39. Reblogged this on Because I Said So. . . and commented:

    There are endless reasons not to vote for this man, most of which have been well chronicled and elucidated in the “liberal media,” but for me this is one of the most important and most egregious. A vote for this charlatan is a vote against your daughter, your sister, your niece. A vote for this cretan sends the message to your sons and daughters that “boys will be boys” is an acceptable response to rudeness and sexism and assault and a laundry list of other insults and offenses. A vote for this deplorable man is a vote against the values and spirit that have already and continue to make America great.

    “When they go low, we go high.” Go high this November America. Your daughters (and sons) deserve it.

  40. Reblogged this on Tele's Word Bites and commented:
    This is a rational thought out blog post. I doubt I could write an equivalent without getting extremely angry. I actually pity women who “support” Trump because your contribution to his campaign is not valued. YOU aren’t valued. To Trump you may as well be the doormat he wipes his shoes on. There is something seriously wrong with the likes of him that can exist in 2016 and be like he is.

    #ImWithHer #NeverTrump

  41. I couldn’t even read the whole tirade because it seemed like a rehash of all the same old drivel. Yes, Donald Trump has some bad male characteristics that he lets fly whenever it suits him. He’s not a robotic politician regurgitating the “party line” and the “party platform” to retain status and influence. He’s a businessman. A flawed human but a businessman. We have had a bad successive stream of life-long politicians who can’t remember if they ever had a real job. Those who have actually worked for a living like 99% of us, have forgotten how us “little guys and gals” live our lives. I’d like to see a non-politician at the reins again. Someone who can see from the business angle. Our government IS a business, and it needs to be effectively and efficiently run like one!!! We are down a very deep hole created by 8 years of failed Obama agendas. Having Hillary in the White House would mean 4 or, heaven forbid, 8 years of Clinton programs killing our country. We’re pretty down now, but if her agendas become part of our government operations, we’re doomed. She’s looking redistribute wealth (like communism, make everyone and everything equal (it’s NOT!!!), and “take care” of us from birth to death without our having any say in the matter! Thank you, but I don’t want to be a part of the Hillary “Brave New World” that would be coming. Anyone who votes for Hillary can NEVER say, “Ooops! My bad” when things fall apart and we’re all worse off than with Obama.

    1. But he’s still an idiot, you know. Being a non-politician isn’t the only attribute he has…stupidity and ignorance and sociopathy are the others.

      What if he opened his big dumb mouth to world leaders when he shouldn’t? Replace talking badly about a woman to talking badly about someone he needs to keep peace with.

      I hope you’re smart enough to connect that.

    2. I agree with you, in large part, about the ‘professional politicians’ who can’t remember (if they ever knew) how it feels to work for a living. Apparently TheDonald doesn’t either because of the ‘startup loan’ of $1,000,000 (US) his dad gave him, and his penchant for stiffing construction-trade contractors.

      I strongly disagree with your characterization of ‘failed’ Obama policies and Clinton agendas killing our country.

      At the end of Bill Clinton’s term in office the US had a $237 billion SURPLUS; and, after years of stagnant income growth among average and lower-income families, all income brackets had experienced double-digit income growth since 1993. The bottom 20 percent saw the largest income growth at 16.3 percent.

      Now? The rich get richer and the poor stay poor. HRC’s policies regarding money are about helping EVERYBODY, across the spectrum, not just the top 1%.

      I remember when HRC (as First Lady) was leading the push for health-care reform. One of the loudest, and most frequent, objections I heard was “Why can’t she be a normal First Lady?” ‘Normal’ being “Lead tours of the White House and host book-club meetings.”

      And ‘failed Obama policies’? Where were you when EVERY US auto manufacturer declared bankruptcy and Obama came up with a plan to save them, to cite one example. Do you think that Trump’s diplomatic skills would EVER lead to the international trust necessary to share the intel that led to Bin Laden being taken down? I spent 11 years Army MI, and I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

      The OWG (Old White Guy) Republican philosophy of “Let’s keep doing it the way we’ve always done it.” isn’t going to work for our future. Trump’s “Robber Baron” attitude won’t either. Nor will his continuing to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

      I’ll vote for HRC not because I think she’s perfect, but because she is a far-better choice than Trump.

  42. Believe me I don’t like one moment what I heard; but, what I don’t like even more is that many of the people posting to this are the very same people who said about Bill Clinton that what ever he did in private is his own business even if it was in the Oval Office. I hate what Trump said, but I hate what Bill did even more and how the women he did things with have been vilified!


    1. Don’t forget they will draft us women now too. 🙁 Trump is nothing but bad news. He’s a terrible choice for this country and any woman who supports him or votes for him is a traitor to all of us women.

  44. Right on SISTERS !!!! we cannot and should not stand for these “MEN” to continue. I had a boss that was exactly like Trump. he made jestures and comments all the time about womens features. He even made them about the customers. He would make a v with his hand and hold it up to his mouth and flip his tongue around at me !! Also, would drop a pen right at his feet and say, “while You’re down there…” This man who was our BOSS was very unhinged when allegations arised that he sexually harrasses many employees who just wanted to earn a living but couldn’t move up the corporate latter with him in theyre way. “PAY FOR PLAY” should of been his motto. He was racist, a bigot and ignored all of the managment training that inforced a diverse workforce. He was best friends with my immediate supervisor, THE Human Resources Supervisor… So taking this clown out was very difficult with an all white uppermanagement company. I finally had to threaten to go public if they didnt escort him out. I took a lot of criticism, but the thruth and justice prevailed. One of the compaints was a coworker was holding her twin babies in each arm and he came up behind her and grabbed her boobs. always laughing off his “JOKES”.

    1. Right on!! We need to stand with our sisterhood and not allow for this pig to even take 1 step towards the White House. I’m patiently waiting for your letter #2 after the disgusting vomit that came out him that was revealed yesterday!! I’m speechless if any woman continues to support this pig. Any person with a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, niece….shame on you if you support that assHole!! Women like Susan B Anthony, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Norma Rae and so many more fought and struggled so hard to pave the way for us women today. Have some respect and don’t let their hard work go down the drain. If you feel you are a strong woman than let’s stand as a strong sisterhood and don’t allow for a pig like him to even take 1 foot forward to the White House!!

      1. Unfortunately, as well as being a sexist asshole, and a misogynist, he is also a total, complete and utter CUNT. Maybe some nice, Second-Amendment-ist will do the World a favour and SHOOT THE PATHETIC PRICK IN THE HEAD – if I still lived in America, I would happily do it, but I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland and I can’t make it over to the States before November…


          1. If you don’t like “Haters” there, HOW THE FUCK DID OLE’ D.T. EVER GET THE REPUBLICUNT NOMINATION, WHEN “HATER” BASICALLY SUMS-UP WHAT THE ASSHOLE REPRESENTS AND IS ALL ABOUT. Seriously – Asians, Blacks, Mexicans, women – is there ANYONE HE DOESN’T TRY TO BEAT-UP ON? Apart from W.A.S.P.s – and his ancestry is Oirish, isn’t it? Sorry, I obviously meant German, didn’t I – apparently he SHOULD be called Donald Drumph – don’t know why, but it seems to suit him SO much better than Trump, doesn’t it? Still, if you REALLY want a racist cunt to be the President of your country, good luck to you – you’re going to need it…

          2. Not to mention that TYPING EVERYTHING IN CAPS DOESN’T REINFORCE YOUR POINT – rather, it makes you seem like an eight-year-old who’s sneaked onto his mommy’s computer… So why not maybe give it back to her and go play with your X-Box…

    2. Ugh, the fact that you’re so hung up on gender and not the real issue (like Trump opening his mouth when he shouldn’t, which is a matter of national security – FAR more important than your feelings) is sad. You missing the point and core issues is you perpetuating it.

      Dear women – this is not about you. This is about all of us.

        1. I’ve seen women in this very comment section say the same things…what does my gender have to do with it?

          If you say my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m a man (well, that’s sexist, first of all) then you’re giving me the moral authority to say you’re comments don’t matter because you’re a women (which would be equally sexist)

          Hypocrite much?

      1. There is no all of us if parts of the population are denigrated, treated unfairly and unequally, whether women, Muslims, people of color, Mexicans, handicapped.

        1. Yeah, but I’m just afraid our (I.e. the women here and on other similar feminist-centric sites) priorities are out of wack. Too many women aren’t putting this in the correct context.

          Once Trump spills something about our security, and we get bombed because of it, trust me, no one is going to give a shit about hurt feelings.

      2. Coming from a man this comment doesn’t surprise me at all. Look at qualifications, isn’t that what any job requires. He certainly has never been in the Government, and is definitely NOT QUALIFIED. You have showed how ignorant you are, she was being nice for not including all the other nasty things he has done and said. The topic was about women and racism, as well showing all just what an embarrassment he is to all of society.

        1. Excuse me? Nothing of what you said addresses what I said.

          All you keep implying is that I’m pro Trump. And if that’s what you got from my comments, you’re an illiterate fool.

        2. Just reiterating here: where, at all, whatsoever, did I imply that Trump is qualified? I made it pretty clear he’d put us all at risk with that big mouth.

          So, tell me – how did you conjure this up? Can you quote where I say I support him?

      3. Kirstenduncecap, I totally agree you. This elections are not about different groups, or our feelings as women or men, perfect the Cadidates or racial issues. THIS IS ABOUT ALL OF US! Isis, National Securty, Inmigration, the Economy, Education and Health care is really what should matter to all of us.

    3. I don’t recall Trump raping and abusing women who were his subordinates, as Bill Clinton did, and as Hillary defended his actions. Hillary is as anti-women as it gets, but you seem to be ok with rape, but afraid of mis-placed words. Shame on you !!

      1. Anonymous: “I don’t recall Trump raping and abusing women” — what do you call it when Trump proudly talks about “grabbing p*****” just because he’s “famous”?

        1. Read your own reply. It’s “talk”, whereas Hillary is ok with her husband actually forcing himself on subordinates.
          HUGE difference, but your hypocrisy can’t allow you to see that. Again, shame on you !!

          1. Funny because he has been tried for rape a couple times, and is supposed to go to court next week for raping a 13 your old model! So to say “it’s just talk” as if that makes it any better – is bullshit! Trump has in fact sexually assaulted women, and gets away with it because he has the money & resources to stay out of jail!

      2. You do realize that Trump is currently being sued by a woman who claims he raped her when she was 13, right? Or the disgusting comments he made towards Arianne Zucker, and how if he wants to sleep with a woman “You can do anything […] Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything.” In 1997 Jill Harth, who had been meeting with Trump regularly to form a business partnership, sued Trump for sexual harassment claiming he repeatedly groped her and pushed her into a wall and tried to kiss her. If these aren’t clear examples (just a few pulled from MANY) of Trump abusing women, regardless of whether they are his subordinates or not, then you must not have eyes.

        Hilary’s defense of her husband wasn’t laudable, but she also isn’t actively and in perpetuity raping people. So, yeah. Trump is worse.

      3. HILARY is the most anti-woman candidate that is running for office. She condoned all of what her husband Bill did and he’s still a pervert! No changing that! I as a woman would NEVER vote for this lying, cheating, blood on her hands woman EVER!

        1. Sorry you as a wife have the right to forgive your husband if you choose to and getting under a desk by your own choice to do what she did with a known married man … makes you think about het intentions , first she was not an uneducated woman , not a minor either , and just. Tell me why a woman would keep a dirty stained with semen dress ? Maybe bc is the President semen?

          I have never read of Mr. Clinton been accused of anything else , and I won’t believed any woman that will pop out now saying he did , you have time to bring that subject way before why suddenly now .

          But we know about Trump love affairs , sexism comments way before he was in this campaign,. And no is not about women only is his ignorance , racism , that brings this out When did America got lost?
          Ohhh let me think ? When they elected a black president? That most have tasted bad with all the hidden in the closet racist ,
          It is hard to accept that the black president , took a Nation in economical crises , caused in the 8 years term of a White president , where we had lost the respect of all world nations with his cowboy antics , we got that back too , or you forget how much other big nations government congratulated Obama . Yes he brought jobs , didn’t lost them for the American people . Read the facts. The only thing he did wrong was been black and democrati .

          Now you want this boozo of a person just because he triggered the bad and ugly of some Americans , that kept it hidden bc it was not welcome. Anymore and he now has open the doors for all of you to come out ?

        2. Why bother voting, then? As a protest against the Clintons? Seem like quite a high-risk strategy, when you could inadvertently(?) vote into power a TOTAL, racist, misogynistic CUNT. And, make NO mistake about it – Drumph IS a TOTAL CUNT.

      4. Are u serious?? U know that DT was sued by his ex Ivanka for raping her & he paid her off! Same w another woman & there’s a current lawsuit against him for raping a 13yr old w his good friend Epstein a convicted pedophile. Did u watch the most recent video where DT says he can grab a women’s tits, p***y, & f*** them cuz he’s a star?! He was married to MelaniA & brags about f***ing women. Is that a man who respects women? It’s the most horrific thing & u want him to b Pres?? What Bill did was wrong, but he didn’t assault Monica & when that came out, some women started accusing him of sexual things prob to get $. Nothing came out of that except a bunch of headlines to get ratings & a sad disaster for a family. U have no right to judge Hillary for how she handled that! It’s none of your biz. Can u imagine going thru that humiliation in front of everyone? She worked on saving her marriage like millions of cples do all the time. Hillary has spent her career fighting for women & kids. DT has a long record of sexually harassing women, he condones it, he’s publicly degraded us, he’s offensive, a misogynist, bigot, racist, & he lies EVERY DAY, just watch him! Seriously u have to either be a man or just blind & gullible to believe everything said about Hillary is true, cuz it’s not if u check the facts, & think DT is for anyone else except himself. Thank u to the women who wrote this! It’s as if I wrote it myself.

    1. While she is all sorts of F’ed up, to be fair, your job as a lawyer is to protect your client. If you think she’s not part of the 99% of other lawyers who do the same, think again.

      She did her job. She’s still a pig for staying in such a horrible and dishonest career and for speaking the way she did about rape victims in the same finishing light that Trump speaks about other people (women, handicap, men included)

      1. Kristenduncecap…Please understand, the issue is the same whether we are talking about Trump’s rampant misogynistic, white supremacist, xenophobic, heteronormative, or transphobia views OR his dangerous inability to make decisions for our country. The personal IS the political. The parts contribute to the whole. Consider the possibility that you the one not thinking critically.

        1. Easy answer and dismissal. Go look at other sources. But, of course, the claptrap response will be the same if it shows how wrong you are, “They cannot be trusted.” So, live happily in your ignorance, and sorry your vote isn’t going to matter much when Madam President wins.

      1. Everything that Hillary has done and people turn a blind eye. Both these candidates are unworthy to hold office. How can any woman turn a blind eye and justify her. Where is your outrage for her victims?

        The media is truly running this country and the blind sheep are following.

        1. What is “Everything that Hillary has done??!!” You are, apparently, a blind idiot who prefers to believe the right-wing perpetuated myth that she’s done something wrong.

      2. Let’s see. Hillary Rodham Clinton has done far worse to women than Donald J Trump. Like get a child rapists off, then laughed about it . not to mention what she called Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and Monica Lewinsky(all of wich is recorded,and broadcasted on all major networks). Oris your mind so small that you have forgotten about me ask you a question. How many women other than her daughter, has Killary put in executive positions.
        What Trump said was in the confidence of privacy. The things Hillary has said she said to the public and on camera. The miss piggy and miss house was never been proven, it is only he said she said.
        Lastly how many time have you looked at a man or a woman if you go that way and had a lustful thought? Don’t say never than that would make you a liar and a hippocrate.

        1. It’s not a crime “to get a child rapist off.” As distasteful as you may find it, lawyers are ethically obligated to represent unpopular clients. And when representing them, lawyers are ethically obligated to provide zealous representation, meaning to the best of their ability. Anything less would be unethical. She had this client when she was 2 years out of law school and may not have had a choice in who her superiors made her represent; regardless, doing so was absolutely ethical. It was the job of the prosecutor to represent the interests of this child, not Hillary’s; sometimes lawyers have to push their personal empathy aside to fulfill their obligations as an attorney. Her laughter on this tape is bitter laughter, showing jadedness with the system. She stopped representing criminal cases pretty soon after this; I can only imagine she found it was not for her after such a distasteful case. It’s amazing to me that you listened to the entire audio file and still believe she is somehow laughing at the plight of the victim when it’s very clearly at the absurdity of the criminal process.

  45. I am appalled at most of whatTrump says. But his last video was beyond disgusting. I am horrified that Trump
    was even chosen to run for president. I have been around for many years and he is the worst candidate ever chosen to run for president. Don’t vote for this “man”!

  46. Well there is one problem with this great article: too many “big” words – Trump won´t understand IF he ever reads it! Half way through his brain will be fried lol

    1. Before I was married in 1967 when out with the guys I talked like this. Now if someone taped it and played it today and said “LOOK, what a sleaze you are” I don’t think that would be fair to hold that against me. I’ve said and done many things in BC time, meaning Before Christ. I became a different person in speech and actions. I am obviously not perfect just because I no longer smoke, drink, curse or chase women. But from what I understand Trump’s inappropriate language is BC so I can look past this.

      1. The dude didn’t just talk like that, Steve. He went beyond some sleazy talk right into action. grabbed women’s crotches. He forced them to kiss him. He did it on that damned tape. If you and your friends did that, you’d be arrested.

      2. I’m glad you joined the human race — and have held onto your membership card for 50 years. Trump hasn’t yet joined the human race.Trump was demeaning women, quite publicly, just last week, and the week before that, and many weeks before that. His BC hasn’t ended, and never will. He clearly has no intention of giving up his sexual- assaulting, rape-culture promoting attitudes. He won’t even suspend them long enough to win our votes and sneak his misogynist ass into the White House.

      3. Then you, too, are pathetic. Might I remind you, though, you were not running for President of the United States.

      4. It also wasn’t that long ago. It was only about 10 years ago vs. 40+ I have an elderly neighbor like Trump. He still says things like black men steal from stupid white whores who sleep with them. Most people wouldn’t say that. That includes my parents who might have said equally stupid things when they were teenagers in the 60’s. The difference is they learned and changed. I am pretty certain that both Trump and my old creepy neighbor will feel and act the same way toward women until they’re dead.

      5. Steve, you said such things in… 1967…BEFORE you got married. Donald Trump said those things in… 2005… at the age of 59…AFTER he married Milania just 7 months earlier. Even if this was BC, he has said PLENTY since the campaign began in show that he has not changed.

      6. Steve Smith, this comment was made in 2005, just after he had married his 3rd wife. Not almost 50 years ago, when he was a stupid young kid, before he was married, before he had a daughter of his own, this was 11 years ago, at the age of roughly 60 years old! And his comments were actually him describing his own actions, which equate to sexual assault. How does no one get that? Let me ask you, if some man walked up to YOUR wife and grabbed her, pulled her close and planted a kiss on her, while grabbing her genitals, how you react? Would you still feel the same. If so, then I truly feel sorry for your wife and any daughters you have.

  47. Just as the picture at the start of this silly offering depicts….a double FUCK YOU….or didn’t your small mind perceive the meaning of the gesture. No harm done ya fucking bitch.

    1. Is that what you call your mom or sister? A real man would not insult woman. Grow up and stop thinking with one thing. Women today will not put up with it. Don’t go away mad just go away!!

  48. There is a lot of broad brushed generalizing hers of sexist bigoted views of men and women. The gender bigotry from the extreme alt-left is simply racism and sexist stereotypes intended to dehumanize masculinity to prove some point that everyone has forgotten.

      1. Really Kristenxyz…? Then I guess Drumph isn’t courting the white educated female vote. He’s courting ALL the votes. That’s not how it works. BITCHES UNITE!

  49. Double finger Jerry Springer angst easy. Supreme Court Justices; unaccompanied children at the border; and the economy? Hard. Rise above the minutia women and tackle the hard stuff the world needs us to lead ummm yesterday.

  50. This is all great stuff, but remember when Hillary’s husband was sexually harassing and actually raping women, and Hillary did everything she could to belittle them and make the stories go away. Hillary as a feminist is the biggest joke I have ever seen.

  51. You are correct. Women are individuals and beautiful creatures. We need to look deep into this election. The crooked establishment is using this topic to get Hillary elected. This election is about the constitution and our sacred individual rights as women and men. The establishment wants the women to fear Trump, but in reality we need to fear what will happen if he loses. The constitution will be dissolved. We will lose our individual rights to free speech. The establishment is working toward one world governing. I like my freedom. Right now information is coming to the surface that our own government has been supplying arms to isis. The terror group is spreading into our country. Obama wants upheaval in the east because of pushing his agenda on Syria. They are building a pipeline and Syria is in the way. Please people look past the surface. This is serious. Obama pays the media to distract us and he signed the internet rights out of American hands. Please consider voting Trump. He truly wants to keep our rights. He loves America and so do I

    1. You say this election is “about the constitution and our sacred individual rights as women and men.” You say Trump “truly wants to keep our rights.” It appears he wants to keep the rights of the rich and privileged males, but not those of women or of people of color, or of people who have religions he doesn’t approve of. He also would likely shut down freedom of the press, one of the most important freedoms in our country. I’m sad that you and others can’t hear what he’s really saying in both his words and actions. Putting him in office would undermine our democracy. I’m sure you “love America” but he doesn’t — he loves himself, his money, and his pleasure. That’s all.

    2. What exactly is your basis for your comments? Fact-based only, please. I’d love to see your proof, not your opinion, on the idea that the constitution will be dissolved and that we will lose our freedom of speech if Trump is not elected.

      Remember… facts, not opinions.

  52. Dear men and their little videos – The judge picked her out to defend him at the recommendation of the prosecutor because the defendant asked for a female attorney. She tried to get out of it, saying she didn’t want to take the case. The prosecutor corroborates this and told her she couldn’t turn down the judge. Then she did her job to the best of her ability. Why don’t you go after the idiot (male) prosecutor who screwed up the case and evidence in a case he SHOULD have easily won?

    1. From what I read, the evidence in that trial was confused with witnesses changing their stories. Plus, I believe that she convinced the defendant to accept a plea bargain, sparing the victim from having to go to trial (back in the days when victims were routinely slut-shamed during rape trials).

  53. Thank you for the shout outs to supportive men in this piece. Sometimes as a man I feel lumped into the same category as the backward thinking men like trump. I’m glad you’re on our side 🙂

    1. My husband would agree with you Anonymous. He says sometimes he feels ashamed to be a part of the male species when things like this come to light about other men. But he is nothing like Mr. Trump and like-minded men. He respects women. But he also realizes women need to speak out or it will never stop.

  54. your a Hypocrite and a Hillary Clinton lover. Why don’t you get in touch with Hillary Clinton husband Bill, if your nice looking he’ll Rape you and Hillary will destroy you for telling on her husband. Your the kind of women that give women a bad name.

    1. And you’re the kind of person who gives humanity a bad name by not educating yourself on the facts of those stories.

      Do some reading for once. It helps

    2. Your attempt at written expression tells me that you must be a child, an English-as-a-second-language learner, a person with a specific handicap, or a school drop-out. You respond to emotional rather than rational appeals. If you can just follow and believe, you don’t have to check facts and learn to think for yourself. That’s a sad state for a prospective voter to be in!

  55. I think any woman would agree with this well written, truthful letter. What are women thinking?? We are all entitled to our opinions though. In my life, I have no complaints about the last 8 years, and with a little tweaking on a few very important issues, like the health care system, our lives have been pretty much the same. I vote for someone who has done as good of a job as Obama has. He has done a decent job, and love the First Lady. I just hope Hillary becomes our President, not because she is a lady, but because she has the stamina, intelligence, knowledge, and grace to carry out the position.

  56. Let’s not talk about Bill Clinton. Let’s just talk about Trump. How about you write a letter to address policies, because at the end of the day, it’s not going to matter what someone says, but it will matter what happens to this country.

  57. Thank you! I never could have worded my thoughts so well. You are 100% correct! I haven’t fought my whole 63 years to be an independent woman to lose all that to this nasty bully. I wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump for ANYTHING & lest anyone think his running mate is any better, think again! MIke Pence thinks and does much of the same as Pence, he just does it more secretively & differently. I am from Indiana. The only good thing about Mike Pence running for VP is that he can no longer be the governor here, although he did try to change (over ride) the law to allow him to run for Vice President while still keeping the job of Governor. Get rid of both of them Republicans. You might also want to restructure the whole political party if this is the best you have to offer!!

  58. Anyone else ever think this was all a set up? That there was no way Trump would ever win and that’s why he got the nomination? I think so, I think Hillary is a shoe in and don’t get me wrong, I Ann a republican but you couldn’t pay me any amount of money to vote my pay line this time! And I actually don’t personally know any fellow republican who feels different. I would not be happy with another Clinton White House but we played right into the game when our party nominated this joke!

  59. Like Bob Dylan once wrote

    But I can see through your eyes
    And I see through your brain
    Like I see through the water
    That runs down my drain
    ( Masters Of War)

  60. Trump is a racist, egotistical, sexist ass who is better suited to the mind set of America in the early 1900’s but is Hilary Clinton any better? She stayed with a husband who treated women the same way Trump does, supporting him all the way. I am very glad I am Canadian and therefore do not have to make the decision which is the lesser evil to vote for.

    1. Hillary Clinton, the only Clinton on the ballot this year, was the victim, who generously forgave the transgressions of her husband. She made personal sacrifices and endured deep humiliation to preserve her marriage; she is not a transgressor. Trump is an unrepentant repeat-transgressor, and a cheerleader for sexual assault. How can there be any comparison between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

  61. I’m finding women writers who I love at a much faster rate than normal this year. Rage on the page can be so healing. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  62. Ladies, This is not about women, Hillary is a crook that only thinks of herself and her daughter. there s a bigger issue here. If she wins foreign countries will be the white house with her. she has taken millions of dollars from these foreign countries. I would vote for s dog rather than her. she is a liar she has blood on her hands and has manipulated the FBI to get what she wanted. I know that Trump has put women down and I don’t know why a man would do this.. But our country is in danger look around you and see what is happening, think of your children, grandchildren if she get in another 8 year of the same. Trillions of dollars spent and we are still unrespected unliked and and in danger. Women are strong and it does not matter what Trump has said in the past. And another thing is funny that this video came out the same time as the tapes that revealed the is a two faced bitch.

  63. I don’t disagree with anything you said but what’s worse??? A man who does this or a woman who does it to her own gender? Just because Hillary is a woman doesn’t mean she has a woman’s interest at heart. In fact, she has sold herself out just to get where she is at…

  64. We watched you interrupt a woman 51 times during a 90 minute debate.

    Most of the time it was when she was attacking Trump with her empty, snarky comments. Sitting quiet when someone is attacking you is stupid.

    While the better qualified, more knowledgeable woman was talking, you attempted to bulldoze right over her.

    Trump actually offered solutions to the problems facing our economy. Hillary was like, “we will go ahead with globalization, with mass immigration and outsourcing, and eventually it will start to help working Americans… somehow, at some indeterminate time in the future.”

    We’re moving forward. All of us, smart men and women, have had enough of the tired gender roles. We’ve had enough of you and other weak, fearful men trying to stop progress.

    “Progress” apparently defined by you as dying alone with your cats, and maybe a l3sbian lover if you’re lucky. Yeah, if that’s progress, I’ll take regression any day of the week.

  65. Trump has acted like an animal at the US Tennis Open… I worked in Tennis suites and heard many stories of Trump being a beast to women who worked in his tennis suites…. I know 2 who quit because of Trump’s piggish behavior towards them… I hope someone investigates…

  66. You see how the article said it spike for “most women”? It is nothing more than a propaganda piece put out to influence those who know nothing about the Clinton Crime Family. Probably put out by the same folks that keep calling Bill’s rape accusations infidelity. :b to then!

    1. You could not said it better , I am latina My generation in a spanish house was a very macho style one , best meat was for my father, first serve was always my father , thats ok with me , he was a hard good generous working man , father of 6 daughters. He wanted us to study to be smart to know how to defend ourself in this man era , he helped my mother to study by providing with help for her to be able to , she had a bachelor degree in science, and a year almost to finish her law degree when she was hit by dementia , that men at that time would not had been criticized if he would had left her for a healthy one , but he didn’t he help my mother by getting her the best medical care, even by sending her out of PR to be treated by getting her the best in that field.

      He was a very prominent doctor with over 3 doctorates. But he had time to teach us to cook , to sew our school uniforms hems , he will take us to buy everything we needed for the new school year … he was a mentor , pushed us to step up and never look down.
      I married 41 years ago with a very macho hard working men who love me , I don’t mind serving him first , or giving him the best piece of the chicken even if I had to get the smaller or none , but I wasn’t forced and I knew if he knew it was the only he would had give it to me , when I had breast Cancer at age 32 he stick with me he was my support he will sit me by the kitchen so I could teach him how to cook for us we had 2kids 8, 12 … even now when again had breast cancer he still giving me support.
      And guess what? He is a Vietnam disable Veteran and republican, I had always been democrat , but he is not voting for Trump this year , and he voted for Obama the 2nd term .

      I wish all the woman in this country will take a day and march out on the streets to show him , yes we can … and we won’t vote for you Trump , sorry you don’t deserve the Mr.

  67. Can we carry this theme even further?! we Women who are Mothers, Frandmothers, Sisters, Caretakers, Mothers of the Earth, need your voice. thank you!

    Females are half the world’s population. isnt it it is time for some OTHER male behaviors (Beside Trumpian) to cease and desist? isnt it time for a Major time out on:

    all forms of abuse against Women Men AND CHILDREN. this bad behavior includes all form of aggression: men and boys and their guns. war games, serious war, gunplay, murders, etc etc.

    are women worldwide to blame for raising males who are so depressed, so ill prepared to meet the world’s challenges? why are so many men so mean and aggressive?

    is there too much testosterone in their bodies, more thsn they can handle? they were blessed with much testosterone before they were Cave Men and needed it to for Fight! or Flight! now, eh, not so much. in fact, men are still on overload. not that we women can do anything about that HORMONAL PROBLEM many men have. but i would like to at least see men acknowledge they have a problem. be simply aware of it. talk to their doctors. : )

    don’t listen if men say we are demasculating them or acting like we are their mothers. my God, many men worldwide need some discipllne and compassion.this is a workdwide problem.

    maybe Trump has done everyone on the planet a favor for being such a poster boy public jackass. maybe God did this.

  68. I don’t give this man any coverage on my personal page. But this open letter right here speaks volume of my anger OVERALL with this candidate. And I stand with you because #ImWithHer

    1. I understand all of you that are all in with Killery. However, all of you are either living in alternate universe or are unable to understand (or are denying) the fact that in locker-room situations, man and woman talk thrush about opposite sex. I don’t condone the talk but it is something that most of the men would say at one time or the other.
      Grow up people and think what is better for our country. Do you want a person who would say anything to get elected or a straight talker that doesn’t give a damn about political correctness and is truly concerned about the future about our country.
      I urge all of you to follow the money, if you know what I mean.

  69. I would ascertain you drafted one of those open letters to Hillary Clinton whose husband carried out his lewd words against women with rape groping and unwanted sexual advances

    Hillary Clinton became Bill Clinton’s biggest defender against the many many women Bill sexual abused

    Hillary Clinton harassed threatened and denigrated Bill Clinton’s victims

    Leaving them in despair

    Even destroying those women’s lives

    All to continue Hillary thirst for power and money

    Gennifer Flowers

    Juanita Brodderick

    Paula Jones

    Just to name a few…fact check them

    And let me see if I have this correct

    You women get your feathers in a bunch over a few words Trump said in which Trump never acted upon those words like Bill Clinton did

    As far as qualifications in reference to Hillary Clinton to become President of the USA

    Fact Check



    Hillary’s Wall St speeches

    George Soros Hillary’s top money man

    Haiti’s Earthquake in which the Clinton Foundation kept millions of dollars donated for the poor people of Haiti to rebuild after that earthquake

    Saudi Arabia another big money donar to Hillary Clinton in which Saudi Arabia allows husband’s to beat their wives ~ women have no freedom’s or rights and it is.against the Saudi law to be gay punishable by death

    If Hillary Clinton want to be believable as a “feminist” perhaps she should give Saudi Arabia back all those millions of dollars

    The worst thing any of us could do is vote for someone without fully vetting them first

    Hillary Clinton is a Globalist Elite bought and paid for and wants to turn America into a One World Government with the rest of the world

    So “feminists” how would you feel about being governed in that One World Government by Saudi Arabia?

    1. The person I am today and the person I continue to aspire to be was influenced by my mother – a strong woman that lived thru the dictatorship of WW2; lived thru famine; lived thru fighting for her rights; lived thru seeing a world changing for the better.

      Today, I believe I speak on her behalf, when I say that woman cannot & should not vote to go back in time. A vote for Trump is a vote that will undo all that women have striven to became and all the gains they have made.

      Angry women must join together and ensure that our future is one of opportunity for all – including our daughters & our granddaughters.


      1. You are most definitely entitled to your own thoughts and opinions but hopefully first you will do your homework and fact check who Hillary Clinton really is

        Hillary Clinton is a very dangerous person she is the one who had created all the turmoil in the Middle East which lead to numerous deaths

        Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails that were under subpoena and as of yet not one email has been recovered about yoga or a wedding

        Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI Congress and the American people

        Would you teach your daughter those qualities?

        Do you believe the laws should be different for Hillary just because she’s Hillary Clinton?

        Please do all Americans a deep favor and research Hillary Clinton before you cast your vote…

  70. Trump didn’t cause 4 Americans to be killed in Bengazi because she got caught running guns to our enemies, He doesn’t approve of killing an innocent child moments before birth, He didn’t defend a rapist that ruined a 12 year old child forever, He didn’t cover up his spouses predatory rape of women, he doesn’t get rid of his enemies by putting hits out on them, He didn’t put our Countries National Security at risk, He didn’t lie about e-mails to the FBI, He is not for Open Borders, He is not for Illegal Immigration, He did not cover up the corruption in DC, He did not accept money from Muslim foreign countries so she will bring in record numbers of UNVETTED Terrorists to destroy our Country just like they are doing in Europe, …. should I go on??? These things are all Hillary’s mess. Trump apologized for something said many many years ago in private with other men and admitted he was wrong… Like this kind of conversation doesn’t happen everyday when men get together at a gym or even a bar…. AND TO BE MORE HONEST US WOMEN HAVE THE SAME CONVERSATIONS ABOUT YOUNG HANDSOME WELL BUILT MEN WHEN WE ARE OUT TOGETHER!!!! Unlike Hillary she would just Lie to cover it up like she has done with everything she has ever been a part of. HER FIRST PRIORITY IS MONEY AND POWER AND DOESN’T CARE WHO OR WHAT SHE DESTROYS OR KILLS TO OBTAIN IT , INCLUDING OUR COUNTRY !!! I am still voting for Donald J. Trump because I believe in him and know he Loves our Country and will do everything in his power to Make America Great Again.

  71. I agree with what was written in this letter but I am also concerned about all the hatred that is being thrown around in this country . His attitude towards women is outrageous but his inability to make a coherent thought should make him unfit to led this country. He reminds me a lot of a leader who wants his way regardless of anyone else’s rights. America is in a sad and hateful time, here’s praying we come out of this election far better than we are now

  72. We are NOT bitches. We are strong, educated, anc just as capable as men. This is a great article except fo the use of that word. That word has been used by men forever to shame and humiliate strong women, and your use of it just illustrates how ingrained it is in our culture to put us down when we refuse to sit down.

    1. I’d love to hear the Clintons’ unfiltered conversations: racist, sexist, criminal, obscene and distinctly unapologetic. Oh wait, that’s strictly private & media protected! After all, why would today’s damning Wikileaks release exposing a tangible paper trail of Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity…collusion, fraud and her treasonous behavior/aspirations…demand national scrutiny or any hint of a judicial indictment when there are decade old clips of sexual crudity in locker rooms? I was truly unaware that sexual banter was somehow an undiscovered phenomenon in the showers of male bravado or the gossiping bathrooms of group female excursions. If I may, when did non-PC locker room talk, as unacceptable as it may be, become worse than Hillary shaming/threatening Bill’s rape victims or laughing about successfully defending a child rapist in 1975? I guess when your husband is “still dicking bimbos”, to quote Colin Powell, it’s not nearly as offensive as receiving oral sex in the Oval office from a young intern who isn’t your wife. Sorry but the Clintons burned their moral relevance card long ago. Hillary can’t win on her record or the issues, so her campaign is desperately tossing out the gender, race, class, and pity card to find anything that sticks. Apparently “outrage” requires a political donation from a “signaled” debate moderator banning common sense.

      1. The world should be sad for what we are allowing it’s unexplainable just as a woman and then to boot a mother

      2. It’s probably useless to ask you to stay on point here. Maybe the letter writer has some choice things to say to Mrs Clinton, or Mr Clinton, but those are separate issues, Stay on track. This defending Trump by attacking someone else is as juvenile as his debating strategy. Women (and I’m pretty confident in generalizing here) dislike being groped, degraded, name called, judged by their appearance, and graded by their boob size, and with Mr Trump, he does all of that plus more. He said a flat chested woman can’t be a 10, but then comments that breast augmentation makes her look fake and plastic. There is no winning with this guy…. And that’s kind of the point. Half of the population of America loses if he gets elected, and I’m not including the minorities. As an aside, I have “quality men” in my life, who don’t get involved in demeaning sexual banter with their pals. My quality men, who have always known that discussing sexually abusing women isn’t any substitute to the rewards they get by treating women with respect. As I say, quality men.

      3. You’re exactly right. I’m sorry. Women’s lib wants it both ways. You want to be in as they call it the privileged mans world but wanted to be treated like ladies. I didn’t particularly care to listen to Mr Trumps private conversation about pu**y. But saying what he did and doing what the Clintons did are two different things. Raising children is an extremely important job. I raised to boys into good men. Careers are wonderful for women. Absolutely they should be paid equal pay. I found it extremely offensive to be called a ” Trumpette” by my so called sisters. Perhaps we are only your sisters if we agree with you ? I do not agree with you. Does that make me less intelligent ? I find raising children who will have to take over when we’re gone the most important job. Does that make me ignorant ? I am a trump supporter. I am not a Trumpette ! I am educated, compassionate, intelligent, loving and funny. To you I am words on a screen that you mock and insult by calling women who support Trump Trumpettes. Do not call me your sister in one breath only to insult me in the next. As far as the LGBT community. You may want to do your research. Hillary does not believe in same sex marriage. Hillary also said she was proud to be a Goldwater girl. As intelligent as you women who wrote this all. You should know that gold water was not for the civil rights movement in the 60’s. In fact Martin Luther king made speeches on them. So take your high powered fingers and type and tap to find the truth. Not what you perceive to be your truth.

    2. I disagree , He’s not a good speaker and I feel he’s trying to be funny and joke and it comes off bad. I dislike BOTH as a president but Johnson not bad. Hillary lies and is keeping Obama in by her side(NOBAMA_NOT A FAN,MRS I LIKE) &Hubby Bill is to involved. I’ll vote for Johnson as it stands as to these two clowns are equally as HORRIFYING as the other in their own Terrifying WAYS. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

      1. Obviously nuance is lost on you, if you feel that the middle finger is equivalent to Donal Trumps misogyny.

      2. that’s not inappropriate. it’s in the vernacular of american politics, culture. she didn’t blare ‘fuck you’ in the mic. she used a great pose…like a bull with bird horns…get it?
        probably the best symbol i can think of for this piece. if you don’t understand, read it again.

      3. Oh…hell no. I will use my middle finger towards him, I’ll call him a racist piece of shit, because that’s exactly what he is. He’s nothing but the lowest scum that walks the earth. He can go fuck himself, and I will use my middle finger, my entire fist, my entire body if it offends him, rather than give him one fucking ounce of decency because he has *NONE* for me.

    1. I am a real woman and I will never back Killary. You think her husband is any better he is just a sexist and uses women. And he needed to interrupt that idiot Killary during the debate.

      1. And right there, in the very first sentence…we know where your talking points come from. Yawn. Try an argument the isn’t riddled with logical fallacies like the holes in Swiss cheese.

  73. The fact that there’s not a single adverse opinion here that’s not followed by a “WELL YOURE A MAN SO OF COURSE YOUD SAY THAT” is very, very telling.

    Watch how many women bring up gender before one’s words and ideas.

    That, ladies, is literally sexism.

  74. Trump is the anti Cristo Mr 666.Tell the people what they want to hear until he wins then like always change things around like I never said that and fix them blaming others.the world is ending my friends .with him in office.if he sends the Mexicans and all others back who’s going to work for less then the minimum .not the youth today

  75. First of all I want to say as the lady that wrote this article, not all women feel the way YOU do. I am not offended by this locker room talk which it is talk and nothing else, 2nd women are worse than men talking about the same thing. You are overlooking that this was said 11 years ago, who really cares. You are going to bash Trump, but look at what Hillary has done and you are going to over look that? What is wrong with you and where are your morals personally there up your ass and another thing Hillary Clinton is far from being the Virgin Mary so put that where the sun doesn’t shine.

    1. But he wants to be a leader of all people and this speech is not the modeling of someone we can all respect. He has no experience in government and will run it into the ground with his carelessness in putting his own businesses into bankruptcy three times. Our country, with the demonstration of his behavior, will be worse off. The whole world is watching and they are laughing at this lunacy. Why are you commenting anonymously? If you believe in what you are saying, reveal yourself rather than hide behind a shield of secrecy?

      1. And the fact that she’s supposedly “experienced” has gotten our country WHERE so far? Please tell me this. And every other career politician. She’s a liar and a murderer. Put the bk card back in the deck. He lied in business, in the private sector. SHE lies to millions of Americans while holding a position within the United States FEDERAL government. You don’t see a problem with this??? And no, I’m not a Trumper, Trump fan, etc. I just feel the playing field should be equal. Toe to Toe. If you’re going to attack one, attack both. Show both of their shortcomings. PERIOD. The media is a damn joke. The nation is the laughing stock of the free world. We’re so screwed it’s not even funny. Seriously, our country needs prayer. And a lot of it. And seriously-shame on you for voting for Hillary due to the sheer fact she possesses female anatomy. I’m all for a woman as POTUS, just not THIS one.

    2. This was written & posted before that clip from 2005 was even released – that only adds fuel to the fire. If you can’t see him for what he is, I feel very sorry for you.

    3. She clearly states this is her OWN opinion, not that of all women. She also mentions NOTHING about Hilary, so why are you assuming that she is overlooking her flaws?? For all we know she may have written one to Hilary too?! I’m so tired of the blame game and “what he/she did was much worse than what I did!” Totally embarrassed at the whole fiasco right now….the whole world is watching…and laughing 😔

    4. Why does every idiot Trump supporter always redirect to Hillary? None of what he said is appropriate, he’s insuating assault and he’s the nominee for POTUS, absolutely held to a higher standard. Get lost, you have no power here!

  76. He is still not as crooked as Hillary! You’ll forgive her for anything she does
    So I’ll forgive him for this!

  77. And the worst part of all… You ignorant hypocrite… Is that Bill not only SAID these things !!!! HE DID THEM !!!
    Daily BJ’s in the OVAL OFFICE…with young intern !!!
    Not to mention… Bills 7 known affairs !!! And Crooked Hillary stood by him… Which is WORSE than just words being spewed 12 years ago !!!
    You and Hillary…. Hypocrites at tveir worst !!!

  78. Hey dummy, and yes a well educated veteran woman is calling you a dummy. If you think tou daddy , boyfriend or husband has never said someethi g Trump has said, than you are delusional. Hillary Clinton told a 12 year old girl that it was her FAULT that a man raped her. Get a life and I do not think you represent more than 50% of the women in the USA. Think is, moast of us think poorly of Rosie O’Donnell and the porn beauty pageant illegal immigrant.

      WHAT’S TRUE: In 1975, young lawyer Hillary Rodham was appointed to represent a defendant charged with raping a 12-year-old girl. Clinton reluctantly took on the case, which ended with a plea bargain for the defendant, and later chuckled about some aspects of the case when discussing it years later.

      WHAT’S FALSE: Hillary Clinton did not volunteer to be the defendant’s lawyer, she did not laugh about the case’s outcome, she did not assert that the complainant “made up the rape story,” she did not claim she knew the defendant to be guilty, and she did not “free” the defendant.

      ORIGIN:In May 2016, the image macro shown above began circulating on Facebook, holding that back in 1975 a young Hillary Clinton (then Hillary Rodham) had “volunteered” to represent a 42-year-old man (Thomas Alfred Taylor) who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl, that Clinton told the judge in the case that the complainant “made up the rape story because [she] enjoyed fantasizing about older men, that Clinton “got [the] rapist freed,” and that Clinton later admitted she knew the defendant was guilty and “laughed about” the outcome of the case. Although Hillary Clinton was indeed involved in a case of this nature, the aspects of the case presented in the image were largely inaccurate or exaggerated.

      As Hillary Clinton wrote in her 2003 biography Living History, she didn’t volunteer to represent the defendant, but rather was appointed to the case by the judge:

      [Prosecuting attorney Mahlon Gibson] called me to tell me an indigent prisoner accused of raping a twelve-year-old girl wanted a woman lawyer. [Prosecutor Mahlon] Gibson had recommended that the criminal court judge, Maupin Cummings, appoint me. I told Mahlon I really didn’t feel comfortable taking on such a client, but Mahlon gently reminded me that I couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request.

      That assertion was backed up by the prosecuting attorney, Mahlon Gibson, as noted in a 2008 Newsday article about the case:

      On May 21, 1975, Tom Taylor rose in court to demand that Washington County Judge Maupin Cummings allow him to fire his male court-appointed lawyer in favor of a female attorney. Taylor, who earned a meager wage at a paper bag factory and lived with relatives, had already spent 10 days in the county jail and was grasping for a way to avoid a 30 years-to-life term in the state penitentiary for rape.

      Taylor, 41, figured a jury would be less hostile to a rape defendant represented by a woman, according to one of his friends. Cummings agreed to the request, scanned the list of available female attorneys (there were only a half dozen in the county at the time) and assigned Rodham, who had virtually no experience in criminal litigation.

      “Hillary told me she didn’t want to take that case, she made that very clear,” recalls prosecutor Gibson, who phoned her with the judge’s order.

      Rodham immersed herself in Taylor’s defense as the law school’s spring semester came to an end. “She worked a lot of nights on it,” said Van Gearhart, her teaching assistant at the law clinic in 1975. “I remember her doing that because she wanted to show that she was willing to take court appointments, hoping that the bar would help us in getting established as a clinic.”

      Gibson said the same thing during a 2014 CNN interview about the case, adding that Hillary had attempted unsuccessfully to get the judge to remove her from the case:

      Gibson said that it is “ridiculous” for people to question how Clinton became Taylor’s representation.

      “She got appointed to represent this guy,” he told CNN when asked about the controversy.

      According to Gibson, Maupin Cummings, the judge in the case, kept a list of attorneys who would represent poor clients. Clinton was on that list and helped run a legal aid clinic at the time.

      Taylor was assigned a public defender in the case but Gibson said he quickly “started screaming for a woman attorney” to represent him.

      Gibson said Clinton called him shortly after the judge assigned her to the case and said, “I don’t want to represent this guy. I just can’t stand this. I don’t want to get involved. Can you get me off?”

      “I told her, ‘Well contact the judge and see what he says about it,’ but I also said don’t jump on him and make him mad,” Gibson said. “She contacted the judge and the judge didn’t remove her and she stayed on the case.”

      Documents from the 1975 case include an affidavit (p. 34) sworn by Clinton, from which the “in court, Hillary told the judge that I made up the rape story” portion of the claims was derived. That affidavit doesn’t show, as claimed, that Hillary Clinton asserted the defendant “made up the rape story because [she] enjoyed fantasizing about men”; rather, it shows that other people, including an expert in child psychology, had said that the complainant was “emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and to engage in fantasizing about persons, claiming they had attacked her body,” and that “children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences.” Clinton therefore asked the court to have the complainant undergo a psychiatric exam (at the defense’s expense) to determine the validity of that information:

      “She was vigorously advocating for her client. What she did was appropriate,” said Andrew Schepard, director of Hofstra Law School’s Center for Children, Families and the Law. “He was lucky to have her as a lawyer … In terms of what’s good for the little girl? It would have been hell on the victim. But that wasn’t Hillary’s problem.”

      As for the claim that Hillary Clinton “knew the defendant was guilty,” she couldn’t possibly have known that unless she were present when the incident in question occurred. It’s also largely irrelevant given that under Hillary Clinton’s handling of the case, the defendant pled guilty rather than going to trial and asserting his innocence.

      As Newsday observed, the case was a “hopelessly convoluted” one in which the facts were far from straightforward and in which another person (a juvenile) was also charged:

      The case, [Hillary] quickly learned, was hopelessly convoluted, hinging on the accounts of three people — Taylor, the girl and a 15-year-old boy — who all had reasons to withhold details.

      Finding out precisely what happened in the pre-dawn hours of May 10, 1975, is difficult three decades later, particularly since Taylor died in 1992 of a heart ailment. But a basic outline can be reconstructed from interviews, court documents, witnesses’ statements and the Washington County sheriff’s original case file, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

      Sometime around midnight, the girl was sleeping over at a friend’s house in Springdale when Taylor and his 20-year-old cousin walked in, asking if anyone wanted to take a drive. The sixth-grader, who says she was bored and wanted to buy a soda, jumped into Taylor’s beat-up red 1963 Chevrolet pickup truck.

      Soon after, they picked up the 15-year-old boy and drove to a liquor store, where Taylor bought a pint of Old Grand-Dad whiskey, which he mixed for the girl in a cup of Coca-Cola, according to the boy, now a 48-year-old Army veteran. (Newsday is withholding the boy’s name because he was charged in the case as a juvenile offender.)

      After a few hours at a local bowling alley, the foursome crammed into Taylor’s truck and drove to a weedy ravine off a busy two-lane highway connecting the sister cities of Fayetteville and Springdale, according the sheriff’s department account.

      Taylor and the older man went off for a walk, leaving the 12-year-old and the teenager alone in the cab. In a statement to police, the 15-year-old said he removed his pants and admitted to having sex, revealing the encounter only after being pressed by investigators.

      Moments later, he said he left and Taylor approached the truck, climbing on top of the girl. The girl let out a scream, according to the police report, and he claims to have seen Taylor hitching up his pants.

      The victim, the boy reported, turned to both of them and yelled, “You all planned this, didn’t you?”

      At 4:50 a.m., the girl walked into a local emergency room, badly shaken. The doctor’s report noted that she had injuries consistent with rape.

      Taylor was a tight-lipped client, never wavering from his claim that he’d driven all the passengers home that night without stopping in the ravine, according to Dale Gibson. (Taylor was less guarded around his 15-year-old companion, who recalls the older man whispering “Let’s keep our stories straight” when the two met in county jail.)

    2. I know for a FACT that my father, grandfathers, husband, brother, husband’s father, husband’s grandfather, and every other man who has been involved in my life for more than a short period has NEVER in their lives talked about women (or other men, for that matter) in the way that Trump has talked about women. I know this because they think of women as people first. They not only have no fear of strong women, they love them and have actively sought them out to be their partners in life. I find the fact that so many people think that most people think and talk the way Trump does far more disturbing than the things Trump says.

    3. “Well educated veteran woman” let’s not forget Trump raped at least one 13 year old girl. It strikes me in these remarks how mean spirited the Trump supporters are. Why is that? Can’t you make your point without name calling and personal insults?

  79. Ladies…. did you all marry saints!!!!! Men are ego maniacs! Ask Hillary Clinton!!! She knows first hand! It’s what’s right for the country, not a bunch of cry baby woman who by the way have talked about MEN the same way!
    Get Over It!!!

    A woman supports TRUMP!

    1. No we did not all marry saints …. but our husbands are not running for president. Cry baby women? I don’t think you understand what a cry baby is …. Standing up to a bully of a man is not being a cry baby …. defending yourself when a man keeps stepping all over you with his comments and words ….. that takes guts ….. this is a gutsy piece of writing not a cry baby tirade. When a grown man whines on twitter through the night …… complains about how he’s being treated unfairly …. his mic was rigged …… they said nasty things …… and he’s bragged that he’s the best, the strongest with an excellent temperant. Twitter, whine, complain, twitter, whine, complain: now that’s a crybaby.

    2. It’s more the context that’s offensive-not the language. Not too many reading this are worried about some coarse language but we are worried about misogynistic behaviors that give a head nod to someone having the right to touch you without your permission. Belittle you because you dared spurn an advance…..etc.

    3. This election for both parties is a disgrace for the U.S.A.

      But it is what it is and do we want 4 more years of what we have contended with the last eight years or do we want a change. Trump is a boy in a mans body thinking the only way he can build his ego is to put women down. Look back in presidential history with Roosevelt, Kennedy and Clinton.

      And then there is Hillary who has lied about so many things, put up wit her husband’s infidelity, turned her back on so many political issues that went bad. As far as I’m concerned as far as their personal character, not one is better than the other.

      TRUMP will get my vote because I want to see a change and not 4 more years of the same.

      1. What exactly is it you don’t want to see? Four more years of economic growth? Four more years of job growth? What?

  80. Pretty insulting to support a woman that is not fit to serve in the White House. Hillary has committed perjury and walked, Hillary lied to the families of the men in Benghazi, Hillary has no problem aborting a baby two hours before it takes its own breathe, Hillary’s foundation takes money from the Middle East where women and children have no right and supported her husbands raping and sexual assaults on women. How can any women support this woman when she will lie and cover up her misdeeds. I’m a retired educator and the women that support Hillary just confuses my 63 years. I am more bothered for what Hillary has done than anything Trump says.

  81. I dislike Donald Trump. He’s arrogant,- pig,- loose cannon and total jerk. But here’s my issue. How is any Hilary better? She let her husband use her as a doormat for years in the public eye in front of her child, continuing to accept his lewd, dishonest and offensive behavior. I believe in forgiveness but this was over and over and over again. What does it say about a woman that allows her spouse to continuously disrespect her an a world stage? How is she any better than Trumpfor condoning similar behavior?

    1. Yet another group would condemn her for not keeping her vows. What happens between a husband and wife is nothing like what Trump(who himself is a serial cheater) has done

  82. ONE WORD: Benghazi / HRC will NEVER get my vote because she LIED about this! The ‘latest’ smear on Trump is friggin’ over a decade old and DOES sound like locker room/construction male-talk. Oh yep, he IS in the construction-busy! Surprise, surprise! Sorry, as a woman, I am NOT offended. Sorry for you other ‘cupcakes’ out there that are insulted; get over-it. We all know Donald is Donald. Was it another dumb thing to come out on Trump, of course. But let’s all think about this ‘timing’ and who really leaked all this crap 30-days before The Vote. …Waiting on more ‘dirt’ to come out about Hillary…And you know it will! So we are all still faced with a ridiculous twosome in this binary race. But consider who each candidate will pick for the Supreme Court AND Trump will get my vote because I’m done with the Left. The Left is clearly taking us down the wrong path. On the other hand: What’s that dog’s name?!

    1. Actually the lies were told by the republicans, who were trying to frame her. Protocol was followed and the military did not get there in time – period! The congress cut the security budget for the embassies. She supplied the whole event beginning to end! After 8 investigations, no wrongdoing found. Republicans did not give a Crap about 13 attacks on embassies with 63 dead and the war crimes of W & Cheney with another 4500 dead soldiers and just as many wounded, who were left to suffer after a war based on lies and greed. Republicans blocked 9 bills that would have helped them, so they could make Obama’s admin fail to the detriment of their constituents.

    2. jes: What path are you referring to? The path of economic and job growth? When will you give up the witch hunt on Benghazi? Over six million dollars has been spent on the investigation of the Benghazi deaths. No charges have ever been brought against Hillary Clinton for wrong doing. Ambassador Chris Stevens own family has asked that Hillary Clinton not be blamed for Benghazi.

  83. Women that are with trump really don’t care w g at he says about them.I think they kind of like it.Like when someone tells a friend,you have to leave him or he will hit you again and they reply but I love him.He will change..

  84. I have an objection to women calling themselves bitches or allowing men to call us that name. Why should women take a slur from the patriarchy as their own? Can’t we just say “women are strong and determined” instead of insulting ourselves? Check out how many times the word “woman” is used on the streets and in the media. It’s like being a woman is something we should all be ashamed of. Women are referred to as babes, ladies, girls, females, bitches and ho’s. It shouldn’t be shameful to be called a woman. Just for fun turn the tables around sometime. Whenever you are referring to a woman call her a woman. Then when you talk about men call them males instead. I think women would be surprised when they try this.

  85. The women in this blog has to be the most bias people I have ever seen. The main thing in this blog concerns some talk between two men, apparently these women have never heard men talk…WOW. The one thing you have all forgot is that he didn’t LIE about it….Think!! Who lies continuously is this the person you want for president, one who lies about everything that comes out her mouth (no integrity). One who stands by her man who cheated on her which also was accused of rape!!!!! At least Trump only talked, he did not act. One who buys her way out of prison. Think who really abuses women!!! Talk is talk, now action is another thing!!!! I talk and I am sure all you women have too. Sick to think your not human, just sick your making this a big deal….feeding into the media.

  86. Double digit expletives in the picture and you want people to read your message. I spread did. Stay classy.

  87. The person I am today and the person I continue to aspire to be was influenced by my mother – a strong woman that lived thru the dictatorship of WW2; lived thru famine; lived thru fighting for her rights; lived thru seeing a world changing for the better.

    Today, I believe I speak on her behalf, when I say that woman cannot & should not vote to go back in time. A vote for Trump is a vote that will undo all that women have striven to became and all the gains they have made.

    Angry women must join together and ensure that our future is one of opportunity for all – including our daughters & our granddaughters.


  88. America is in a really bad state when someone’s inappropriate language trumps someone’s deceitful crooked criminal behaviour.

    1. It’s not inappropriate language that is the problem. The problem is the attitude Trump’s statements indicate. We are not talking about isolated incidents where a casual comment was taken out of context and could be interpreted in more than one way. Trump has made his overall attitude towards women very clear, and many of us will not tolerate it.

  89. I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion and the freedom to choose for themselves. With that said, I am offended by the “Trumpette” qualifier because I don’t share your opinion.
    Our country is in dire need of change, and electing HRC will not bring a good change. She has had over 30 years in government and has not been able to bring anything good to our country. Consider Bengazi, the Clinton Foundation, increasing taxes, immigration plans to bring more syrians to our already overburdened welfare system and last but most offensive is her view that sharia law is ok in the USA. I urge every American woman to read all she can about sharia law and seriously consider what the impact of just one American agreeing to allow it in our judicial system.
    Believe me when I say that a vote for Hillary will be one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make.
    Vote for Trump and then vote him out, he will do the least damage to our beautiful country in 4 years and who knows, a success businessman may have a good idea on how to improve things.
    Please consider the consequences of voting for each candidate before you vote.

    1. Please provide a single piece of evidence that indicates: 1) Hillary Clinton did anything wrong in relation to Benghazi; 2) Syrian refugees would automatically be put on welfare, and if so, they would stay on welfare instead of finding employment and/or starting businesses of their own (as first-generation immigrants have demonstrated they do in far greater numbers than native-born citizens); 3) that Hillary Clinton believes Sharia law is okay; 4) that Trump is a successful businessman.

  90. I find this letter HILARIOUS. First you bring up the whole Miss Universe situation (FYI you liberal feminist didn’t even know who she was until Killary told you) and that whole situation turned out to be falsified bull shit. Little Miss Universe admitted that she had an eating disorder before winning the pageant and when she started receiving backlash for her comments because they were lies once again and her past started coming out she back out very very quickly. But its all good she got her green card out of it from Hillary so she could exploit her which is what Hillary does to women yet she’s for women’s rights (liberal logic). Next you moved on to his locker room talk with a reporter that recorded in without any knowledge in 2005!!! If Hillary’s last scandal was in 2005 I am pretty sure she would be ahead in the polls but nope her last scandal was DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WHEN SHE HAD TO GO TO COURT FOR BENGHAZI!! You do not speak for the majority of women, you speak to a select few. The few who refuse to see reason or facts and who are so interested in voting for a WOMAN president that they will ignore all the disgusting and crass things she has done to WOMEN. Like support her husband after he cheated, raped, and sexually molested other women and then she turned around and made those women out to be awful harlets. She’s disgusting and should have never made it on the ballot.
    So do us all a favor and start living in the real 🌎, I’m sure once you remove your head from your ass you will see what is really going.

  91. It’s because of thinking like u that 2 family members have to work now to make ends meet. We can’t be with our kids and watch and nurture them as they grow.You are the reason that the family is so screwed up seeing shrinks and on Prozac. Kids are growing up so disfuncianal. Look in the mirror woman if you can .you are what is distroying this country .

  92. Yep, Donald Trump has a dirty mouth. No denying that.

    But. But Hillary Clinton is a liar. In a Wall Street speech just released by WikiLeaks, she said that it is important on many issues for her to have a “public position” and a separate and opposite “private position” as well. In other words, she is a liar! Putting that into practice — first her public position — she stood over the caskets of those Americans who died in service of our country in Benghazi. As she stood over their dead bodies, she told the families of the dead that they died as a result of a YouTube video, and that the United States was going to arrest that filmmaker and bring him to justice for what he had done…

    Now her private position — she went back to her office and sent an email to her daughter, to other leaders, and those in her “inner circle” in which she told them that the Benghazi attack was caused by terrorism. Pure and simple! We can’t have a terrorist attack on Americans on the anniversary of 9/11, less than two months before Obama’s reelection, can we??? How would the Democrats retain power if the truth were known? Can’t let that happen now, can we? A lie is in order to preserve personal power.

    Liar. She is a flipping liar!

    But…..Donald Trump has a dirty mouth!

    Bill Clinton got blown in the Oval Office by a 22 year-old intern! And then feminist Hillary went public against Monica Lewinsky, a young woman taken advantage of by the President of the United States, for whom she worked, and called her a “narcissistic loony toon.”

    Fighting for women, as usual. You’re all so full of it I need hip boots to walk through my own country!

    But Donald Trump does have a dirty mouth…you got him on that one!

  93. Perhaps his gross mysogny is in proportion to the way SOME women act. Rosie Odonnel is a pig… nuff said. Ms. Universe?…I watched one of her pornos the other day. As for his recent (11 years past) statements…they are true of many women. If you have money and or fame, you dont even need class or looks…a multitude of women will lay down and spread them wide for you. Remember I’m not generalizing about ALL women… but let’s be honest, there is a large percentage of them who will happily demean themselves for the chance of money or fame. Do you remember a guy named Henry Kissinger? He looked like Pruneface from the Dick Tracy comic strips and was a total asshole. Back when he was Secretary of State he was famous for showing up at parties with supermodels on his arm. Do you think these women were in it for his good looks or charm? Hell no. What Donald said may be wrong… But it’s also quite true. Sometimes the truth isn’t pretty. And let’s not forget that the woman running for president on the Democratic ticket has a husband at home who was giving blowjobs and sticking cigars in orifices of a power hungry skank in the Oval Office while he was president. Pot calling the kettle black? I think so.

  94. God said let them without sin cast the first stone. We have all sinned and come short of the glory I’d God. I’m sure we all have done and said things we aren’t proud of, I know I have. Trump has apologized and I think we must go on, Hillary is not perfect in any way.

  95. Ms Gretchen Kelly – You did start off with a grateful fact “let me say this letter isn’t from all women” – Thank you for that statement from your heart and for your sincere suspect for stating “Mr. Trump”. The Trumpettes surely do not approve of everything Mr Trump says, neither does he in his video apology “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not,” “I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more-than-a-decade-old video are one of them,” Ms Kelly, I don’t see your occasional balance to coexist with your stab at humor. You and your Angry Women just can’t seem to grasp the true meaning of being able to represent both sides on equal platforms – Example being: one that Issues a video Apology, and on the other hand: being oblivious to the published facts that no one ever admitted to or apologized for the intimidation of the abused women victims who were bullied, attacked and shamed by Hillary. Nothing about the politically-connected billionaire Epstein Child Sex Slave Island or the case where Hilary got the charges dropped and laughed about the man guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl. Thank GOD all women don’t understand your anger.

  96. This whole thing about Trump was 11 years ago. Get over it!! and I have a question for all the “bitches” out there—-How would you be feeling right now if it was your father, brother or husband that’s in Benghazi and Killery did not send any support for them and they were killed?Think about that for a while and then try to tell the how much better she would be than Trump.Also, you know this as well as I do, women talk the same way Trump and any other man out there talks, get all your “bitches” together and get over it.

  97. Not sure why she thinks she’s speaking for most women. Quite arrogant….she’s entitled to her own thoughts, but in no way should be speaking for “women” in general.

  98. Women can be strong, but getting mad over what Trump SAID just like all other men on this planet and making it go out of control is crazy. I have heard women do say some nasty things about men and some even more vulgar, so let’s not do the double standard thing here. Plus what he has said hasn’t threatened our national security or gotten people killed. Hillary is a mean, deceitful woman.. I am all for a woman president but not Hillary.

    1. I get angry about what he says because all men DO NOT think and talk like that. I find it extremely disturbing that so many people not only think that all men think and talk like Trump, but think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  99. It is pretty bad when you will over look a murderer. I don’t think it is an insult when he said that being a mother is the most important job a women can have. You apparently do not have any kids. I have two grown sons and to me that was an will be the most important job I will ever have. I will be voting for Donald Trump with pride. I for one do not want someone, Hillary Clinton, who can sit back and let 4 men die .

  100. Just reposted to my site, At Long Last Heard. I normally do not get into politics because everything is just so negative, BUT your letter to Mr. Trump definitely needs to be spread around. You took the time to write out what I’m sure lots of women are thinking and nobody is really putting out there. Especially not in such a concise, well-thought out and complete way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  101. Thank you for finally voicing what some of us are thinking on a daily basis. This man must be stopped and is NO QUALITY LEADER. While Hillary isn’t my choice either – this man scares me because of what he could do to my country.

    1. Why do I not see this same outrage towards Bill Clinton. He not only says it and thinks it, he screws everyone he sees!!!! How about attack both sides here? And, look at all the illegal crap Hillary has done and still seems to do. We are in a real mess here as a nation. I’m not especially for Trump, but I sure as hell don’t like Hillary, and I’m not a socialist. I believe in the Constitution of the United States. Including the 2nd amendment.

      1. Bill Clinton isn’t running for President. That alone suggest you sort of missed the point of this piece. As for “all the illegal crap Hillary has done,” there’s zero evidence of ANY such thing after endless and exhaustive investigations. Your citation to the 2d Amendment suggests to me that it’s primarily that one that holds your attention,. Which also tells me a lot. Repeat after me: “Madam President.”

      2. I dont see why what Bill did has ANYTHING to do with now. He has paid for what he has done. and he NEVER EVER said anything or treated women they way Trump has. What happened with Bill is between him and his wife–not an entire country of women! PLUS He isnt running for office—-soooooo no reason to bring him into this–its over–its done!

      3. The 2nd ammendment allows you to say what you want. It doesn’t say I won’t beat the sh-t out of you for saying it.

        1. Um…might want to read the bill of rights, bud. The second amendment is about the right to bear arms, not free speech.

        1. Its pretty disgusting how women are so willing to overlook the same behavior from Bill Clinton. His wife literally SUPPORTED going after the women who came forward and were victims of his behavior. And now saying it’s got nothing to do with him? You can’t have it both ways…just because today it fits your political agenda. Wow, just wow….

      4. If you can’t see the difference between Bill Clinton and Con-artist Trump, you’re not paying attention. Firstly, none of us knows exactly what Bill thinks, but he sure seems to have a lot more respect for women than Trump does. Secondly, he doesn’t “say it”, as you suggested. Nothing Bill has said is even remotely close to vile stuff that Con-artist Trump says.

    2. Mr Trump, you would do America and the whole world a favour to sit down and shut up. Do YOURSELF and your FAMILY some good. Don’t dig a bigger hole for yourself. You might not get out.

    3. @Jane Elizabeth
      ‘Angry but’… Really? First of all, there’s nothing wrong with expressing one’s anger. In fact, it’s healthy. That’s just the kind of sexist crap this article covers. It’s okay for men to be angry ‘but’ not women. The sexism is so deep it’s endemic. Mind boggling.

      Great article.

  102. I truly love every word you wrote! “Mr. Trump… hell hath no fury like a pissed off woman who’s tired of this sexist bullshit.” Truer words were never spoken. Thank you!

  103. Trump lacks character, and his memory is failing. If he can’t concentrate on debate prep for ten minutes, how can he understand and make decisions about our country’s increasingly complex, even technical, problems?

  104. You tell him, Girrrrl! That slime dog needs to wear a shock collar.
    MY recommendation to America…? DUMP THAT CHUMP, TRUMP!

  105. I believe first to show respect…no need to call names put middle fingers., the takes you down to his levels of not respect being a Lady is important to show someone like Trump.
    I pray everyday so God send someone that will make this Country BETTER.

      1. You fail to get past the sex issues, etc. Who can take this country back and put folks to work? This is not a popularity contest, we need strong persons to lead! It isn’t Hillary for sure. We are not to judge, but to consider the stakes. No one likes the name calling, labeling. We need to respect our different views but move on to our issues that are frustrating to all women. Please pray that we all choose the right person for the job.

    1. Who are you to determine how a “lady” should behave? That’s part of the problem here and with this “candidate.”

      1. And Hillary, behaves the way a woman should? I want nothing to do with it. I’ll vote Donald Trump and have a much better chance at keeping the freedom this country was founded on.

        1. Hillary does what it takes to HELP people, and sometimes gets impatient and breaks rules along the way to HELPING PEOPLE. Trump is a con-artist who says whatever he has to to get people to want to support him, but he routinely goes back on his word and backstabs his supporters once he’s gotten what he’s wanted. He’ll say what you want to hear, but he won’t deliver. That’s his pattern in business and it will be in politics as well. If you want to keep your freedoms, your better bet by far is Hillary.

  106. Truly I’m stunned by how many people think Hillary doesn’t have a mouth like that ? White House cleaning staff have threatened to quit if she gets elected. Apparently she’s very vulgar & throws lamps plates : whatever’s close at whoever’s close when she’s upset. And have All of you forgotten her 30+ year friendship with senator Byrd of Virginia before he died? Known KKK member & proud of it ? Or the fact that Trumps & Clinton’s have been friends over 20 years ? Golf together ? Or attend white house events & private weddings together ? All of which can be verified. Your being played like violins in a duel against each other America. And bear in mind Mr clinton s lifetime friend a convicted young girl sex trafficker will be roaming the halls if Hillary gets elected…Say does anyone know why Bill has denied his biracial son when DNA tests proved the young man is his ? Wake Up America…your being pandered to. All its about is power. Based on that who knows how to fulfill their job without getting busted for leaking Top Secret confidential info over the internet ?

    1. You need to have your medication changed. Senator Byrd was not “proud” of being a KKK member. He joined briefly as young man and later renounced the Klan and apologized many times for his poor judgement. Bill Clinton does not have a biracial love child, . Try and at least do a little research before you post nonsense, Here’s a tip – the drudge report is not a credible news source.

      1. Well MR Douglass Parker I can see where you do your research… Bwwwaaahahaha…. “”… I could wet my skinny jeans over that… I’m not a big Trump fan but I am voting for him, his mouth (and his hair) notwithstanding and I’m not in the least offended by his words or what is impuned to them and him. So f’ng what! He acted stupidly and with crass language… He’s a man who was conversing with another man… Get over it women… Get over it and put those big girl pants on and start thinking about your misplaced rage… Think what this country would be like with that guttersnipe in charge… Yeah, you heard me… Open borders, free world-wide trade, her cringe-worthy husband running up and down the hallways of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., more lies and more subterfuge and more of everything we had when HE was a-hem president… More and more lies… And talk about language… Ms. Hillary has the market cornered on bad language… Do you really want that because if you do i think your big girl card needs to be revoked. Think about it and then think some more!!!

        1. Check any fact-checking site. Trump lies almost 10 times as much as Hillary does, and his lies are often blatant whoppers, whereas most of Hillary’s are lies of omission or exaggeration which are par-for-the-course in Washington. You’re not going to find any candidate who doesn’t lie. The more important question is what effect will they have when in office? Con-artist Trump has a history of cheating people, refusing to pay for services rendered, crushing small businesses out of existence in the process. He intentionally cheats small businesses and individuals because he knows they can’t afford to beat him in court. He doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants. Hillary has a history of helping millions of people have better lives (children, 9/11 responders, military, etc.), consistently, but she sometimes gets impatient and breaks rules in order to make things happen faster. Her net effect is much more positive.

    2. SJ – This was about Trump as an individual and the best you can do is make up stories about cleaning staff, issues with Hillary’s friends and her husband and you mention the email scandal like you just figured that one out and are surprising all of us with it. If you want to defend Trump then go ahead and give it a go – unless you have also given up on that.

  107. My paternal grandmother was a good woman, for the most part. But one of the more frustrating aspects of her personality, however, was her skewed logic.

    For instance, if some black politician were accused of an impropriety, she would say “white politicians do it too”. This is how children think, as if pointing the finger at someone else for the same infraction you’re being accused of, somehow absolves you. This is what I hear when Donald Trump says that he’s heard Bill Clinton make equally reprehensible remarks about women, in private. Bill isn’t running for president, and even if he were running, and even if he truly said anything comprable to the disgusting, misogynist remarks made by Trump, it does not absolve Trump, in the least. If what Trump said about Bill Clinton is true, that would mean both men are pigs.

    Trump has no defense, here. None at all.

    1. One can tell you are a Clinton fan. We can tell you ladies have your blinders on. Probably supported Obama also, well Obama is a Kenya born , british subject and we have seen enough of that crap and how he has destroyed America.If we let clinton in
      To that White House again to steal any more of the relics, and fill the Supreme Court with thugs, this country will be bankrupt, and a real mess. So kiss your sore spot and shut your loud mouth . We need someone better than Clinton. You haven’t been around as long as I have and seen the damage Clinton did. There were little boys that broke into Clintons office when Bill was running for president . They had information off her computer, and she had them tied to a train track and ran over by a train. Just like she is having people killed that have crossed her lately. Most people are put before a court and judged but not the Clintons, They have you killed. Now what Mr. Trump may have ruffeled your feathers but names don’t hurt like Trains comming over you. At least your here to bitch.

    2. Good point, and given Con-artist Trump’s propensity for blatant lies which are complete fiction, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never heard Bill say anything remotely close to what he says. I’m thinking Bill might have said something like “she’s hot”, and Trump can’t see the difference between that, and the stuff he says.

  108. Beyond ALL OF THIS – these ridiculous hate filled comments that go on and on and on…. BEYOND ALL OF IT. There are two candidates who have made it to the electoral platform. I ask you this (Trump Supporters/Clinton Haters) What political qualifications does Trump have that would successfully fulfill the Job requirements of the position of President of the United States? Actual qualifications. I’m asking you to offer up his resume, maybe a cover letter to apply for the position. Why am I asking for Trumps qualifications? Because in the entirety of this presidential race, I haven’t heard him offer up anything that significantly relevant, or any actual information supporting his confidence in his ability to run this country with any sort of success.

    What I have heard and seen is an embarrassing barrage of uninformed, un-politically educated sexist racist bigoted and blasphemous statements, that have, quite possibly, nothing to do with actually fulfilling the job of President of the United States.

    Trumps platform of entertainment so disgusting you can’t quite look away, shows us evidence of a job applicant driven by emotion, ego and temper. He has no references of high regard with which to dispel this opinion. He has no former employment experience that makes me feel he could succeed in the position, in fact – it’s quite the opposite. Were I to apply for a job in such a manner as Trump has, I have no doubt that someone better qualified would attain the position.

    The fact that we have witnessed a political campaign based upon bullying tactics (and by the way – there is a huge movement in this country to bring an end to bullying – might I add – in schools and on playgrounds – apparently children aren’t allowed to act this way; being scorned by parents and adults to “act appropriately” “use your words” rather than lash out with physical or verbal violence, but adults in the running for President of the United States are.) (WTF?) and gross negligence toward any description of exactly HOW he thinks he could better the growth and prosperity of this country. His current verbiage leaves any description of a plan lacking the actual description of the plan. In a historical moment when numerous countries have access to large and imposing weapons, I fail to have one grain of confidence in our future with Trump in command.

    His campaign has been nothing short of sick and pathetic. He revels in the limelight and wants for more, not for the country, not for it’s citizens, but only for his ego. His violently driven, incoherent, unintelligible rants leave me severely concerned. I have an oceans worth pity on those who believe in him, for they obviously haven’t a clue as to what the job of President of the United States actually has to do. This is real folks, not a weekly hour of uneducated entertainment.

    For me, I wanted to walk to the polls and cast my vote for Sanders. But since I can’t do that, I’m taking the route of choosing the candidate with whom I believe can fulfill the needs of the job, who has political experience and will choose a cabinet that supports her plan to continue running the country. Do I believe everything that candidate says? No – I never do. People always inflate their resumes.

    I fully understand the want and need for a political candidate who is unlike their predecessors, and have hope that in the near future, as a country, we will call for a three party platform. But for this election, it’s quite obviously not an option, nor a reality.

    The article this comment is attached to brings forth the anger and frustration, as well as the leaps and bounds women have had to fight for throughout our history as human beings. The points are valid, the thoughts written well, the statements true. For you who have anger toward the words written… think twice. Would you want your mother alone in the same room as Donald Trump? Was she pretty? Think about that for a minute.

  109. Anyone that thinks Killery is not raciist and wants to let people in this country that think women are second class and wNts to kill gays! Plus the fact that she thinks that she can give out secrets to the countries that threaten our safety and that it’s ok to set rapist of children free! Well vote for her I come from a military family and I believe in them and if we don’t have them to protect us we are doomed and no woman will have rights so go ahead ! She was disbarred and she was fired as Secretary of State she is dishonest and her husband is a womanizer or you might say was a womanizer ! God Bless America

    1. Hillary was not fired. She finished her full term. Secreteries of States rarely serve more than 4 years, due to the travel demands. It took a toll on her health. She worked hard and travelled to more different countries than her predecessors. As for the military, she worked to expand family leave and health care for military. She’s on the side of members of the military. Not sure what your first sentence meant, so can’t comment on that.

  110. Why aren’t you mad that she stays with a lying cheating piece of crap husband? What does that say to women?

  111. Excellent post!!! So well said. Sharing this. Ignore the idiots who use the false Mr. Clinton comparison or who compare Hillary to this pile of misogynistic bile. Any woman who accepts this behavior as “boys will be boys” needs self-esteem counseling.

  112. I love all of this except one thing: please stop using the word “minorities.” That description of people of color is a product of systemic racism. No one is a minority. Being white and heterosexual does not make one a majority.

  113. Truly I’m stunned by how many people think Hillary doesn’t have a mouth like that ? White House cleaning staff have threatened to quit if she gets elected. Apparently she’s very vulgar & throws lamps plates : whatever’s close at whoever’s close when she’s upset using language far worse than Donalds latest. And have All of you forgotten her 30+ year friendship with senator Byrd of Virginia before he died? Known KKK member & proud of it ? Or the fact that Trumps & Clinton’s have been friends over 20 years ? Golf together ? Or attend white house events & private weddings together ? All of which can be verified. Your being played like violins in a duel against each other America. And bear in mind Mr clinton s lifetime friend a convicted young girl sex trafficker will be roaming the halls if Hillary gets elected, Mr epstein…Say does anyone know why Bill has denied his biracial son when DNA tests proved the young man is his ? Wake Up America…your being pandered to. All its about is power. Based on that who knows how to fulfill their job without getting busted for leaking Top Secret confidential info over the internet ?and while your thinking about that remember they think all Americans are stupid. All while their eating pastries & getting coffee off that $200 thousand a month coffee cart we pay for by ” borrowing” our tax dollars

    1. Why is your post here twice? I see you’ve been bitten by Fox News mosquitoes too. Really, you should change channels. This is all lies and innuendo. I’ll bet you couldn’t prove any of it.

    2. And the REASON why we haven’t heard any clips of Hillary and her “mouth like that”, yet have heard dozens of clips of Trump being vulgar and hateful is because one is locked in actual, concrete evidence and the other is “but I heard a rumor…”. Quit crying wolf and educate yourself.

    3. And the REASON why we haven’t heard any clips of Hillary and her “mouth like that”, yet have heard dozens of clips of Trump being vulgar and hateful is because one is locked in actual, concrete evidence and the other is “but I heard a rumor…”. Quit crying wolf and educate yourself.

  114. The Good Old Boys Network (GOBN) . I was sexually assaulted by a superior–Eventually targeted for dismissal. Just because I have breasts doesn’t mean I don’t have brains! I worked 50 hours per week with two children under the age of 3. Don’t tell me I don’t have a work ethic or can’t be successful—This man is disgusting, if you can call him a man. Our country deserves better—what would our predecessors think?

  115. Excellent post! Great open letter … I count myself among the women you mentioned. I shared in my blog … Yes, I’ll see you in November and I will vote against this sxits pig!! Thanks for writing this message!! Peace .. __/l\__

  116. Trump is in way over his head! He is sexist (probably I am to some extent, but I am not running for President of the USA). He is rude & crude. Sometimes I am rude & crude but more of in a funny way. I believe he is seriously so self centered his rude & crude behavior is a tool to self inflate. He is not fit for office.

  117. We all have a voice, if we don’t like something we stand up to/for/at it. I am not knocking women or your letter, like I said stand for yourself and fight back. Some of the words are taken out of context because people do not research the truth, whole truth.
    As for Trump, we all have a voice and should use it as you did in your letter.
    I am a very strong woman and do not take shit from ANYONE and I wish more women were the same, then they can stand f I r themself.
    BTW Never ever Hillary!! Ever ever. Do not trust her, her foundation her husband and all if her over seas POS!

  118. Heres the thing……You vote. Its your choice. Trump or Clinton, you vote. This is who the parties have decided are our best choices. Are you kidding me….my dog would make a good candidate but he’s too old to get off the couch. Words are words are words. You chose to react to those words or remove yourself from those words. Trump isn’t the first to be sexist, and clinton isn’t the first to lie, so there you have it. SO What. You’ve done and said things you regret so stop preaching like you are righteous. Its all about where you want to see our country go. I personally don’t care for either one, Too much clinton is 30 years too long, and trump is not polished or sophisticated enough to be in office, but at least he is not the political machine. They do not want us to vote for trump and screw up they “Horray for me and FU party”. The point is, how do we move into a better place from where we are at this point in time? Washington is definitely broken and in such a mess, I for one really do not see how the name calling is going to help my children or grandchildren solidify their place in our country’s future.

    1. I read this and I am not defending Mr Trump BUT I do have to say Ms Hillary has absolutely no respect for women or for that matter for anyone or laws or military or anything except cheating lying murder etc. as long as she is in control! Mr Trump may have plenty of faults but Hillary is a criminal!!!!! She belongs in prison not the White House! So sad how people can see all Mr Trumps faults but overlook Hillarys. Hope you don’t live to regret this! But then it will effect everyone won’t it!!!!!!

    2. Amen It is time to look to someone who has more power than anyone on this earth. Hope he will direct all to pick one of these people to direct our country to a better place for our children , grandchildren ,and great grandchildren. God be with us all.

  119. You do not speak for most women. You did not even start your letter correctly. Seeing that…no need to read further!!!!

  120. I consider myself to be a Fiscally-Conservative, Socially-Moderate Republican. But more importantly, I’m the father of (4) young adults – including (3) daughters who will be voting for the first time. I’m the husband of a wonderful wife, brother of (2) great sisters and the son of a mother I love dearly.


    Great post Gretchen Kelly ! ! !

    1. We’ll stop bashing this poor excuse for a human being when he drops out or loses. Until then, hang on it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  121. Right on! Could not have said it better myself. Trump is the worst of the worst. Another Hitler in the making and I fear for our country and the world if he is elected. I hope America does the right thing and I look forward to his concession speech if he doesn’t run away and hide with his devil’s tail between his legs.

  122. No lets get Bill Clinton into the White House so he can get to have sex with more young interns. How everyone forgets about Ms Flowers and Ms Lewenski

    1. You’re kidding, right? Just fyi, Bill isn’t running. You would rather see a pig like Trumpty Dumpty make the rules for you? Says a lot about any woman who supports this piece of crap.

      1. Bill may not be running but he will be in the same White House that he committed these lewd sexual acts before. The difference this time he will have more time on his hands.

        Go ahead and put the female interns in the White House at risk of this sexual predator rooming the White House halls looking for his next victim. Your thinking is very warped if you believe this will not happen. Trump screwed up on commenting with another guy 11 years ago but he didn’t carry out the acts like Bill Clinton did.

  123. At 60 now, I’ve seen firsthand the struggles and hard fought battle for women’s rights and civil rights,and there is no way we are going back! People who are risking our country’s future by allowing him to win will be shooting themselves in the foot, and suddenly be faced with struggling again to regain the rights we take for granted and there will be no chance for all the flaws in democracy they complain of, to be addressed. FFS protesters were shot, boys were drafted, blacks were called n***ers,women couldn’t speak, much less hold office,If you want election reform ,third party candidates,fair policies,and real changes, the kind Bernie spoke of, the first move is to get this idiot out,he is far more dangerous than Hillary and Bernie cares enough about our country to support her, we need to listen to him.Just last week they got together to talk about tuition free colleges, who else is doing that?Move forward,not backward.

  124. This letter seems hypocritical. I guess you feel Bill Clinton’s behavior during his presidency was acceptable towards women? He’s lucky he is not in jail.(Or just so corrupt.) And Hillary… that’s a whole other matter. She is an actual criminal. Trumps words are terrible I agree… but actions speak louder than words and the Clinton’s actions make them deplorable. It doesn’t mean I agree or support Trump’s behavior but let’s not forget that the alternative seems just as dangerous … or worse.

  125. How dare you give me a vulgar name if I choose to continue to support Donald Trump. You have done the very same thing he has done while crying foul play. Labeling people! and it is just that Label . Any full grown adult sees it for what it is, Talk. Grow up , get over it. move on … Your to busy worrying over silly name calling, which you yourself have done.

  126. “We are different, us women. We are not a homogenous army of fem-bots. We have different interests, goals and lives.”

    but an attack on one woman is an attack on all women?

  127. Thank you so much for writing this. I have been feeling some residual trauma from my own past from the coverage this news. The cavalier response by so many just adds to the feelings of helpless shock. Your words are a balm. Our anger, and the pain underneath it, is justified. We can’t be silent–not women, nor the awake men of the world. Thank you for including both. Thank you for your courage. We’ve got this.

  128. OMG. The women who sign on to this need to get real. Screw all you women who want to be treated equally until you are and then whine about it. Call men bullies for mistreating you and al the other whines you have and then can’t figure out why you don’t get any respect from men.

    Well here’s what you don’t realize. Men talk down to other men and more then they ever talk down to women. Women have no problems calling men DICKS but a man better not call a woman a pussy because that’s sexist. Women will call a man a bastard but let a man call a women a BITCH.

    Fairness and equal rights goes both ways.

  129. This is a actual quote by Hillary. I’m sure you have not problem with this, right?

    “Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t f**k her here!!”
    (From the book “Inside The White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243 – Hillary to Gov. Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female at an Arkansas political rally)

  130. lol

    I’d been so intent on replying to comments that I was surprised when I reached the bottom of the thread and discovered the box to actually comment on the article!

    Well-said! A very good read; and, while I do perceive the intensity of your voice, I can detect no shrill, slavering rant.

    Mind if I subscribe?

  131. Sorry Dear, but you don’t speak for this woman. I am strong , confident, and tough skinned, I’ve heard worse in many public places, I’ve heard women say worse. If what he said offends you so badly, then ALL men must offend you, because ALL men talk like this, when they think there are no women around. He is not the first man to talk like this and he will not be the last, he just got caught that’s the only difference. And further more, I will take Trump over Hillary ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Words do not hurt me, chauvinistic talk does not hurt me, but letting in 1000’s of unvetted illegal immigrants in, that hurts me, having our country’s classified info put out on a hackable server, hurts me, having my rights taken way, that hurts me. All you women who are pissed and offended by Trump words, spoken YEARS ago I might add, GROW A BACKBONE, be a strong woman, not a whining little girl!!

    1. Yeah, vote for thousands more illegals to come into this Country and put more citizens out of work. Vote for more Muslim refugees that one day may rape or murder you grandchild or their children. Real smart of you all!!

  132. Reblogged this on SEX w/ Annie and commented:
    We are standing tall, and strong, Together we have each other’s backs. We sure s hell will be voting on November 8th. And you Mr. Trump are and always have been a chump, a wimpy man who needs attention. You are not Presidential material, and that’s why we are with Her!

    1. Jim Gibbons, it’s great that Replublicans are defecting from Trump. But will they vote for Clinton? Will they vote at all?

      1. While I wish they would all switch to Clinton, some will not, but at least each one who defects will be one less vote for Trump.

      2. So Hillary Clinton has called the women her husband raped and sexually assaulted and used the power of her position to harrass and imtimidate them. Never an apology or acknowledgement just denial, denial, denial. And you can actually think she gives a hoot about women. Hillary and her blind ambition to go down in history as the first female president is all she cares about.

        1. If women freely had sex with him knowing he was married, and I was her, yes I would have used my position to make their lives miserAble. I might have been sorry later but I would have done it. They had a part in it too. They knew who he was and that he was married. Yes you fall in love with someone and he can’t keep his pants on, do you leave him? Omg, then you would have attacked her lack of family values, which is what she was fighting for, her family. Yes I would have called those women. I’m human.

      3. Not defecting. What he said was awful… But bill had his peepee sucked while married AND president. Hillary called those women Clinton sexual assaulted “whores” and worse. So what’s worse. Words or actions? Read wiki leaks transcript of Hillarys speeches. She’s a liar. That’s better? You heard what every man has said at one point. It’s called testosterone and bravado. Yes. Even your husbands behind closed doors. And if he says he hasn’t, sorry. You’re naive. He’s lying. No one is perfect.

        1. Someone that is a sexual predator, who feels that , at a presidential debate, in front of the whole world, that he needs to defend the size of his dick, who feels that he should blow little speed boats out of the water because they make obscene gestures at our naval ships, who feels that he has to rant on someone, calling them names in tweets at 3 am in morning, falsely alluding to them being on a sex tape. Someone with that fragile an ego doesn’t belong in the White House having access to the nuclear launch codes or being in charge of the most powerful military force the world has ever known. That fragile an ego belongs in a junior high schoolyard playing with all the other little boys. The only way Donald Trump belongs at the White House is as a guest on a tour!

        2. Both men and women degrade each other and themselves everyday. The words they choose are worst than what Trump said. This is our culture. Crude, immoral, loud and unashamed. The problem here is politicians have a better filter whereas Trump has none. As the letter says this is a problem faced everyday in every city. It’s ugly but it’s there. What will be done about the reprobates you actually come in contact with? Change needs to happen for sure! Rape should carry a standard punishment not one decided by a judge. One that equals the suffering that the victim will undergo throughout her/his life.
          Most importantly if we are calling for equality and justice, it needs to be doled out evenly. Don’t condemn Trump and give Clinton a pass.